You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 6

I initially approached writing the recap for Episode 6 in the same manner as I have done my other recaps for You’ve Fallen for Me. But I quickly realized that such a recap would fail to capture the emotion of this episode. So instead, I decided to adopt a completely different recapping style for Episode 6.

EPISODE 6: “Of the Mind That I Must Forget”

The title for Episode 6 is “잊어야 한다는 마음으로.” I struggled to come up with the best translation of it, and I finally decided on “Of the Mind That I Must Forget.”

It’s a 1992 song by Kim Gwang Seok, and as characteristic of Kim’s songs, the melody is very simple and melancholic. But perhaps that’s what makes his songs even sadder. Just two weeks shy of turning 32, Kim eventually went on to commit suicide in 1996, and was one of the earliest example of celebrity suicide in Korea.

It’s unfortunate that the song itself was not used in this episode because it really well reflects the mood of episode 6. I’d HIGHLY recommend listening to this song while reading the recap.

“Of the Mind That I Must Forget”
Song by Kim Gwang Seok
Lyrics translated by Blue1004

Of the mind that I must forget
With the door to my empty room closed shut
Your scent that still lingers behind
It fills my empty room.

Lying here alone like this, I look up at the ceiling
Your reflection wanders in front of my eyes
With my back turned in order to forget,
Tears silently stream down from my eyes.

Burying the bygone days in memories
That should be all it takes
But why do I lie wide awake this long night
Unable to forget

When dawn breaks and arrives through the window
And into my room, emptier than yesterday
On the brightly lit windowpane,
I write and erase, “I love you.”

The many stars that light up the night sky
They’re all beautiful in their own right
The one star that shines in my heart
Is just you alone.

When dawn breaks and arrives through the window
And into my room, emptier than yesterday
On the brightly lit windowpane,
I write and erase, “I love you.”


Shin walks away, leaving Kyu-won crying alone. “That fool,” she calls him.

Crying and shouting, Shin bikes home.

Kyu-won cries too, sitting alone on the bus.

At the hospital, his father warmly greets him, “Shin, is that you?”

“You must have had a bad day. Girl problem? Is it serious?”

At Shin’s silence, he no longer probes further but with trembling hands, hands him a CD.

Smiling at Shin, he starts playing his guitar to the music playing from the CD.

“Uh?” It’s the song made by Shin.

Back at home, Shin’s mom cautiously asks him, “Do you still go for guitar lessons?”

Shin: He said he had a woman that he liked. It was his friend’s girlfriend, but he stole her away from him.
Mom: What? He said that to you?
Shin: It seems he still likes her.
Mom: Stop going there. I’ll look for another guitar instructor.
Shin: No.

Mom: Do you by chance know who he is?
Shin: I do. So leave it alone.

Sleepless night for Kyu-won…

…and Shin.

The next morning, Shin watches…

…as Suk-hyun drops off Yoon-soo at school.

Shin: So you found a grown man, as you had wished. What do you like about him? His earnings? His looks?
Yoon-soo: This talk is making me uncomfortable. Leave.
Shin: Why? Are you worried someone will see us?
Yoon-soo: Fine. What do you like about me?
Shin: Everything.
Yoon-soo: Same with me. I like everything about him. I’m happy when I’m with him. Not you, Shin. I’m not the person you made me to be in your head. Now go back to where you belong.
Shin: Fine. I’ll do as you wish. I just have to forget you, right? I’ll do that. I’ll give up on you.

As Kyu-won waits for Shin with his coffee…

Shin lies on the grass, holding up the necklace he had bought for Yoon-soo…

…and finally decides to toss it.

Ki-young stops by Tae-joon’s office and lets him know of his return, but Tae-joon shares that he doesn’t believe in him yet.

Ki-young returns to join the rest of the musical crew.

Joon-hee is excited that Ki-young will join the musical.

“Isn’t she pretty? She’s my Natasha! As you can see, she’s very shy. But she’s still cute, huh?”

Ki-young is left speechless…

Soo-myung explains, “As you can see, he’s slightly mental. Don’t take him seriously.”

The rift between Tae-joon and Suk-hyun grows wider as Tae-joon insists that he can never accept Kyu-won getting the lead.

Suk-hyun returns to rehearsal, and is angered to learn that Shin and Kyu-won didn’t show. He calls Kyu-won and screams, “Lee Kyu-won, where are you?!”

“I’m sorry. Something came up. I’ll miss only today, Director.”

“Come back right away. Or else you’ll be cut from the musical.”

Kyu-won continues to chase after Shin in the rain.

“Does the world end because you got rejected by a girl? Do you know how you look like right now? Pathetic and petty! How much longer are you going act so pathetic?”

He shouts, “That’s why I’m going to stop it!”

Shin walks away, but turns around to see Kyu-won standing there.

He goes back and helps carry her instrument.

The two take shelter from the rain in front of a music store, and silently collect the raindrops in their hands.

The next day, a familiar looking girl comes to Kyu-won’s to borrow a hammer, and accidentally breaks a pot of plant that Kyu-won’s grandfather likes. Kyu-won recognizes her as Shin’s sister.

Grandpa chases after the girl, while Kyu-won insists that her grandpa just return home.

“Sir, what’s going on?”

Shin’s mom greets Kyu-won’s grandfather. “I’m not sure you’d remember me,” she says.

The grandpa remembers her to be the singer in the band that his son introduced as the woman he’ll marry.

Meanwhile, Kyu-won’s dad receives a call from Shin’s dad.

“I have something to say to you… face to face.”

Kyu-won can’t believe that she and Shin are neighbors now. “Aish, I went there earlier dressed like this?! I’m ruined.”

The next morning, she gets caught lurking outside Shin’s house.

She hurriedly makes up an excuse: “The trash day is Wednesday, and the town meeting is held the last Friday of each month… over there!”

And as she tries to leave, she accidentally turns the wrong way.

Tae-joon and a couple of other professors announce that they’ll make a separate group for the musical, and the group that will go up on stage for the 100th year anniversary show will be chosen between the two groups a month before the show.

Suk-hyun scolds Kyu-won for missing the rehearsal, but gives her another chance. As she turns to leave, he tells her to lift her stooped shoulders.

Afterwards, Suk-hyun passes by Shin in the hallway. “If you miss one more rehearsal without prior notice, you are out of the musical.”

The happy couple….

…and jealous Shin.

Kyu-won’s dad visits Shin’s dad, and is told: “You still like Ji-young. I know you kept your distance because of me. I’ll disappear from your sight now, so you do as you wish.”

“What?! After all this time, after making Ji-young’s life and my life like this, you’re sorry? You call yourself human? Listen carefully. Don’t concern yourself with Ji-young or Shin. If you’re going to get lost, do so quietly.”

Shin comes to visit his dad at the hospital right thereafter, but gets told that no visitors are allowed today as his condition is not good.

Shins asks the nurse: “When he wakes up, can you please ask him to take a look at this?

Shin’s sister has Kyu-won believe that Shin asked her to cook him some squash pancakes. “Who said I would? But, does Shin like squash pancakes?”

Kyu-won cooking for Shin.

Kyu-won delivers the food, and learns that Shin’s sister tricked her.

And Kyu-won receives a call from her dad to come out to meet him as he’s in front of her house.

Kyu-won comes  out to meet her dad at the cafe, and he asks if that “prince of conceit” is doing well.

“I feel a little sorry for him. He was rejected by a girl he likes.”

Dad: Then it’s your chance.
Kyu-won: What chance? When did I ever say I liked him?
Dad: Good luck, instead of regretting later.
Kyu-won: I told you it’s not like that. (pause) Will I regret it later?
Dad: Yeah, I ended up regretting it.
Kyu-won: Huh?
Dad: Oh, it’s nothing!

Running into Shin on campus the next day, Kyu-won reminds him that today is the last day of her slave contract.

Shin asks Kyu-won if she could help find his necklace that he lost in the field. When she asks him how it looks like, Shin changes his mind and tells her he no longer needs it.

Nevertheless, Kyu-won gathers her friends and has them help her find this necklace they know not how it looks like.

Shin receives a phone call from his mom…

He goes to a wake with his mom…

…only to then learn that it’s his dad’s.

As they leave after paying their respect, the dad’s wife hands Shin his music notebook and his guitar.

Returned back home, Shin asks his mom: “Do they know who we are?” She answers, “They know.”

Shin: Is alcoholism hereditary?
Mom: It’ll never happen to you. Don’t worry. You’re not the same.

Shin is holding his dad’s album, and his sister asks what he’s doing.

“Do we look alike?”

“Is he your dad?”

Mom cries alone late into the night.

Shin plays the song that his dad helped fix.

Kyu-won worries about Shin, who has been missing from school the last few days.

Kyu-won: Joon-hee, do you know what’s going on with Shin?
Joon-hee: He told us not to tell this to anyone…

“What is it?”

Meanwhile, Suk-hyun and Yoon-soo learns from Madame Gu about the passing of Shin’s dad.

Shin looks at the music notes left by his dad, and cries as he thinks about his dad.

“Ask if there’s anything you want to ask about. I’ll answer whatever it may be. Were you disappointed that he wasn’t someone great?”

“No. I don’t know yet what I’m curious about.”

Shin leaves for his singing gig.

At the club, Shin sings his song “Because I Miss You.”

“Missing you, I’m missing you. Cause I’m missing you,
Like a habit, now I just call out your name.”

“Even today.”

Kyu-won looks for Shin’s necklace again, and finds it! But…

“It’s a woman’s necklace.”

Bo-woon comes to find Kyu-won and lets her know that Shin showed up at Catharsis.

But when Kyu-won goes over, Shin is no longer there.

He just left right now.

Kyu-won runs out and tries calling him, but he doesn’t answer.

Passing by a music store and seeing a guitar on display…

Shin sits in front of the store.

Yoon-soo sees Shin as she drives by, and having heard the news about Shin’s dad, she finds herself unable to just pass him by.

She gets out of the car to give him an umbrella.

“It’s raining. Hurry on home.”

When she turns to leave, he stops her.

And grabs her for a hug.

Kyu-won also arrives, just a moment too late.

“Shin is crying.”

“I wanted to tell him before anyone else. Are you okay? It’ll be okay.”

“Right now Shin is in someone else’s arms.”

“Not mine, but someone else’s.”


Simplicity was the greatest strength of this episode. Storywise, there was much emotional angst. But instead of going the route of dramatic showdowns, what made the story work was the simple, matter of fact manner in which it was presented.

Some of my favorite scenes from the episode involved no words. Whether it is the scene where Shin and Kyu-won outstretched their arms to collect the raindrops while taking shelter, the scene where Shin’s father held his cellphone to his heart after the phone call with his old friend, or Shin gently caressing his father’s album as he thinks about his dad, I find that it is these quiet moments that make You’ve Fallen for Me so poignant.

For like the clear, unassuming voice of Kim Gwang Seok and his music, sometimes what is “simple” and quiet comes across and speaks to us the loudest.

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15 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 6

  1. V says:

    I just realized something (and yes, I am an idiot for not realizing this sooner) – Why is the owner of the cafe, a guy, called “Madame Gu”?

    Thanks for the recap! 😀

    • blue says:

      That’s just a nickname the students on campus call him. His real name is Gu Jung Eun in the drama. Usually, Koreans call a lady owner of a bar “Madame,” so I believe that’s how they came up with that nickname for him.

  2. emeldy says:

    I am so in love with this drama. I like how the director highlight the quite moments. I went to all girls college almost a decade ago and never experience what Kyu-won like crush, but watching this little drama it feels like i had experience her pain. I like how falling in love and heartbreak are handled. And the OST is superb. The story is nothing exceptional, but watching it it feels so fresh.

    I know people are complaining about the pace of this drama, i have no complain so far. I just hope the PD limit those flashback.

    And Bella, love reading your comments. Thank You So Much for the Screen caps.

  3. martha says:

    Thank you 🙂 I love all the screen caps and of course – the music

  4. Softy says:

    Hey blue, love what you did for this ep – so crisp and clear, but succinct and meaningful at the same time. I have been enjoying all your posts, but this time I was reminded again how alike we are in thought and reaction. I bet if we sat down and said what we liked about Anne (AOGG) we would have the same answers too. For this ep- that scene in the rain with the music highlighting each action, I swear I fell in love with this drama all over again. As I watched, I wondered if others would find this scene as meaningful as I did and voila – hello kindred spirit 🙂

  5. kel says:

    oh good, finally someone who gets the understands the feel and approach of episode 6 instead of ranting about Shin hugging the prof. I love this drama so much cause of it’s low key and has a soft pace. I really wish everyone would realize there is still 10 more epis to build on LS feelings for GW cause it’s clear as day that he doesn’t mind her company.

  6. leila8mae says:

    another awesome recap! i love that it’s “comic style” since photos does reflect a lot of emotions 😀 and like you blue, I really enjoy scenes with no words, just beautifully woven background music can really suffice a scene with a pinch of acting.. and for that, I’m really into this drama.. surprisingly, it does not bore me ♥

  7. just sayin' says:

    Love the new approach. Sometimes less is more. Thanks

  8. blessedtoes says:

    Thanks again for your recap, for recapturing the mood, for introducing the song – it works great with the recaps, touchingly so… love too scenes like the beautiful, quiet & poignant moments where they collected the raindrops, where all one hears is the falling rain, against the hands, interwoven with the music… it’s partly scenes like these that i feel contributed to what’s so special and refreshing about this drama…

  9. sakurakiss says:

    as always, awesome—awesome recap—the music was a very nice touch, your hard work is truly appreciated. kumawo, chongmal kumawo 🙂

  10. doozy says:

    Very nice, blue! I love how you let the scenes and screencaps speak for themselves. The opening picture of the raindrop hands is simply beautiful. Thanks for the recap and song translation!

    What is Gyu Won gonna do now? I dearly hope that she isn’t gonna turn into another Shin with this whole I-like-you-but-you-like-another.

  11. kay says:

    i love how you recapped this episode with the perfect photos and just enough words. it captures the feeling perfectly. and the song you posted is absolutely beautiful. i wish i knew where to buy these old korean music, so soothing and lovely. thank you.

  12. Laica says:

    Hi blue! I’ve been following your recaps for YFFM, but I’ve been very ill and I haven’t been able to comment – they are so enjoyable! I love how you give the songs in the episode titles and explain them.

    This recap is gorgeous and poetic, and perfectly captures the feeling of this episode, which was my favourite one yet (haven’t watched 7).

    YFFM has gotten a strange hold of my heart and mind somehow. I’m following it more ardently than any other drama right now, although I can clearly see its flaws. I just love all the characters, the tone of it, the colours and the music. The way it perfectly captures how it feels to be young – how awful and wonderful and confusing it is.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. Also, I absolutely adore your blog! *goes off to read archives*

  13. rochinipark says:

    hi blue and bella.been reading ur blog religiously almost everyday,even on my office ur recaps of this drama.especially the part u put up the songs of the episode titles.its amazin the writers name the eps to old really meaningful songs.unlike the kpop peppered songs in the korean music industry these days.

    really who will remember those millions of songs produced by all those teeny boppers.

    its songs like the above that stays and lingers in ppl’s memory the most.

    thanks again 4 ur ur dedication.

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