You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 7

Cute, cute, cute! This episode was the turning point in the drama where the focus shifted from that between the “youths” and the “adults,” to that between the youths themselves. There still lies much angst ahead, as Kyu-won and Shin have to come to face the reality of what happened between their parents. But until then, I’m enjoying the story of the blossoming friendship (and love?) between the two.

EPISODE 7: “I Will… Forget You”

The title for Episode 7 is “그럴겁니다… 잊을겁니다” (“I Will… Forget You”). I admit I don’t really follow CN Blue’s music, and only know of two songs by them – “I’m a Loner” and “Love.” So when I first encountered this title, I was left puzzled as to whose song it was, only to discover that it is a 2010 song by CN Blue, the same group in which our lead actor, Jung Yong Hwa, is a member.



Seeing Shin cry in Yoon-soo’s arms, Kyu-won walks off. But after having walked some distance away, Kyu-won stops and cries as she shouts into the air, “You jerk! Idiot! Who said I was going to console you? Lee Shin, you idiot!”

Soaked from the rain, Kyu-won and Shin both return to their respective homes.


Back at home, Shin’s mom follows him into his room to check that he’d eaten dinner and to tell him to wash up and sleep.  As she turns to leave, Shin cautiously asks all the things he has been curious about between his mom and his dad.

Shin: What did you… like about him so much? What did you like about him, enough to leave a man you liked?
Mom: Whenever he held a guitar, he became invisible. His clothes, hair, shoes… they’d all disappear. And he just became the music itself. Just like you now.
Shin: Don’t you regret that you liked him?
Mom: (shaking her head no) Because you remain. (pause) You’ll catch a cold. Wash up and sleep.
Shin: Thank you… for letting me meet him.

The next day, Shin stops by Yoon-soo’s office and returns her umbrella outside her door. When he turns around, he comes face to face with Suk-hyun. Shin re-grabs the umbrella, and hands it to Suk-hyun to pass along to Yoon-soo.

Suk-hyun: Why don’t you give it to her yourself?
Shin: Please take care of Professor Jung.

I love how the umbrella comes to represent a baton, as he passes his love for Yoon-soo to another man. He lets out a sigh as he walks away, acknowledging the closure to his first love.

Shin comes across Bo-woon and the Windflowers girls in the hallway, and she asks him if he met Kyu-won yesterday. She explains that Kyu-won had chased after him from Catharsis. He tells them that he did not see her, and as they walk away, he overhears them wondering about if Kyu-won finally came to find the necklace that she so desperately searched for. And Shin thinks, “It can’t be…” (Umm, what else would it be, mister?)


Shin receives a call from his applied music professor to come see her. She plays him a song that will be used for the musical ending, jointly with his band and the gukak band. And she wants Shin to be responsible for the song arrangement.

He expresses some hesitance, considering the importance of the show for the school and his inexperience with gukak. But she persuades him by saying that since Shin has plans to go study abroad (no!!!!! not those dreaded two words!), the experience would help with his music portfolio. And besides, the gukak professor agreed to help.

“I’ll give it a try,” he says.


As he returns home that night, he pauses as he walks past Kyu-won’s home. And when his sister suggests that they ask Kyu-won to cook something for them, he reminds her that Kyu-won is no longer his slave and further, she has been out sick today.

Meanwhile, Kyu-won is on the phone with Bo-woon. Kyu-won tells her friend that she’s feeling much better and will return to school tomorrow. She has also found the necklace. “It was at home,” she lies.

Kyu-won returns to school the next day, and is greeted by her friends who express concern that she must have been very sick as her face has shrunk to half its size. Hilariously, Kyu-won is pleased by that comment, giddily retorting back, “Really?” (Oh, Koreans and their obsession with having a small face!)

Just then, she spots Shin walking by. She tells her friends that she’ll meet them later, and chases after him.


Kyu-won finds Shin sitting on a bench at the campus field. She sits next to him, and hands him the necklace that she has found for him.

Kyu-won: I… am going to do as you told me. No matter who you like from now on and how much you hurt because of it, I won’t concern myself with it.
Shin: What?
Kyu-won: I won’t like you anymore. With this, I have completed the duties of my slave contract in full.

She gets up to leave, but turns back around as she remembers.

Kyu-won: I’m sorry about what happened to your father. Although my words won’t be of any comfort to you. I’ll get going now.

Shin calls out her name, “Lee Kyu-won!”

Shin: Thank you.
Kyu-won: This is the first time you called me by my name.

After her meeting with Shin, Kyu-won walks in a daze and doesn’t notice Suk-hyun walking past her. She finally wakes from her stupor when she hears her name called out by Suk-hyun. He asks her if she’s recovered from her recent illness, and she reassures him that she’s better now.

He takes Kyu-won for coffee. Seeing her pour a lot of syrup into her drink, he wonders how she is able to drink that down. She reasons that as she was sick, she needs sugar to cheer her up. Suk-hyun finally brings up the reason why he wanted to see her.

Suk-hyun: In a few days, an audition will be held to determine the female lead. Hee-joo will try out, of course. Do you want to audition as well?
Kyu-won: Me? How could I be the lead? I can’t!
Suk-hyun: Why not? Last time, you practiced a lot and you were able to do it.
Kyu-won: But that’s…
Suk-hyun: Don’t feel so burdened… Because you won’t make it anyway.
Kyu-won: Huh? If I’m not going to make it, then why should I audition?
Suk-hyun: It won’t be an audition if Hee-joo is the only one to try out.
Kyu-won: Then am I just a second fiddle?
Suk-hyun: If you don’t want to be one, then just work hard. Do you want to try?
Kyu-won: What should I do?
Suk-hyun: What will you do?
Kyu-won: Should I try it?

Suk-hyun announces to the professors that he intends to hold the audition for the female lead tomorrow, and he asks that they all come and help judge. Once alone, Tae-joon and the other traitor professor agree to select Hee-joo as the female lead so that when they eventually recruit her over to their own musical team, Suk-hyun’s musical will be sabotaged.


Seeing Ki-young on campus, Hee-joo asks whether he has fully recovered from his “running away” illness, and that he won’t be running away the day before the show like last time.

Ki-young: I’m working on it, and I will succeed.
Hee-joo: Just working on it is not enough. If you ruin my show once again, I won’t forgive you.
Ki-young: Your show?
Hee-joo: Of course! Because I’m the lead. (She turns to leave.)
Ki-young: Han Hee-joo! There was a time when I thought you looked cool being so strong. But now I pity your struggles.
Hee-joo: What did you say?
Ki-young: But nevertheless, thank you for last time. I know it must have been hard on your pride to come find me. I am thankful for that.

Left alone, she fumes mad that he would dare pity her and gets startled to see Joon-hee in front of her. He wonders whether Hee-joo’s cheating on him with Ki-young, and he warns her that he can forgive everything else but can never ever condone cheating. (Oh, this boy is beyond disillusioned!)

Kyu-won gets called to the applied music professor’s office, and finds that Shin is already there meeting with her in discussion about the song arrangement. Apparently the gukak professor recommended Kyu-won to help and tutor Shin in gukak.

Shin tells Kyu-won that she doesn’t have to force herself to do it if she feels uncomfortable being with him, but she insists she’s fine. They have to keep seeing each other for the musical anyway. As Shin doesn’t know much about gukak, Kyu-won suggests that they first go to the library as he has a lot to learn. She warns him to prepare himself as she’s not going to go easy on him.

Kyu-won chatters on, explaining that gukak must have han and qi, although she doesn’t know whether Shin would understand such a deep meaning. But she soon hears Shin calling out her name from behind her.

Kyu-won: (grinning) What? I’m really okay.
Shin: (shaking his head no and pointing in the opposite direction) The library is this way.

Ohemgee. I feel so embarrassed for her! But she quickly tries to cover up for herself by lying that she was just testing to see whether Shin knew the way to the library. (Sure, that really works!) He guides her all the way to the library, giving her directions like “to your right.” Keke.

But Kyu-won gets her revenge right thereafter, as she makes Shin hold a stack of books piled high up to his chin and tells him that they’re all books he must read. He points to the stack he is holding, and suggests that they stop at it here for today. Thankfully, she agrees to it and tells him to get the bands together to practice and see how they sound together.

After she leaves, he wonders to himself, “Wait, this isn’t her revenge, is it?” And so says the man as he drops all the books.

Windflowers girls are excited to perform with The Stupid, prettying themselves before heading over for their rehearsal. Kyu-won’s friends suggest that Kyu-won work it out with Shin, given this opportunity. Isn’t that why they’re always bickering with each other – because she likes him? But Kyu-won denies it.

Rehearsal time! Rock and gukak!


During practice, Shin and Kyu-won can’t help staring at each other as they engage in the mating game of “I’m really not looking at you looking at me.” And umm, looking really hot doing it.

After band practice, Kyu-won runs out to meet her dad who has come to visit her at school. She tells her dad about the audition for the female lead, and her dilemma as to whether she should try out. At his encouragement that he too wishes to see her as the lead, she decides to go for it.


Suk-hyun announces to his musical team that the audition for the female lead will be held the next day, and anyone who wishes to try out can do so. The three upperclassmen theater major girls raise their hands saying they want to try out, but Suk-hyun says he already has very important roles in mind for them.

Not to anyone’s surprise, Hee-joo raises her hand. And when Suk-hyun asks whether there is anyone else, Kyu-won raises her hand as well. For their tryout, their mission is to each pick one song that they feel most confident singing, and the theme has to be on love.

After rehearsal, the three upperclassmen girls chase after Suk-hyun and ask what their roles are. He explains that they will be the “scene stealers” of the show. They thank him profusely, one girl even going so far as saying that she knew this day would come for her one day. (These girls are hilarious, but I’m starting to feel sorry for their naivete.)

After they leave, Suk-hyun wonders whether he should make them the three Miss Koreas. Or perhaps he should give them the roles of three daughters. He goes crazy thinking about what roles to give them, now that he safely thwarted them away from the leading role.


Hee-joo also follows after Kyu-won and tries to fish out what Kyu-won plans to sing for the audition. Because you know, they can’t sing the same song.

Hee-joo: How many songs could you possibly know?  If we sang the same song, you’d be at a disadvantage so I was just asking to let you have it.
Kyu-won: I didn’t know you were such a thoughtful, kind friend.
Hee-joo: What?
Kyu-won: You should be the one feeling nervous. My grandfather says that the masters hiding in the deep woods are the scariest. (smiles) See you tomorrow!

Can I just say I much I LOVE Kyu-won’s feistiness when she’s with Hee-joo?! After Hee-joo leaves, Kyu-won says with utmost determination, “Just you watch! I won’t lose.”

Kyu-won has listened to all the songs that her dad sent her, but nothing catches her. She wonders if there’s one that gives off a lovable feeling. But her dad advises her that love is not only about the lovable feeling, but it’s also sadness, hatred, and pain.

That night, Shin continues to work on the song arrangement for the musical, and Kyu-won continues to listen through songs to pick the one to sing for the audition.


Windflowers and The Stupid meet for another band practice. Afterwards, Joon-hee suggests that they go out to eat together. Kyu-won starts to say she can’t go because of her grandfather, and catching on that she plans to go home, Shin also excuses himself. However, after he leaves, Kyu-won agrees to go with the gang, at their insistence that she go.

So imagine Shin’s surprise when he learns that Kyu-won is indeed going out to eat and NOT going home. Annoyed, he mutters to himself, “Aiish, but she said she was going to go home!” And what do you know? Before long, he has already joined the group, asking what they’re going to go eat together.


They end up going for Korean barbeque. (Mmm, why do K-dramas always make me feel hungry? Why, why, why?!) Seeing Kyu-won eat so hurriedly, Shin nags at her to slow down for she will get indigestion. When she doesn’t listen, he picks up and quickly eats the piece of meat that she was eyeing.


Next stop, karaoke!

While everyone sings and dances (umm, in costumes?!), Shin sits on the couch sulking by himself like a true party pooper.


But in the middle of singing, the indigestion kicks in and Kyu-won leaves to go to the restroom to throw up. Shin, who has been eyeing her like a hawk the entire evening, follows after her and pats her back as she vomits, despite her insistence that he doesn’t need to do so. (By the way, dude, did he follow her into the ladies room? Most karaoke places I know have separate restrooms by gender…. But I digress.)

Shin: You don’t have to be like this on purpose.
Kyu-won: About what?
Shin: You don’t have to pretend you’re okay in front of me.
Kyu-won: I got found out.

He extends out his hand to help her up, or so she thinks. But when she raises her hand to grab his, he points out that he was asking for the tambourine she had in her other hand.


Shin and Kyu-won leave the karaoke place and walk to the bus stop together. During the walk, they both thank each other – she thanks him for asking her if she feels better and patting her back, and he thanks her for tutoring him in gukak. Then the topic changes to the audition the next day.

Shin: Do your best. Hee-joo won’t be an easy match.
Kyu-won: It doesn’t matter. It’s not like I have to be the lead.
Shin: Then, why [are you auditioning]?
Kyu-won: I picked up gayageum even before I learned to read. I knew of nothing else outside of gayageum. To be honest, should I say I grew a little tired of it? That’s how I was feeling, but since starting the musical, playing the gayageum has become more fun. Also, these are things I would never experience again unless I do them now. Including performing with a band.

When her bus arrives, Kyu-won gets up to leave by herself, as she assumes that Shin will be riding his bike home. But seeing her get on the bus after thanking him for today, he changes his mind and follows her onto the bus as well. Kyu-won looks up at him quizzically, but Shin merely replies, “Just because… I thought I should try taking the bus every now and then.”

Round two of the mating game of “I’m really not looking at you looking at me” ensues, until Kyu-won loses and ends up dozing off.


Unbeknownst to Kyu-won, she gets found out about doing the musical when her grandpa accidentally comes across music sheets and flyers for the school’s 100th year anniversary show in her room. Seeing them thrown out outside the house, Kyu-won runs in and apologizes for not telling him earlier. She begs and pleads that he’d allow her to do the musical, and insists that she’d do it even if he doesn’t give her his permission. She really wants to do this musical, for just once in her life. But her grandpa won’t have any of it, reminding her that she’s the granddaughter of the great pansori master, Lee Dong-jin. Meanwhile, Shin overhears everything from outside their house.

On the day of the audition, Kyu-won’s grandpa locks her inside her room with no means to contact the outside world (i.e., cellphone) and tells her that she will be missing school for the next few days. She begs him to let her out, but to no avail.


Back at school, the campus is abuzz about the upcoming audition for the female lead. That morning, Suk-hyun finds that a press conference has been arranged for him. The university president merely explains that it’s all for Suk-hyun’s sake, so he should do as he says. Although Suk-hyun might not yet know of Tae-joon’s plan to start his own musical team, the university president is obviously on Suk-hyun’s side and wants to help him by having the public know that Suk-hyun will be directing the school musical. Having earned the public’s interest in a school show directed by a Broadway director, Tae-joon will be put at a serious disadvantage and he knows it. But he places all his trust on Hee-joo’s father, the chairman of the school board, being on his side.

At the press conference, Suk-hyun announces that the audition for the female lead will be held later that day and invites the reporters to come watch. He then excuses himself, citing that he must go prepare for the audition.

The other students are busy making bets on who will win the leading role between Kyu-won and Hee-joo. Everyone places their bet on Kyu-won as she has the director’s favor, but the news soon spreads that Kyu-won got caught by her grandfather and won’t be able to make it to the audition. The news soon reaches Shin’s ears as well, and he immediately races out.

When Suk-hyun hears that Kyu-won didn’t come to school today and even missed her classes, he calls her and shouts to the phone that she gets her act straight. But instead, Kyu-won’s grandfather responds from the other line and tells Suk-hyun that Kyu-won will no longer be doing the musical.

Shin takes his bike and Suk-hyun drives his car, side to side. Of course, Suk-hyun reaches Kyu-won’s house first. He asks Kyu-won’s grandfather to allow him to talk to Kyu-won, but the grandfather merely repeats that Kyu-won won’t be doing the musical as she is on her way to being a gayageum master.

Shin also arrives, as Suk-hyun turns to leave. He finds out from Suk-hyun that there is only 20 minutes left until the audition begins. Seeing his younger sister, Jung-hyun, Shin comes up with an idea.


Mission: Free Kyu-won! Jung-hyun goes up to Kyu-won’s grandfather and asks about the rules of “baduk” (a.k.a. “go”) and “omok” (a.k.a. “gomoku”). She begs him to teach her, as she has made a bet with her friends. When he briefly steps out, presumably to gather the boardgame, she opens Kyu-won’s door and tells her to scram.

Outside, Shin has been waiting for her on his bike. She gets on, shouting to her grandfather behind her that she will receive her punishment when she gets back and that she’s sorry.


Suk-hyun arrives to the audition late, and apologizes for keeping the judges waiting. Before the audition starts, he reminds the other professors that this is not a singing competition, and thus asks that they grade the auditionee’s acting abilities and expressiveness just as importantly as her singing.

Hee-joo goes up on stage and sings her song. Just as she finishes, Shin and Kyu-won arrive on campus. Kyu-won runs off the bike to make it to the audition on time, but she suddenly pauses and turns around to face Shin still sitting on his bike. She yells out to him, “I don’t believe that I’ll get over you in one try. But I’ll still strive to do so. Thank you.”


The other professors suggest that they go, as it appears Kyu-won will be forfeiting. But just then, she arrives and apologizes for showing up late.

Kyu-won takes to the stage and starts singing the song that is the title of this episode, “I Will… Forget You” by CN Blue.

As she sings, the lyrics become her own story and she gets filled with emotions as she remembers her time spent with Shin. Tears welling up in her eyes, Kyu-won sings the song and her sincere feelings come through to those in the audience, including Shin. By the time she’s done, some of the audience members are left crying, the reporters’ camera flashes go off, Hee-joo looks around nervously, and Suk-hyun gives a smug smile.

But when the result comes in, Hee-joo wins in a 6 to 2 decision, as many of the judges have already been persuaded to Tae-joon’s side and have voted for Hee-joo.

Tae-joon congratulates Hee-joo, and she repeatedly bows to thank the judges. But all the students race up to the stage to cheer up Kyu-won, as Hee-joo stands alone. Even the three mean, upperclassmen girls admit to themselves that although they placed their bet on Hee-joo, Kyu-won was a hundred times better.


Kyu-won and her friends agree to head to Catharsis, but her friends go on ahead first to allow Suk-hyun to have a private conversation with Kyu-won.

Suk-hyun: What are you going to do about the $10 bucks that I bet on you?
Kyu-won: But you said I was going to lose anyway.
Suk-hyun: (grabbing her head to ruffle her hair) And you go ahead and lose for real?!

Shin comes out and calls out Kyu-won’s name.

Shin: Don’t you have to go?
Suk-hyun: Are you Kyu-won’s manager or something?
Shin: (ignoring Suk-hyun) Your grandfather will be worried.
Kyu-won: Oh, that’s right! Director, I have to get going.
Shin: I’ll take you home.
Kyu-won: Huh? No, it’s okay. I will go by myself.
Shin: What are you going to do by yourself? I will go and…
Kyu-won: (interrupting him) It’s okay. There’s no need.
Suk-hyun: If you’re worried about getting in trouble by your grandfather, I can go with you. (Shin and Kyu-won turn to look at him.) Wouldn’t it be better that I, as the director, speak to him on your behalf?
Kyu-won: (giving Shin a quick glance) I will be grateful if you do so.
Suk-hyun: Let’s go.

Shin stares at the two as Kyu-won follows Suk-hyun.


Did anyone else notice that the audition was mentioned to be “tomorrow” many times, but until the audition actually happened, there seemed to have been many nights and days that passed. I even counted the number of times our characters changed their outfits, and the scenes in which there was a night scene followed by a daytime scene, repeated by another night scene. According to my calculation, the audition actually occurs the fourth day after Suk-hyun first mentions that he plans to hold the audition “tomorrow.” It was just a sloppy editing error. They should have just said the audition will be held in a week, as that would have been much more realistic anyway than announcing an audition the day before it is scheduled.

But that aside, I really love how realistic You’ve Fallen for Me portrays youths. For instance, after Kyu-won returns to school after her illness, Kyu-won still delights when her friends comment that her face has become smaller overnight. Despite experiencing the excruciating heartache of love pains, isn’t it so true that when we face something funny, we still laugh and when we encounter a compliment, we delight? That is much more realistic than characters in other dramas who constantly wallow in their misery.

Finally, I suspect that there will be folks who may be puzzled as to Shin’s sudden change of heart and interest in Kyu-won. I respectfully disagree. Despite his constant attention to Kyu-won in this episode, I don’t believe it is love or even a crush at this point. Instead, after having experienced what unrequited love feels like, he sees himself in Kyu-won. He earlier suspected that Kyu-won may like him, but hearing about how she earnestly searched for his necklace for days, how she got sick in the rain, hearing her declaration that she will no longer like him, and seeing her struggles as she pretends she’s perfectly fine being near him, he sees the heartaches that he has earlier experienced in Kyu-won and feels compelled to check up on her to make sure she’s okay.

I do think that the scene where Shin hears Kyu-won sing “I Will.. Forget You” will also be the turning point for Shin where his empathy, if you will, for her will grow into something more.

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19 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 7

  1. yosira says:

    best recaps …..
    what I love most about this episode is the youth feeling…

    How I wish I could hear more gagayeum vs rock…

    Thanks anyway

  2. olive says:

    I like your recap very much 🙂 didn’t watch this drama until 2 days ago but I’m liking the feeling that the drama has 😀
    As you say, I think the part when Shin hears Kyu-won sings is the turning point of Shin, just like Kyu-won was moved listening to Shin singing the song before.

  3. holly says:

    loved this episode – i actually decided not to give up on YFFM because of it. thought PSH version of “i’ll forget you” was really good and liked that shin finally let go of his puppy crush. it felt realistic in a lot of ways, something some dramas are incapable of.

    i did notice the audition-is-tomorrow thing as well. cos first she done told about audition then i swear it was next evening she talked with dad about struggling to find song, then in an evening she went out to karaoke. i thought maybe in weird groundhog day loop 🙂

    thank you for recap – though i’ve watched it reading a recap clears up things for me that i might have missed and i also love hearing your opinions

  4. Softy says:

    Thanks Blue – love reading your insights and your side comments. 🙂 When SH said “tm” and time just kept going by, I checked if they were wearing the same clothes wondering if I missed something. Then I thought he said the day after tm but nope – they screwed up.
    About S walking into the bathroom, if you noticed it’s a large stall so that means it’s one of those shared bathrooms. There are still lots of places that are too cheap to build separate bathrooms like at cafes, small office buildings, and stuff. Usually in these shared bathrooms, there is one or two large stalls and a urinal outside the stall for men. When S went into that bathroom, my thought wasn’t why is he in the ladies room – I was like “what was she thinking not locking that door behind her” – she also left the stall door wide open too. but it was still my fav scene cuz I really thought he wanted to help her up. As he extended his hand, I went from “awwwww how sweet” to “what the” -he is so hilarious 🙂

    • leila8mae says:

      softy I share the same sentiment.. i was really falling for Shin and that moment ruined it!! haha.. good one though.. it’s like reminding Kyu Won not to fall for him so easily!

  5. sakurakiss says:

    first practice session with the windflowers and the stupid…shin and gyu won’s “eye contact” i was giddy like a little girl seeing my crush— to me that was the highlight of the episode. too bad ep 8 was cancelled—shin hye—feel better soon!!! can’t wait to see the following episodes—-thanks again for the recap 🙂

  6. comics_gilz says:

    argh…!! u save my day…great recap!! ^^ i totally agreed with your last comment about shin feeling at this episode…i do hope shin’s feeling will build up slowly for KW…from feeling responsible to KW to notice her good point.

  7. moi says:

    Thanks for the awesome recap! I also caught the the edit blunder regarding the audition, but no biggie. Also, I agree on your thoughts regarding the meaning of Shin’s actions towards Kyuwon in this episode. While I would love to see Kyuwon;s feelings reciprocated, it’s just way too soon. Still, I’m happy that this episode shows Cold Shin taking a step in that direction by really warming to her.

    • mrmz says:

      But I find that shin was interested in since …. more like episode 2 or something. Not love, not like, but she did get his attention and made him want to bug her and enjoys her giving him attention. The relationship hasn’t progressed much since then because he was caught in another, but now that is out of the way, it may grow more smoothly.
      BTW didn’t hate that he hugged the teacher, knowing the state he was in, its totally understandable. And I also understand her showing concern knowing that he’s going through a rough time.

  8. TK says:

    What? Shin’s gonna stuy abord?
    Dont’s say it please..I don’t want him saperate with Gyu Won..
    Andwae!!!! MALDOANDWAE!!!!!

    BTW thanks for the’s help me a lot..cause my Korean is standart..

  9. rr says:

    awesome recap!!!!love reading your insights too ;)) thank you for sharing ;))

  10. galen says:

    Thanks for the recap. And I too agree that Shin doesn’t like Kyu Won yet. But Shin’s been relatively consistently portrayed as the caring, protective sort to those he becomes close to, like his sister, and Joon Hee (did I get that drummer’s name right?) and even weepy ballerina. I saw his crush on weepy ballerina as his white-knight syndrome reacting. And now that he considers Kyu Won a friend of sorts, it seems natural that he starts to look out for her, even as those feelings deepen and might tip over in the future.

  11. caffeinate_me says:

    I admit, I’m not much of a kpop fan not just because I can’t understand Korean but because I find manufactured pop, in general, annoying and soul-less. Or maybe I’ve just gotten too old for it. But the dramas these days, my god. When I heard Pilsuk sing Panic’s “Waiting” in Dream High, my heart broke because it was such a beautiful song with such poignant lyrics. And now, with this CN Blue song (which I admit, I don’t know ANY song by this band), I think I’m starting to have a love affair with Korean music. The song is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Kyu-won’s version as well as the original, which have burrowed its way into my ipod and refused to be deleted (like “Waiting” and “When the Plum Blossoms have Bloomed”).

  12. maru says:

    I was curious as to why Shin could ‘like’ KW so quickly after letting go of Professor Dancer, but I loved your comments regarding this and I concur, he must see himself in KW hence emphasises and tries to help, but …. as kdrama would have it, he will fall for her. This ep is the best, such a turning point!! Can’t wait for next week!

  13. areliz7 says:

    thanks soo much! i absolutely loved this episode… cant wait for eps 8 and 9…

  14. Beng-beng says:

    this is the 4th blog i read of YFFM, i think i’m practically stalking all the sites because i just want to hear any news about YFFM. Here are some of things that’s nagging on my mind after reading all of the comments about the drama:
    1. Did Kyu-won’s dad’s visit to the school just a visit or maybe he’s already applying for transfer to teach there. I’m quite sure, though he begrudge Shin’s dad for what he did, he will still take heed of what was requested of him. To look after Shin and his Mom
    2. people are asking why not take a cab? But i think it was shown that Shin was fast enough riding the bike. He arrived a couple of minutes after Dir. SH. Also it might take some time to call or wait for a cab. They just need to get away from grandfather fast. Besides, it’s more romantic that way =).
    3. Bathroom scene, when i saw Shin entering it, i said hey you’re not allowed in the lady’s room. But then i thought, hmmm, maybe he checked first before he entered =). Coz sometimes i enter the Men’s room after checking if there’s anyone there =). For some reason, there’s always a long line in public lady’s room while none with the men’s
    4. Shin changing his feelings quickly. I think there are already lots of hints/signs of him (might be) falling for KW,
    – he likes/admires her Gukak playing
    – he got curious when she learned she sang in his instead in the first episode
    – he likes teasing her =) during my youth, its a sign of love when a guy teases the girl endlessly just to see or get reactions
    – the coffee that he doesn’t want to share.
    – she’s the only girl that he allows to be close to him aside from his sister, mom and the ballerina teacher.
    I agree in one of the blog’s comments that Shin is a caring person and likes taking care of people. Maybe he mistook this kind of feelings to the Ballerina teacher, it was also the Ballerina’s teacher’s observation when she said to SH that he just took pity on her and mistook it for love. Maybe it is also the reason why Kyu-won’s personality is completely opposite of that teacher. She’s strong, feisty and always smiling happily in the face of advertisies Then, once Shin realizes he’s falling for her, then it’s not out of pity but true love.

    I just occured to me that the title of You’ve Fallen for Me is quite apt to our OTPs =). I wish it’s already Wednesday so that i can stalk Softy’s recaps =)

    Oh sorry, i wrote a long one =).

    • areliz7 says:

      totally agree with you Beng-Beng… great analysis on the story! I’ll be waiting for your take on episodes 8 and 9… and blue´s too of course!

    • blue says:

      I don’t know how I missed this comment! I swear I read all of them! Many good points that you made here.

      1. KW’s dad explained that he had a meeting in Seoul and decided to stop by the school to see his daughter before he returns. As for the future revelation about the parents, I don’t think that the parents would actively try to stop the kids from dating. This is just not that kind of a drama. Besides, I’m sure KW and S won’t be asking for their parents approval to marry anytime soon. But what I’m worried about is that KW’s dad still obviously has lingering feelings for S’s mom.
      2. About the cab, it would make much more logical sense for them to have taken the cab. But I just explained that away by reasoning that they lived a very close distance from school. Like you said, perhaps waiting to catch the cab and driving in the traffic would have taken longer than biking over.

      I agree with your interpretation of Shin. From the very first episode when he helped with KW’s luggage (who he didn’t know and was just a stranger to), I think these were signs that S is a very warm guy.

  15. Aaaah, *___* I really came to like your recaps or to be more precise your writing. Won’t you write more about other dramas? *g*
    Love your personal comments between the lines. They’re mirroring my own thoughts like “Did he follow her into the ladies room?” I often ask myself question no one seem to care about or don’t have space in he recap. LOL.
    I also don’t see that Shin is already in love with Kyu-won, but I do understand his sudden interest in her. Like you said, having gone through a heartbreak yourself it would be normal to sympathisize with others who are hurting, too.
    But I feel like Shin never really been in love before and only knows sympathy like Yoon-su pointed out earler. I hope he’ll fall head over heels for Kyu-won and also does a lot of untypically things, which can already be noticed. *g* Despite being a loner ~wetoriya ~wetoirya~ (XD LOVE CNB’s music) he goes to karaokee with the group.
    BTW I really don’t understand why a karaokee scene has to be drag out that long. It doesn’t really bring the story forward like in Lie to me or here. It could be much shorter.
    “Party pooper” LOL never heard of that term before. I’m learning new vocabulary when reading your entries. He.

    Jung-hee, yeah, very deillusioned guy, but we need to acknowlegde that his crush on Hee-joo lasts longer than expected.*ggg* And this deillusion is so cute in it’s consequentive way. *g*

    I will forget … Oh my god, that was actually the best and the worst part for me. I really like the touching singing of Park Shin Hye but this song is so not her song. Her voice doesn’t get the sound at all, too high!!! Comparing to the original soft-dark voice of Jonghyun it was really a screw-up of the song.

    Ups, my comment became longer than intended. Sorry ^^;;

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