You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 5

As I watched this episode, it dawned on me that I probably picked one of the easiest drama series ever to recap. For one, You’ve Fallen for Me is far from being dialogue heavy, and instead, it relies greatly on ambience to tell its story. This leads to many scenes in which the characters just silently stare at each other from afar. If there’s one thing you can take from this drama, it’s this: Whenever you’re pining for the recipient of your unrequited love, there will always be someone watching you. And then everyone involved will later replay that scene in their head… over and over again.

EPISODE 5: “Confession”

It turns out that Kyu-won is not the only one in that car who witnesses the kiss, as Suk-hyun brings his car to a screeching halt. He looks back at Shin and Yoon-soo on his rearview mirror, but soon resumes driving.

Everyone is left speechless by Shin’s action, everyone except for Shin himself, who smiles as he wishes Yoon-soo a happy birthday. Once back in her car, Yoon-soo immediately takes off the necklace and mutters to herself, “It’s crazy.” (She probably finds crazy what just transpired, but perhaps there is also some self-rebuke there for finding that her heart flutters at Shin’s kiss.)


Back at home, Kyu-won has a Dokgo Jin moment as she thinks back to the kiss earlier. She grabs her heart and wonders, “Is it [my heart] broken? What’s wrong with it?”

And Suk-hyun, who has also returned to his place to grab the necklace box, admits to himself that it’s the first time that he’s ever been jealous of a kid. Just as he arrives in front of Yoon-soo’s place, he receives her call saying that they should have the wine some other day as she’s not feeling too well. Suk-hyun hides his disappointment by lying that he too wasn’t going to be able to make it because something came up.

The next day, Kyu-won buys a cup of coffee for Shin, and as he’s not there, she leaves it for him at his usual spot. Her delight at seeing Shin approaching is short-lived as she remembers the kiss from the night before. And when she realizes that Shin is in fact walking to meet Yoon-soo, her face darkens. Suk-hyun also happens to see Yoon-soo walking back into the school building with Shin, and he too can’t hide his jealousy.

Back in her office, Yoon-soo places the necklace down on her desk in front of Shin.

Yoon-soo: I hope you won’t do things that are out of line like this from now on. I don’t have much free time for a child’s play.
Shin: What if it isn’t just a joke?
Yoon-soo: It’s a joke to me. I told you… I find it bothersome how you wait and follow me around. What I need is not some kid who lives in his dream, but a grown man.
Shin: Do you really think of this as a child’s play? If so, then there’s no reason for you to put on such a serious face now. (Touché!) Can you honestly say that you did not feel the slightest twinge* of attraction towards me? (*Note: Korean phrase used here is “as much as the tip of a fingernail.”)
Yoon-soo: I never felt even the slightest twinge of attraction towards you. Honest. (Handing him the necklace) If you understood, you may leave.

Shin turns to leave, but with his back facing her, he says: “No matter what you think, this is how I feel and I will do as I wish. And one more thing. I’m not a child.”

That day, Kyu-won can’t concentrate on her practice, and when she finds the coffee that she bought untouched and still remaining on the same spot that she left it, it’s the final straw. She storms in to The Stupid’s studio.

Kyu-won: Hey, Lee Shin! What’s with you? Who said you could play around with me as you wish just because I’m your slave?
Shin: What?
Kyu-won: Cappuccino or whatnot. If you’re not going to drink it, then don’t order it, instead of making me run around like a mutt dog. If you don’t drink it up by the end of the day, I won’t go on any of your coffee errands ever again!

And when she leaves the room, he swiftly follows after her and stops her.

Shin: Whether I drink it or not, it’s for me to decide. You just do as I order.
Kyu-won: What?
Shin: And also, don’t ever come complain to me again.

He turns back to return to his studio, but she shouts out and asks what has been bothering her.

Kyu-won: Do you like Professor Jung?
Kyu-won: Do you think that makes sense?
Shin: What doesn’t make sense about it?
Kyu-won: Of course, that…
Shin: I asked what doesn’t make sense?
Kyu-won: She’s a professor, and she’s over 12 years your senior.
Shin: Starting today, you’re not my slave. You’re freed. Don’t run any coffee errands. In fact, don’t do anything at all! And stay out of my business.
Kyu-won: What?
Shin: Get lost. (And he walks away)
Kyu-won: (Yelling at his back) Fine! That’s good for me. But let’s make this clear. It was you who said it first. Don’t say otherwise later!


Suk-hyun shows the applied music professor a song he’s made himself. She thinks it sounds great, and as for the solo guitarist to start off the song, she recommends Shin. To which he responds, “He didn’t seem that special to me.” (Oh, thy name is jealousy!)

Shin shows up late to the musical rehearsal, and offers a mere “I’m sorry.” After The Stupid plays, Suk-hyun comments that they sound better than he expected. But it still doesn’t sound right yet, especially the guitar.

Shin: What exactly was wrong with it?
Suk-hyun: I can’t say exactly what or where.

At that, Shin rocks out a guitar solo, which gets the students cheering and Suk-hyun his head down in defeat.

Shin: Was it again not good this time?
Suk-hyun: Well, you’ll get better over time.

After the rehearsal, Suk-hyun finds Shin waiting for him in the hallway.

Shin: Director, from now on, please pinpoint to exactly what is wrong and where. If you speak the way you do, I won’t understand. (He turns.)
Suk-hyun: Lee Shin! Don’t be late. And don’t be fresh with me.


When Ki-young is discharged from the hospital, Suk-hyun brings him to his small theater and tells him to stay there for the time being.

Ki-young: Will anything change by doing this?
Suk-hyun: I’m going to make it change. You must do this musical no matter what! I’m going to make you do it. I’m going to make you stand (on stage) again!
Ki-young: For whose sake do I have to do that? (snickers) Director, are you feel guilty* for me? (…) No need to, so please stop getting in my business. (*Note: The word used is “guilty” or “sense of guilt,” but it can also mean a sense of responsibility. I’m curious now whether Suk-hyun just feels responsible as Ki-young’s sunbae/mentor, which is very much possible, or if there is a reason for Suk-hyun to actually feel guilty for what is happening to Ki-young… Hmm….)

Suk-hyun tells Soo-myung to watch over Ki-young, and he himself returns to school.

Back on campus, he drops by Yoon-soo’s office to meet her over some coffee, and he makes note of it that she’s not wearing Shin’s necklace. After some small talk, he brings up the topic that’s been bothering him. And so he’s heard that Shin likes her.

Suk-hyun: I’ve already got it from him once – to not treat you disrespectfully.
Yoon-soo: He feels sympathy for me, and he is mistaking that for love. He is too young that he can’t distinguish it from love.
Suk-hyun: What about you? And you’re not mistaking your feelings for that kid?
Yoon-soo: What do you mean?
Suk-hyun: Exactly as I said. Is it just a one-sided love from Shin’s side?
Yoon-soo: Kim Suk-hyun, are you jealous of Shin right now?

Yoon-soo gets taken by surprise when Suk-hyun answers, “Yeah… I’m jealous.” And then he takes his leave.


Kyu-won announces to her friends that she’s no longer Shin’s slave, to which her friends ask whether they can take her place for the remaining term of the agreement.

Meanwhile, Yoon-soo’s words to him from earlier that day keep repeating in Shin’s head. That night, as he bikes home, he sees the coffee left by Kyu-won still remaining where she left it. Attached is a note from Kyu-won, and it says: “Am I a mutt dog for you to train around?” He gets ready to leave the cup there, but turns back around to take a sip, only to be left coughing. (Hehe. Perhaps it’s gone stale or just tastes bad from being left out all day. But either way, it sure feels good to see him suffer a little after hurting Kyu-won.)

On his way home, he finds Kyu-won dozing off at the bus stop while waiting for her bus. Unbeknownst to her, he sticks a post-it on her head, making her a laughing stock when she gets on the bus. It reads: “Beware of a mutt dog. It’s ferocious. Do not disturb!”

Shin returns home to find his mom and his sister looking at photos of a hanok (traditional Korean house) that they’re thinking of moving into as it has suddenly become available. (Am I the only crazy one thinking that they’re going to be Kyu-won’s neighbors?)


The next morning, remembering Shin’s words that she’s no longer his slave, she goes to get the coffee that she left him the day before to officially end her slavery. To her surprise, she finds the cup is still warm and a new note is attached. It says: “Belongs to Lee Kyu Won of the gukak department. I spit a lot into it.”

Kyu-won compares the note to the one she found stuck to her forehead last night, and she smiles as she realizes that Shin is behind both notes. Seeing Shin approach with his bandmates, she playfully crumples the note and aims it right at his face.

At rehearsal, Suk-hyun has Kyu-won and Hee-joo sing the part for the female lead, and Shin gets selected to sing the part for the male lead. Hee-joo and Shin sing fine, but in the middle of Kyu-won’s singing, Suk-hyun stops her and advises her to sing as with the intention of delivering the message of the lyrics.

After rehearsal, Kyu-won thanks Shin for the coffee and apologizes for talking out of line last time. He tells her to finish the remaining few days of her slavery term if she feels apologetic. Without hardly any protest, she agrees to it for “a promise is a promise.” While they’re on the subject, he has her clean his band’s practice studio.

The studio looks like a pig sty, and Kyu-won rebukes herself for falling right back into slavery for just a mere cup of coffee. Finding Shin’s guitar, Kyu-won strums it while singing “Lee Shin is a dummy.” But speak of the devil. Shin walks in right then, asking if she’s having fun.

Kyu-won lies that she was laughing because she suddenly remembered a funny story that Bo-woon told her earlier. Shin has Kyu-won repeat the story, and she giggles to herself to gain some more time as she quickly thinks of a story to tell, one involving a lot of word play.

Kyu-won: A ramen and sesame oil robbed a bank. Ahh, it’s so funny already. But the ramen…
Shin: (beating her to the punch line) The sesame oil reported it (can also mean “is savory”), so the ramen was arrested.
Kyu-won: Yeah…
Shin: And the sesame oil was arrested because ramen confessed (can also mean that the noodle was “bloated”). This all happened because salt schemed it (can also mean “it’s salty”), isn’t that right?
Kyu-won: Right.
Shin: That’s funny to you?
Kyu-won: Isn’t it funny?
Shin: I thought you just fall behind in your singing, but your sense of humor sucks as well.

Shin warns her that she’d be no match for Hee-joo singing like that. This is exactly the right thing to say to get her worked up. She shouts, “Just you watch! I’m going to win the leading role to prove you wrong!”

Hee-joo learns from the other girls doing the musical that Ki-young is being “held captive” by Suk-hyun in the theater, and she pays him a visit to actually… umm… encourage him.

Hee-joo: (looking to the stage) Don’t you want to stand up there at least once one day? Director says I still have a long way to go. Unfortunately, there’s no one who is as good as you right now. Or you can continue to act pathetically like that.  (She leaves.)


Suk-hyun comes across a CD marked “Hyun Ki-young” and immediately brings it to Ki-young. Suk-hyun announces that he’ll never give up on Ki-young, and if Ki-young gets annoyed, he should just come on up to the stage on his own.

Suk-hyun plays the old video clip, asking Ki-young to see with his own eyes how happy he is when on-stage. The old video from many years ago plays on screen, and in it, Suk-hyun and Ki-young discuss how great it would be to go perform on Broadway one day.

Suk-hyun: Imagine it, Ki-young. The moment you stand on stage as the lead, your heart will race so fast that you won’t even be able to stand properly. Can you imagine it?
Ki-young: Oh, dreams come true!

As he watches the video, Ki-young reaches out his hand toward the stage. And then frantically grabbing his crutches, he runs up to the stage.

And now it’s back to the love-sick puppy offering to escort Yoon-soo to the parking lot, despite her insistence that he stop stalking following her.

Yoon-soo: I told you that I didnt have free time to play along with a child’s play. Stop it, while I can still think of it as cute.
Shin: (stopping her by grabbing her wrist) How much older do I have to be to be an adult? 25? 30?
Yoon-soo: Let go. (As she tries to pull away, Kyu-won comes out and also witnesses the scene.)
Shin: You must have forgotten, but I’m a grown man. You can’t pull away from me with that kind of strength!
Yoon-soo: (still trying to pull away) Lee Shin!
Shin: Please, look towards me. (shouting) Look towards me!
Yoon-soo: Stop it already! I am sick and tired of you doing this. I told you to stop following me! Do I have to yell for you to understand? You are not a man to me. Got that?

Yoon-soo walks away, leaving Shin standing there by himself. As he turns around, he sees Kyu-won standing there watching him. Ignoring her, he just continues to walk past her, leaving Kyu-won to now replay the same scene again in her head.

Suk-hyun finds her standing alone, and she asks about his relationship with Professor Jung.


And we flashback to when Yoon-soo and Suk-hyun were college students. Yoon-soo was the campus queenka, a popular and beautiful girl crushed on by many men, including Suk-hyun and his friend, Jung-eun (the present-day owner of Catharsis). But most men did not have the courage to confess, except for one man… Suk-hyun. He confessed, and his persistence paid off as he eventually won her over and they became a well-known CC (campus couple), to the heartache of Jung-eun. But when Yoon-soo got accepted to the New York City Jazz Ballet Company, she left him to pursue her dream.

Suk-hyun drops off Kyu-won at home, and is greeted by her grandfather. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of introducing himself as Kyu-won’s director for the 100th year anniversary show. To cover for herself, Kyu-won explains that there will be many different performances for the school’s 100th year anniversary show, and Suk-hyun is the director for the gukak part of the show. This gets grandpa’s interest, as he proceeds to ask Suk-hyun for his age and about his parents. At learning that he’s 33 years old, grandpa remarks that he’s not completely an old geezer.

Once Suk-hyun leaves, he says to Kyu-won that although his one flaw is that he’s a little old, he’s not too bad and seems better than that other punk. LOL. At least Suk-hyun got grandpa’s approval!

And I was right! Shin’s family is going to move right next door to Kyu-won! I admit I experienced a brief moment of “not this again,” but the k-drama geek in me immediately went thereafter, “Weeeeee! This is gonna be fun!”

At the musical rehearsal, it’s back to the three of them (Hee-joo, Shin, and Kyu-won) singing the song from earlier. Kyu-won’s practice has paid off, and her performance gets Suk-hyun smiling in approval, Hee-joo feeling threatened, and the three upperclassman theater major girls trying to tell themselves that she wasn’t that great.

After practice, Shin storms out to brood by himself as he remembers Yoon-soo’s cold rejection of him.


Ki-young comes to find Suk-hyun at school, and announces that he wants to give it a try. Although he may end up running off again, it’ll be better than having regrets later (about giving up), right?

Ki-young makes his return by going up on stage and singing the song that the trio had performed earlier. And listening to the lyrics, indeed, that song is his.

Being afraid, I was lost and couldn’t see ahead of me
What tomorrow would bring, I did not know.
Being scared, I just wanted to hide and conceal myself.
But today, it’s different.

I’m going to now stand back up and sing again
I’m going to forget yesterday and sing for tomorrow.
To the lonely days spent locked up in an empty room, goodbye
My overflowing heart that trusts in me, it beats.

For tomorrow,
For my dream,
I run.


As if encouraged by the song himself, Suk-hyun comes to see Yoon-soo at her studio that night.

Yoon-soo: What are you doing here at this hour?
Suk-hyun: I came to see you.
Yoon-soo: It’s great about Ki-young. I’m sincerely happy about it.
Suk-hyun: Yoon-soo, I think I still like you a lot. Being pathetically jealous of other guys, I want to stop doing that.
Yoon-soo: (With tears in her eyes) What are you saying? It’s late. The security guard will be coming to lock the doors. (She turns away from him.)
Suk-hyun: Let’s start over again. I love you, Yoon-soo.

As they hug at their dramatic reunion, Shin passes by with his bike on his regular nightly run to the dance studio and witnesses it. Defeated, he continues to walk on. Kyu-won, who happens to have been passing by, sees Shin and takes in to what he just saw.


She chases after him.

Shin: Move.
Kyu-won: Didn’t you know it would turn out this way? Did you think the professor would turn around and looked towards you if you kept up your one-sided love?
Shin: Do you like me?
Kyu-won: What?
Shin: Do you think that I’ll like you instead of the professor if you do this?
Kyu-won: Lee Shin.
Shin: I have no interest whatsoever in who you like or not. So you do the same.

He brushes past her, leaving Kyu-won to stand there crying by herself.


Three things. First, is it me or did this drama lose that beautiful color palette that I so praised earlier? I even downloaded a higher quality version of the episode, thinking that perhaps it was something wrong with the streaming site where I usually watch my shows. But alas, it really was the drama itself.

And second, I’m not sure whether it’s lazy writing, lazy directing, or a combination of both, but there was an overkill with all the flashback scenes. We know that the characters are brooding over their recent rejections, jealousy, and confusion. We do not need to be reminded of it every few minutes by replaying the exact same scene over and over again.

That said, even I’m surprised at myself as I continue to enjoy this drama. Typically, I’d have already been bored by now, as the drama really does lack the fast pace, that “punch” or “catch” or whatever you want to call it, that brings in the viewers. But the tone of this drama is akin to drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe. I just want to take my time slowly sipping it, while I enjoy the view outside and observe the folks passing by. Although nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary happens, I do want to continue watching the everyday nothings of these characters.

And finally, my last point. (Wait, is that more than three points? Ah, screw the numbers!) I’ve been continuing to include in my recaps the song that is the title of the episode, but the title for this episode is “고백” (Confession). Umm, do you realize how many different Korean songs there are with that name? Is it 4Men’s “Confession,” Delispice’s “Confession,” Jang Nara’s “Confession,” Toy’s “Confession,” or perhaps the most recent Hot Potato’s “Confession”? How are we supposed to know if you don’t even include the episode’s “theme song” in the episode itself? Okay, perhaps it’s not a big deal, but for this music geek who looks forward to finding out what will be the new “song” featured in the upcoming episode as much as the episode itself, it was a huge letdown. After giving it some thought and considering the taste of the music director in this drama so far, I think I’ll go with Delispice’s “Confession” and Hot Potato’s “Confession,” as they’re my favorite “Confessions.”

Delispice – “Confession”

Hot Potato – “Confession”

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17 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 5

  1. leila8mae says:

    blue perhaps the palette kinda dwindled off because PD Pyo wasn’t the one who directed this week’s episode.. might be a reason.. I hope next week drama will keep up the tone and move the story in a better pace.. though I’m still loving it as is..

    all the best for this series 😀

    • blue says:

      Ah, is that so? That would explain it!

      You know, as much as I bitch and moan about it, I like this drama a lot. I hope they don’t do anything too dramatic to change things up to improve the ratings.

  2. martha says:

    Two more great songs! Thanks blue!

    • areliz7 says:

      Which one is the song at the end of the episode?

      • blue says:

        Do you mean the closing song for episode 5? I think it must be a song from the OST that hasn’t been released yet. I’m curious to find out who sings it as well. But the lyrics for the chorus part goes something like this:

        Since I love you, look at me
        Since I love you alone, come to me.
        If you just take one step forward, I’ll be waiting there.
        Since I know just you alone, I’m sorry
        If it’s not you, I can’t be
        My relentless love calls you alone,
        But you know not.

      • areliz7 says:

        thank you very much! thats exactly the one… is the ending song for episode 6 too! i’ll be looking for it on youtube…

  3. Areli says:

    Excellent recap, as usual blue! Thank you very much!!!! Dont you absolutely love Ki Young?

  4. sakurakiss says:

    i really do like reading your recaps— thank you 🙂

  5. moi says:

    Hi! I just happened upon your blog and I wanted to say how much I like your recapping style and I especially appreciate the direct translations.

    ‘m with you on this episode’s unnecessary use of flashbacks. What the heck?! I consider it time wasted when more air time could have been spent on Ki-Young. I adore him! I swear I can actually feel my pupils dilate whenever he comes onscreen. I still love this drama, though. =) Thanks so much for the recap!

  6. Honey says:

    Thanks a lot for the recap. I agree with ur comments

  7. Jia Min says:

    Do u noe wat is the name of the song that shin hye, woo ri and yong hwa sang in ep 5 ?

    • blue says:

      The song title and info have not been released yet, but it’s the same song that Ki Young later sings at Catharsis. I included the lyrics within the recap.

  8. anne says:

    Another reason for a somewhat slow pace is due to the fact that when the director or PD Pyo was not at the helm directing for this weeks episode he was with the original writer assisting in tightening the script and I think they also brought in another writer to help along. Hopefully though next week he will be back directing again.

    I love this drama.

  9. Beng Mallari says:

    i love both the confession versions you posted. The first one made me remember The Classic, a beautiful love story. Is Hot Potato’s Confession a theme song too of a movie? I love Bae Doo na. she and the guy are so cute together =)

    • blue says:

      No, it’s not a theme song. But the concept for that album was “imaginary soundtrack.” So the entire album was designed as if it was a soundtrack for a nonexistent movie.

  10. Shab Mat says:

    Hi Blue,

    Thanks for your great recaps, I really enjoy reading them.
    By any chance, do you know the name of the song which is used in the beginning of this episode? I think it is the beginning part of the song which is at the end of the episode as well.
    Is it one of the “Confession” songs?

    • blue says:

      Yup, you’re right that it is the same song as the one used at the episode’s closing and asked by areliz7 above. You know, many Korean netizens who are fans of YFFM are also curious to find out what is the name of the song as it’s not been released in its OST yet.

      It’s not one of the “Confession” songs, though. All the songs used as the title for the episode have been pre-existing songs, whereas the song you asked about is from the drama soundtrack (umm, that may or may not be included in the OST). I wonder when they’re going to release it, if at all. I’ll post it here once I find any more info!

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