Song of the Day: “I Guess You Don’t Know”

One of the most frequently asked questions on the blog’s You’ve Fallen for Me recaps has been for more information on this song. Well, Part 4 of the drama’s OST has finally been released on July 20th, and it includes the song you’ve all been wondering about! The name of the song is “모르나봐” (I Guess You Don’t Know) and is sung by M Signal, the newest project group from FNC Music label.

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8 Responses to Song of the Day: “I Guess You Don’t Know”

  1. Areli says:

    finally! im going to look for it… thank you very much!

  2. leila8mae says:

    blue I hope this is not too much for me to ask, but do you happen to know the BGM during the raindrop scene in Episode 6?? thanks a bunch 😀

    • blue says:

      Of course it’s not too much to ask, but I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.

      The song at the end when Kyu-won watches Shin in the rain is of course the song featured in this post. But I’m presuming you’re referring to the piano instrumental piece in the scene where S and KW are taking shelter from the rain, right? That, I do not know. Sorry!

  3. martha says:

    Thank you 🙂 such great lyrics

  4. helen says:

    didnt expect Viet sub as well.lovely song

  5. QuaTrang says:

    I really like this song amongst the bunch produced by HT. To bad, CNBLUE has not impressed me (yet???) with the OST!

    And many thanks for posting the song with subs!

  6. Laica says:

    This is such a beautiful song – I’ve been looking for it for days. Thank you!

  7. I didn’t pay that much attention to the song yet, because the other songs touched me more, but NOW … *____* Watching this video and knowing the lyrics I’m sitting here tearing up on the middle of the day! *____* This drama is just LOVE.
    Too bad the ratings are low. Maybe it’s because it’s about youth and not a topic the older audience (30+) want to watch anymore. *g* Sometime I almost feel like that, too, when seeing the High School J-dramas. I just can’t relate anymore.
    But You’ve fallen for me is far from High School for me. Isn’t it called college? Anyway, it’s university and expierencing the first real love when studying – that I can relate. Most people find their future husband/wife during studies or soon after that during work.
    I’m suprised HOW good the chemistry between Park Shin-hye & Yong Hwa seems. *g*

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