Park Shin Hye resumes filming, script revised

This past weekend, Park Shin Hye has resumed filming for You’ve Fallen for Me. Since her car accident on the 19th, she made a brief return to the filming set the very next day, only to be re-hospitalized after suffering from the aftereffects from the accident. Three days later, she has returned once again.

However, as she is not fully recovered yet, she will be continuing to receive physical therapy treatments. According to a representative from the drama production, they will be accommodating for her condition by revising the script and writing in her character as ill for 1 to 2 episodes.

The upcoming episode of You’ve Fallen for Me will air as scheduled on July 27. In it, Park Shin Hye’s romance with Jung Yong Hwa is expected to start in full bloom.

Via Osen, AJ news

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3 Responses to Park Shin Hye resumes filming, script revised

  1. Laica says:

    Aww poor Park Shin Hye. It sounds kind of serious. I’m very impatient to watch the next episode, but I also hope she doesn’t push herself too much and delay her recovery. I hope she gets well soon!

  2. sakurakiss says:

    fighting…shin hye — wishing you a full recovery. 😉

  3. caffeinate_me says:

    Aw. The preview shows her in a wheelchair, though, so I’m kinda excited to see Attentive and Caring Shin. This show was meandering for a while but the last episode really turned it around (really, I was waiting for Shin to just get over Mopey Ballerina already). Hopefully the script revision means we get to see more characters develop, like Ki-Young, who they should really give more screen time to.

    Also, glad to see a show that actually cared for their actors enough to push back the filming schedule and revise the script to work around her recovery. This live shoot system is nuts.

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