You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 8

This was another episode that I quite enjoyed. Sometimes I question why I find this drama to be so delightul. But as I squeal as I see Shin and Kyu-won steal glances at each other, all my doubts go thrown out the window.

EPISODE 8: “Crybaby, My Love” 

The title for Episode 8 is “내사랑 울보” (“Crybaby, My Love”). It’s a 1985 song by the popular 80s singer, Jeon Young Rok. Dressed in his signature denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up his arms, Jeon was the closest thing to an “idol singer” in the 1980s. Due to his popularity, he starred in a couple of films as well. But don’t let that fool you into thinking he wasn’t a serious musician. He wrote and composed many of his songs, and continued to write several hit songs for other singers as well. Younger kpop fans may better know him as the father to Boram of the girl group, T-ara.



Kyu-won accepts Suk-hyun’s offer to drop her off and help explain things to her grandfather. Not willing to let them go off on their own, Shin also receives a ride.

Kyu-won and Shin sit in utter silence during the entire ride, prompting Suk-hyun to ask if the two had a fight. Kyu-won probably finds it awkward to be in such close proximity to Shin after her recent love confession, whereas Shin is jealous that she chose to accept Suk-hyun’s ride, and not his.

After dropping off Kyu-won, Shin and Suk-hyun wait on guard outside her house lest they need to run in if Kyu-won gets yelled at by her grandfather. Suk-hyun asks Shin if this is just one of his fan services, implying that Kyu-won is one. But Shin retorts back that Suk-hyun should be the one taking better care of his fan. Yoon-soo should be waiting for him for their date tonight.


Inside the house, Kyu-won tells her grandfather from outside his room that although she failed the audition for the leading role, she wants to continue participating in the musical. Just this once. She promises him that even if she does the musical, she won’t skip out on her gayageum practices.

Grandpa throws wide open the door and asks for Suk-hyun’s number. When Kyu-won asks him why, he merely tells her she doesn’t need to know so just do as she’s told.


By the time Suk-hyun arrives at the performance hall, the show has already started and he finds Yoon-soo waiting for him outside. She explains that she considered going in and watching it alone, but decided against it to make him feel even more sorry.

With their date ruined, Suk-hyun gives Yoon-soo a ride home. In the car, Suk-hyun explains the situation with Kyu-won’s grandfather, upon Yoon-soo’s inquiry on why he was late. Her face slightly darkens at the mention of Kyu-won., but she doesn’t push the subject further. (Don’t tell me she’s still jealous of her!)

The topic changes to the audition from earlier that evening. Suk-hyun guesses that Yoon-soo voted for Hee-joo, and she admits it, explaining that she finds it commendable how Hee-joo puts so much effort into her craft.

Suk-hyun: Hee-joo has a great range. But her music doesn’t touch people. She’s like a well-trained doll, but lacks talent.
Yoon-soo: Talent. What is talent? Disregarding whether or not your feet get deformed, straddling between bulimia and anorexia to control your weight, still being able to train yourself in the middle of it afraid that you’d fall behind others, and never giving up on your dream as you overtax your own body – that’s talent. The doll-like kids you mentioned were all groomed in that manner. How can you say that that’s not talent?

I can understand where Yoon-soo is coming from and perhaps it really is unfair for someone to exert so much effort, only to be beaten by someone who never seemed to have tried as hard because of her natural talent. But how can she say she’s being any more right or fair when Yoon-soo’s position would mean that a person who was clearly better and more qualified get passed up because she seemingly did not try as hard?


Meanwhile, Hee-joo thinks back to Kyu-won’s performance, as her mom frets in the background about how Kyu-won may have won if they had not used their influence. (So Hee-joo knows she did not win fair and square!)

She takes out a chocolate bar from her dresser to help make her feel better, but after thinking over it, decides against eating it. Instead, she gets on top of a scale and lets out a sigh.


Kyu-won tells her dad on the phone the result of the audition. At his mention of how she owes it to the “Prince of Conceit” for helping her out, she asks her dad about why your first love always hurts. Not that she’s talking about herself, of course! Her dad replies that it probably hurts so much in order for you to remember your first love for a long time.

After getting off the phone with her dad, she declares to herself with much determination that she will end her love pains starting today!

Whereas Kyu-won is at the brink of ending her love for Shin, it seems Shin is about to start his own. When his sister asks him about Kyu-won’s audition, referring to her as “pumpkin,” he reprimands her and tells her not to call Kyu-won by that name. He asks, “How would you like it if someone called you that?”

(*Note: “Pumpkin” may have a cute connotation in English, but in Korea, it is often used as a nickname to describe someone unattractive.)

The next morning, Shin startles Kyu-won by waiting for her outside her house and then sneaking up on her from behind. He wonders how she has smoothed things over with her grandfather, and she tells him that he hasn’t scolded her yet. After thanking Shin and his sister for yesterday, she walks ahead but turns around in surprise to find him still following her. Shin: “I left my bike at school because of someone!”

The two stand awkwardly at the bus stop as they wait for their bus.

He steals a glance…

And she steals a glance.

(Gahhh! I swear I can watch these two just secretly look at each other all day long.)


When the bus arrives, he walks towards the bus, but thinking better of it, steps back and lets her get on the bus first. And at school, he continues to follow her down the hall, making Kyu-won feel uneasy. Only when he finally turns and goes in a different direction does she breathe a sigh of relief, exclaiming that she thought she was going to die from the awkwardness.


Only just having gotten “rid” herself of Shin, Kyu-won gets herself stuck with yet another when she comes face to face with Hee-joo asking her to see her. Once alone, Hee-joo asks Kyu-won to drop out of the musical.

Kyu-won: Why should I have to do that?
Hee-joo: Since entering school, I’ve prepared with my eyes on the audition for the 100th year anniversary show. But what about you? You’ve come this far because you were lucky to win the director’s favor.
Kyu-won: I too have worried over my decision to audition, and I put effort into it as well. You’re not the only one, Han Hee-joo.
Hee-joo: Now that you’ve failed to get the leading role, there’s no reason for you to stick around. And most importantly, your mere existence gets on my nerves. Excuse yourself, so that I can focus on acting in peace.

And with that, Hee-joo walks off, leaving Kyu-won to puzzle over what the heck was that.


Shin shows up at class, and everyone looks up in surprise and wonders why he’s here as he doesn’t have a morning class today. It appears that Shin’s stalker tendency has found its new target for he has come to school early in order to come with Kyu-won. How cute is that, yeah? But of course, he lies and tells his bandmate friend that he just wanted to sit in on class.

Meanwhile, all the reporters who were present at the audition wrote raving reviews about Kyu-won’s performance, whereas Hee-joo merely got a mention that despite so, it was she who won. One of the traitor professors marvels at how similar are people’s opinions, as he also agrees that Kyu-won is quite something. Tae-joon tries to dismiss it as no big deal, insisting on continuing with his plan to steal Hee-joo away and starting a separate musical team.

Tae-joon stops by Yoon-soo’s office and tries to recruit her to his own team. She asks him right back, “Why should I do that?” Tae-joon reasons that as long as they get the support from the chairman of the school board (Hee-joo’s dad), Suk-hyun’s musical team has no chance. And Yoon-soo has ambitions to make a name for herself as a dance choreographer, does she not? “Think about it,” he says.


When Hee-joo walks down the hall, the three upperclassmen girls read aloud the rave review of Kyu-won in the paper for Hee-joo to hear. They lament how the article omitted to include the info that the girl who won is the daughter of the university board chairman.

In front of them, Hee-joo points out that having strong connections takes skills too, but she tears up once outside and alone. She declares that she won’t lose to Lee Kyu-won or anyone else. Seeing Hee-joo walk away, Joon-hee chases after her and finds her crying on a bench.


Without a word, he carefully places his earphones on her head. Jeon Young Rok’s “Crybaby, My Love,” the song that is the title of this episode plays.

“Crybaby, My Love”

In your lovely eyes, tears well up
What sadness do you have for you to cry thus?
Please don’t cry, not in front of me
My heart aches in pain seeing you like this
With my love, I will soothe your pain
With my own two hands, I will wipe away your tears
My love for you alone remains unchanged
Your sorrows are mine, so share them with me
Please smile and look at me now
Seeing your smile, my heart is content
Forgetting all the anguish of the past,
Let’s now dream about the eternal dream of you and me.

Through her tears, Hee-joo puts up a fight. “Who says I’m crying? Get lost! I don’t want to see your face!” But he ignores her pleas and instead cups her face with his hands. Hee-joo finally loses it and starts to sob uncontrollably. As Joon-hee wipes away her tears, a teardrop streams down from his own eyes.

(Okay, I bursted out laughing when I realized that it was this song that Joon-hee was playing for Hee-joo. The lyrics are very fitting for the scene, but the music itself seems so… umm… out of place for these two college students, no? Anyway, moving on…)

Hee-joo’s words continue to haunt Kyu-won all day. She comes to see Suk-hyun, as he is instructing and giving out pointers to Ki-young on his acting.


Kyu-won asks Suk-hyun whether she can move from the acting team to the music team. After all, she didn’t get the female lead and most of the other roles have already been decided. Suk-hyun erupts in anger.

Suk-hyun: Since you didn’t get the role of the female lead, you don’t want to do it anymore? Are you really that great?
Kyu-won: It’s not that… But since I accidentally ended up in the acting team because of you, Director…
Suk-hyun: Do you think the 100th year anniversary show is some kind of a joke? You think you can just move back and forth from the acting team to the music team as you please? If I picked you as a member of the acting team, there won’t be any changes until the musical ends. How dare you act up in front of me?

He tells her to leave, for Ki-young needs to continue practicing.


Shin breaks into a smile as he sees Kyu-won on campus. But Kyu-won, sulking after her recent encounter with Suk-hyun, passes him by without a hello. He calls after her and asks about their band practice today.

Kyu-won: I can’t do it today. You guys do it on your own.
Shin: Okay then. I wasn’t expecting much from you anyway.
Kyu-won: What did you just say?
Shin: Arranging the song with the addition of gukak, I’ll just take care of it myself.
Kyu-won: You’ll take care of it yourself? If so, why did you ask me to teach you? If you’re so great, you should have done it on your own from the start.
Shin: I’m just saying that because it seems like you don’t want to help.
Kyu-won: I have my reason why I can’t do it today. Did you even bother to ask me why?
Shin: Then you should have said so. Why are you getting mad?
Kyu-won: Do I have to laugh like a fool all the time? I too have days when I’m in a bad mood!
Shin: Fine then. We’re both having a bad day, so let’s not run into each other if possible.

He walks off, panting in anger. She shouts after him, “I’m sick and tired of it too!”

Omo, did these two just have a lover’s quarrel right in front of my eyes? They’re angrily yelling at each other, but why can’t I wipe this silly grin off my face?


Suk-hyun asks Yoon-soo out on another date that evening to make up for the date that he missed. Yoon-soo tries to bring up the topic of Tae-joon and his plan to sabotage Suk-hyun’s musical, but Suk-hyun is in a hurry and runs off without hearing it, with a promise that they talk about it later.

After her meeting with Suk-hyun, Yoon-soo stops by Tae-joon’s office to reject his offer earlier. She explains that when she left for New York five years ago, it was to be recognized for her talent by Suk-hyun and not to backstab him.

And I love Yoon-soo for the first time ever for what she is to say next. When Tae-joon insists that Yoon-soo took her time to reject his offer because she too debated over it, she replies, “Shouldn’t I pretend to at least debate over it a little, out of common courtesy for you?” (Dang, I love it!)

The two who vowed to not run into each other meet up again when the applied music professor call both of them into her office. She wanted to know how their music was coming along, and asks whether she can watch them perform.

Kyu-won explains that she can’t today, as Windflowers has to perform at a community senior center in place of her sunbaes. The professor suggests that Shin go and watch them perform. Maybe help out with carrying the instruments.

At the senior center, Windflowers performs “Milyang Arirang,” the same song that is used as Kyu-won’s ringtone. Once the music starts, all the grandpas and grandmas start dancing to the music. Kyu-won goes out to join them, and Shin gets pulled in to the dance floor by a grandma as well. Soon, he’s surrounded by all the older women fighting for their chance to dance with the “pretty boy.”


Yoon-soo and Suk-hyun are out enjoying a walk. But their peaceful moment gets broken when he re-brings up the topic of Hee-joo. He acknowledges her efforts, but they should be objective – Hee-joo lacks talent in being able to touch people.

Yoon-soo: Don’t you know how people who only have talent but don’t put in effort get destroyed? Look at Ki-young.
Suk-hyun: Jung Yoon-soo! Why are you like this when it comes to Hee-joo? Does she remind you of your past, or do you want Hee-joo to fly high on your behalf?
Yoon-soo: Mr. Kim Suk-hyun.
Suk-hyun: What I’m saying is…
Yoon-soo: Thank you for recognizing my own feelings that I did not know myself.

She walks off.


Back at the senior center, Kyu-won drinks all the rice wine that the elders offer her. Shin declines, insisting that he can’t drink. (Aww, this saddens me. He’s very much conscious and afraid of becoming an alcoholic like his father, and so avoiding all alcohol.)

Kyu-won volunteers to be Shin’s “black rose. The “black rose” is the female version of the “black knight,” a man who drinks the shots for someone else.

Seeing Kyu-won be so good to the elders, one of the grandmas comments that she would love to have Kyu-won as her granddaughter-in-law.

Kyu-won: How old is your grandson?
Grandma: Twelve years old.
Kyu-won: (laughing) I like younger men too!

Shin looks at her in disbelief.


Drunk from all the rice wine, Shin finds Kyu-won sitting in the stairwell.

Shin: Lee Kyu-won, are you okay?
Kyu-won: (looking up) Oh, it’s Shin! Lee Shin, the one I like!
Shin: Are you drunk?
Kyu-won: No. I’m not drunk. Not drunk at all!

And with that, her head drops.

Shin: Lee Kyu-won! Lee Kyu-won! Are you alseep?


She raises her head back up again and grabs his face.

Kyu-won: Lee Shin, you odious wretch! I even acted as your black rose…


Her head drops again, but this time on his shoulder. She continues to mumble on, “Lee Shin, how dare he call me a ‘pumpkin’? I oughta!”

Shin sits still as Kyu-won leans against his shoulder, and he smiles as he looks at her. Seeing the two like this, Kyu-won’s friends walk away to leave them alone.


Hee-joo must have cried to her heart’s content that day, and that evening, Joon-hee gives her a ride home on his scooter. They find her mom waiting for her, and Joon-hee starts to introduce himself as “Hee-joo unni’s boyfriend.” Before he can finish, Hee-joo smacks him across the back of his head.

After her mom goes back in, Hee-joo tells him to go home and “…anks” for today. Joon-hee replies, “Huh?” Hee-joo: “That is, tha… just go on home.” Not being able to fully say “thanks,” she just gives him a half-smile before going into her house.

And a piggyback!

Kyu-won is completely wasted and knocked out, and so Shin piggybacks her home. Kyu-won continues to mumble to herself, “Stupid Lee Shin. I said I’ll try to forget him, but why does he keep showing his face in front of me!”

After dropping off Kyu-won at her home, Shin returns to his own home in a great mood. His mom notes that he’s possibly beaming, and tells him that she’s relieved to see his face looking brighter these days.

The next morning, Kyu-won learns from her grandfather that she came home carried on Shin’s back the night before. As the memory from yesterday slowly comes back to her, she hurries on out to avoid running into him, despite her grandpa’s insistence that she at least take a bite from the seaweed soup that he has made for her. (Seaweed soup for breakfast can only mean one thing! It’s Kyu-won’s birthday today!)


Kyu-won cautiously sneaks out of her front door, checking towards Shin’s house to make sure he’s not around. Rest assured that he’s not there, she turns around only to find Shin on the other side waiting for her as he leans against the wall.

He teases her for being a bad drunk. She tries to deny it, but then uncertainly asks, “Am I?” Shin complains about his back and how he had to put three heat packs on it after carrying her.


Back on campus, Suk-hyun apologizes to Yoon-soo for what he said the day before and the two quickly make up.

Suk-hyun: And I don’t see you like that either. You and Hee-joo are different. Who would dare think of Jung Yoon-soo to be like a doll?
Yoon-soo: Then let me say this too. I’m not projecting my old self in Hee-joo. I just… genuinely appreciate her talent. Don’t misunderstand me, Mr. Kim Suk-hyun.

Meanwhile, Hee-joo’s mom meets Tae-joon and tells him that she doesn’t want Hee-joo to be competing with Kyu-won in any way, shape, or form, even as female lead contenders in two separate musical teams. She asks that he kick Kyu-won out from the musical altogether.

Kyu-won receives a text from her dad wishing her a happy birthday, and comes to learn that today is her birthday.

Shin finds Kyu-won at the library, and asks her to summarize everything in the books by later that evening. It’s too much information, and he’s having a difficult time understanding it even after he reads it. Kyu-won tries to object, saying it’s ridiculous to finish it all by that evening, but Shin just reminds her that what is truly ridiculous is how she behaved the night before. With no choice, Kyu-won is left to finish writing up the summaries for him in time for the rehearsal between the two bands.


Kyu-won’s grandfather arranges to meet with Suk-hyun. The Stupid and Windflowers practice, and this time they play the Carmen music that they played separately in Episode 1. As the grandpa has come to visit, Suk-hyun secretly brings him to watch them practice. Grandpa declares the music bearable, but insists on coming to help out a couple times a week until Suk-hyun finally agrees to it that it would be their honor. With that settled, Grandpa inquires after his potential future son-in-law, asking Suk-hyun whether he’s seeing anyone at the moment.


After practice, the members of both bands announce that they’re going to go buy some drinks and they ALL get up to go, leaving just Shin and Kyu-won alone as if that wouldn’t be obvious enough. The lights suddenly go off, and everyone comes back in singing happy birthday and carrying a cake. Before long, they start goofing around with each other, getting cake on each other’s faces.

Shin stands to the side as the true party pooper that he is, but Kyu-won takes the lead in trying to cake him as he runs away.


After their small birthday party for Kyu-won, everyone turns to leave. Shin and Kyu-won are the last ones left behind. As Kyu-won gets ready to take her step to head down the stairs and catch up with the rest of the gang, Shin calls out to her to wish her a happy birthday.

She thanks him and still finding it awkward to be around him, she carelessly misses her step and ends up falling down the stairs. Shin runs after her, as well as everyone else, to check that she’s okay, but she announces that she can’t get up.

Obviously, this was a change made in the story to accommodate for Park Shin Hye’s physical condition after her recent car accident, but seriously, how random was that fall down the stairs and her ensuing injury?


Suk-hyun is made captive and forced to listen to Kyu-won’s grandfather tell his entire life story on how he became to be the great pansori master. Suk-hyun is “rescued” from his misery by the news of Kyu-won’s accident.

Suk-hyun and Grandpa hurry over to the hospital where Kyu-won is staying. Shin starts to explain that it was his fault, but Kyu-won quickly jumps in to explain that Shin had nothing to do with it. She just merely tripped and fell by herself. Kyu-won tries to lie that the injury is minor, but Shin clarifies that she sprained her leg and cracked a rib, and was told to remain hospitalized for the new few days.

Suk-hyun drives Grandpa home to pack up and bring Kyu-won’s things back over to the hospital. Shin stays behind, being extra-attentive to Kyu-won’s needs.


Kyu-won asks Shin to tell her a funny story.

Shin: Do you know why I’m scared of sesame oil?
Kyu-won: You’re scared of it? Why?
Shin: Because I have goso-phobia. (Note: Goso-phobia refers to fear of height in Korean. But “goso” refers to the savory taste associated with sesame oil as well.)

(Shin chuckles to himself, but Kyu-won gives him a blank stare.)

Shin: Then, do you know what is the scariest phone in the world?
Kyu-won: What is it?
Shin: “Moosun” phone. (Note: “Moosun” phone refers to cordless phone. But a similar sounding word, “mooseo-woon” means scary. Yeah, his jokes are pretty lame.)

This time, Kyu-won gets angry.

Kyu-won: That’s funny to you?
Shin: It wasn’t funny?
Kyu-won: I thought you just had a bad personality, but it seems your sense of humor is pretty awful as well.

Oh, how sweet is revenge! Kyu-won pays Shin back for making fun of her joke earlier.

But once alone, she chuckles hysterically as she thinks back to the jokes, despite calling them corny.

Suk-hyun returns to the hospital alone, after having convinced Grandpa to rest at home and return tomorrow morning. Back in Kyu-won’s hospital room, he finds Shin still waiting on her as she sleeps.

Suk-hyun: You may go now. I’ll keep watch here.
Shin: No. I’ll stay.
Suk-hyun: I can stay here by myself. You should leave before the buses stop running.
Shin: I can take the cab.

These two boys look like they’d never leave, battling it out to see who’d stay longer. The battle is cut short when the nurse comes in and asks that they both step outside while she treats Kyu-won.

They go to grab a cup of coffee outside the hospital.

Suk-hyun: Are you worried? Since it’s not broken, she should get better after a few days rest. Besides, she’s naturally strong so she should recuperate fast.
Shin: She might not be as strong as you think.
Suk-hyun: Anyway, I saw you practice in the auditorium. It was good. I heard from Professor Hong that you will be rearranging the ending song.
Shin: Yes.
Suk-hyun: I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the original songwriter is very picky. He talks a lot. And although he doesn’t know much, he acts like he knows a lot. He’s a very tiring type.
Shin: Who is it?
Suk-hyun: Me.

Suk-hyun asks how the song arrangement is coming along and whether Kyu-won is being helpful. Shin explains that nothing specific has been decided on in regards to the song, but he smiles as he answers yes to the second question. Taking note of Shin’s face, Suk-hyun remarks that something seems different between Shin and Kyu-won, and wonders if it’s Kyu-won’s influence. Kyu-won has a gift in making people happy.


They stand back up to leave, and Suk-hyun tells Shin to go home safely as he plans to check on Kyu-won one more time before he leaves. Suk-hyun stops to find Shin following him.

Suk-hyun: Why are you following me? Aren’t you going home?
Shin: I want to check up on her one last time too.

Shin walks ahead right past him.

I’m not even sure whether to call this relationship between the two men rivalry or jealousy, at least from Suk-hyun’s part, although Shin must still hold some sting after having “lost” his love to Suk-hyun once. But their petty battles to one up each other is really cute.


The next day, Shin visits Kyu-won once again. She starts to say that he didn’t need to come as she’s doing well and as the accident wasn’t his fault, there’s no need for him to feel guilty at all.

But Shin lies that he’s here to receive her tutoring on gukak. He listens as she explains the concepts to him – the third time already. After the explanation, she asks whether he finally understood what she just explained. He starts to nod, but quickly remembers that that’s not the “correct” response and answers that he still doesn’t understand.

Frustrated, Kyu-won starts to re-explain once again.


Meanwhile, Windflowers and The Stupid’s members decide to pay Kyu-won a visit at the hospital. They wonder where Shin may be, but Joon-hee explains that Shin is a loner and likes going off on his own.

So they are surprised to find Shin at the hospital, who lies that he’s here to receive his tutoring lesson from Kyu-won.

The friends brought firecrackers, and so they secretly sneak up to the balcony to set them off.


Even in the midst of this, Shin smiles as he sees Kyu-won laughing in delight.

But their fun is interrupted when a security guard finds them and runs after them. Shin grabs Kyu-won’s wheelchair and pushes her out of there.

Kyu-won and Shin take refuge at another balcony, and Kyu-won laughs as she recalls their narrow escape. She wonders if the others all safely escaped as well.


But Shin just continues to stare at Kyu-won and then suddenly calls her name.

Shin: Lee Kyu-won!
Kyu-won: Hmm?
Shin: Don’t stop liking me.
Kyu-won: What?

This time, he walks over and kneels in front of her. He repeats once again, “Don’t stop liking me.”


This was such a fangirling episode. I hesitate to even include a comments section as I’m afraid I have nothing remotely intelligent to say.

Shin and Kyu-won’s side glances – WIN
Shin’s secret smiles – WIN
Yoon-soo’s rejection of Tae-joon’s offer – WIN
Suk-hyun and Shin’s childish battles – WIN

Like I mentioned in the recap itself, I thought Kyu-won’s fall was rather random, down to the cheesy fireworks effects during the “proposal.” But I guess this was all they had left to do with the last minute changes, and the overall outcome of the fall was so fangirl-worthy that I’m willing to look past it.

I did not like Yoon-soo’s explanation on why she left Suk-hyun five years ago. I was perfectly fine with accepting the story of a woman who had forsaken her love for her dreams and ambitions. But a story of a woman who did that to prove her worth to her man… that I find to be such a cop-out to turn Yoon-soo into “not such a bad girl after all.”

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42 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 8

  1. kay says:

    thank you! i love your recaps. i admit, i totally didn’t mind the fall bc shin being attentive with his corny jokes and all were just too cute. these two just makes me so giddy with happiness. i still don’t think hee joo deserves joon hee and i feel like kiyoung is so wasted. give him more to work with please!

    • blue says:

      I too want Joonhee to be with Bowoon, but I don’t think that’s the direction the drama is heading. Sigh.

      • Laica says:

        Also agree! I don’t find Joon-hee’s scenes with Hee-joo at all cute, I just find myself wondering what he likes about her. I just rolled my eyes during the headphone-crying scene. Bowoon’s crush on Joon-hee (and the way she can’t resist feeding him) is just adorable.

        I actually don’t hate Hee-joo’s character, I just think she has zero chemistry with Joon-hee, not to mention he brings out her worst qualities. I would like to see Hee-joo fall for Ki-young and suffer the pain of unrequited love… thus bringing more emotion to her acting, as Suk-hyun wants her to. So not love in the end, but an acting career. Which is her dream, plus it would be more satisfying to watch her grow up a little than simply fall for Joon-hee and act all cute with him (yuck).

        All this is of course my little fantasy and is probably not going to happen, boo. 😦

        • LC says:

          LOL.. u’ll be surprised!! As u will see in ep.9 Hee-joo & Ki-young will be spending more time together in future episodes. That little fantasy of yours (Hee-joo & ki-young) might come to fruition after all =D

          ps: i also agree that Bowoon’s crush on Joon-hee is adorable, i’ll ship them =)

  2. caffeinate_me says:

    Before I got to your comments section, I thought: eek, I’m totally fangirling this episode. Hee, makes me feel better that I’m not the only one. Also, the fall down the stairs got me laughing so hard because it’s not so random to me. When I was in college, I also was a bit of a klutz and I did end up falling on a flight of stairs once. I wasn’t hospitalized but I got pretty big and ugly bruises to my backside. I couldn’t walk properly for days. Ah, college nostalgia!

    I am totally in love with this show now. And I realized that Shin’s shift in feelings might not be so abrupt. It even may have been caused by his father’s death. If you recall their conversations together, it was like Shin finally learned how destructive love can be, specially when it’s unrequited. And I think he saw that he was beginning to be like his father in that he was willing to “steal the girl away” even if her heart didn’t belong to him. It only made his father miserable and was probably the cause of his drinking problem. That was probably why Shin decided to let go of Yoon-soo because he didn’t want to end up like his father. But that’s just my takeaway. Maybe I over-analyzed (which is the first sign of drama addiction, HA).

    • blue says:

      I don’t think you overanalyzed at all! I think you’re right that his father’s influence had very much to do with helping him get over YS. Also, I think Shin might have had daddy issue growing up, knowing that he did not have the same father as his younger sister. He probably fixated the love he missed out on from his dad onto YS. Eeeek, maybe we’re BOTH over-analyzing!

      • caffeinate_me says:

        Lol. I know I’m really addicted now because I can’t stop watching episodes 7, 8 and 9 and reading the recaps. And I watch these shows with Chinese subs (if the Eng ones are not available yet) and my Chinese sucks so just goes to show you how giddy I’m getting with this show. And I LOVE your recaps because of the music info. Any chance you might recap another music-themed show? Maybe not Dream High because so many have done that before but like Flowers For My Life, where the music selections were pretty interesting. Or, you know, What’s Up? if it ever sees the light of day.

  3. galen says:

    Thanks! I’m loving all the Heartstrings recaps. This drama is exactly my cup of tea, light, fluffy and oh so sweet. I agree the script changes to accommodate PSH’s physical health was clumsy (who the hell cracks a rib over such a short flight of stairs? not to mention, wouldn’t that take pretty long to heal, and it doesn’t look like they’re fast-forwarding time much) but it’s great to be able to cut to the chase and reward the audience with a plethora of cute glances, bickering and push-pull actions. 🙂

    • blue says:

      Ah, “crack a rib.” That’s the exact phrase I’ve been looking over! Koreans always seem to distinguish between a crack and a fracture, whereas they really are the same thing. But whenever characters say something like, “Don’t worry, nothing was broken. It was just a crack in the bone.” I’ve always had a hard time trying to figure out what was the best way to translate the second sentence, and your word choice of “crack” was the exact term I’ve been looking for! Thanks, galen! I even changed it to that word in the recap too. Hope you don’t mind!

      • galen says:

        Of course not! 🙂 Glad to be of help. I understand not being able to think of just the right word, it happens to me all the time too. Although I suppose “hairline fracture” would be more technically correct? (I’ve personally suffered a multiple fracture and the ensuing explanations to all and sundry have made me more conscious of the distinctions between the terms)

    • Beng-beng says:

      yeah, agree that a crack rib will take sometime to heal..Sometimes you must stay in cast for weeks. They should have used “bruised ribs” like what happened to the boxers or when u had a car accident due to seat belts.
      I also love reading the recaps of YFFM. Softy first, then Fanderay’s palette, then Blue’s and finally Kaedejun at DB. Then watch the english subbed in dramacrazy. This drama is making me crazy =)

  4. honey says:

    Hi Blue! Wow what a great recap. You are able to capture the feelings in the drama and articulate it. Good job. Sigh, I really love the show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I look forward to the next episode.

  5. nonski says:

    Omo Blue! thanks so much for the recap! i’ve been waiting for… like forever to read something about HS8. gah! you just made my day!!!

    have to read first tho before i go further… i have problem downloading, so i haven’t watched the ep… *cries*

    • blue says:

      I know what you mean. After I finished downloading episode 9, I was all excited to watch it, only to find out that the version had botched sound. I had to start downloading another version of episode 9 all over again. I really thought I was going to cry.

      • nonski says:

        Why am I being deprived with these wonderful, wonderful dramas, just can’t get to download it… even with another computer and a different connection… tomorrow will be my last try! *cries again*

        I’m just plagued with so many obstacles to enjoy this… if you can notice, my rejoinder was a bit later after i posted above. Gah! i was just typing my comments when… poof! POWER OUT!

        but thank goodness! I’m in now! Okay, previous eps had made me giddy but gah! this episode just doubled me over in giddiness. (note… that was only the recaps doing me in… imagine how much more if i’d be watching it already?!). The “steal glances” dance Kyu-won and Shin does is so cute! My grin is up to my ears as I am writing this. I have been dreaming the day when Shin is the one so INTO Kyu-won and now it is finally coming true. I know I am not the only one wishing for that to happen. It’s kinda sweet payback.

        One good idea this drama is playing is the jealousy/rivalry between Shin and Suk-hyun. It warms my heart that this two guys are all concerned with Kyu-won. The affection Suk-hyun is giving makes my heart melt. Not because it makes Shin jealous (well, must admit it is partly that 🙂 ) but because he treat her like his little sister. I just hope the story venture in a love-triangle angle between the three of them. Just not to my taste, coz I like Suk-hyun and Kyu-won’s relationship right now. The Ki-young-Kyu-won-Shin angle will be awesome. In my mind I am seeing Ki-young being drawn to Kyu-won and then they become close friends that Shin is color Green already. I would really the drama to explore this angle. It would likewise make Hee-joo more jealous of KW since for her KY is her equal in talent and can stand alongside with her on stage, if he can just get over his stage fright. I’m dreaming of a Joon-hee/Bowoon team-up but like what you said, I don’t think this show is headed that way. But a Joon-hee-Joo love is greatly feasible and I like that to surface too.

        Okay, must admit that the last part sort of mirror ISWAK but it is still so satisfying that I would like to overlook that one. I dunno but I am just so in love with this show. During and after I have finished watching the episodes, I felt so giddy. Even by just reading the recap, I am so light-hearted already. Show, I so INTO you!

      • nonski says:

        oooops… sorry for that super long post 🙂

        i even forgot i have to post the subtitle links, guys, is subbing this drama. here is the link to softsubs of episode 1-8, enjoy:

      • blue says:

        Oh, poor thing! You still haven’t been able to watch it yet? Can you maybe stream it instead? I finally got to watch episode 9 and it was really cute too!

      • nonski says:

        awwww! you are making me jealous…. *sad face*

        i don’t actually what the problem is… as much as i can i don’t want to stream but i will try dramacrazy later… i kinda hate seeing it in parts. what i actually did right now is help editing the subs on HS9 so i can at least see a glimpse of what it is.

  6. Laica says:

    I’m right there fangirling with you! This show makes me so happy. Every single scene with Kyu-won and Shin, I’m just grinning from ear to ear.

    The fall was random, but accidents always are, I guess.

    Thanks for the great recap. 🙂

    • blue says:

      “This show makes me so happy.” This- how true! I don’t think I’ve been so stress-free from a drama as I’ve been with this one. How refreshing to be just happy from watching a drama, right?

      Btw, Laica, I really enjoyed reading your post on “True Love in dramas” that you shared on Thundie’s blog. (I too loved Biscuit Teacher and What’s Up Fox!) Hope you’ll continue to write and share your thoughts more often!

      • Laica says:

        I definitely agree. I do not need any more stress in my life right now. And this show is crack-like in its ability to make me giddy. (Does crack make one giddy? I dunno.)

        Episode 9 made me squeal excitedly, to my embarrassment. I never do that! Haha.

        Aw, thank you. I actually had a bunch more posts planned, but I have been very sick for the last few months, so all writing has been put on the back burner for now. I just don’t have the energy right now. But hopefully things will improve soon, because I have lots of thoughts to share about the dramas I’m watching now. 🙂

        I’ll be looking out for your ep. 9 recap!

  7. checkinout says:

    Thank you! I found your blog via a link on the HS soompi thread and am now a new fan of your thoughtful and beautifully written posts! I was totally spazzing just by reading your recap on my commute home (the other passengers must have thought I’d gone mad, grinning away to myself) and after watching the episode on dramafever, your recap was spot on! Looking forward to your recap for Episode 9!

    • blue says:

      Ah, thank you- glad you enjoyed the recap! I think this drama just spreads “smiling virus” to everyone around.

      • nonski says:

        ummmm… i would like to comment on that… yes, i think it is… coz i had been grinning like crazy remembering scenes from Heartstrings.

        • rr says:

          hahaha..oh my,i’m just so happy i’m not the only one grinning like crazy remembering the lovely scenes of kyu-won and lee shin..their chemistry is simply amazing 🙂

  8. helterskelter says:

    Thanks for the recap. I can’t help but feel giddy at various Lee Shin and Kyu-Won ‘moments’. Gaah, I love college dramas even if I’m way too old for them haha.

  9. leila8mae says:

    i totally sympathize with you.. I can’t help but grin from ear to ear watching this week’s episode.. even just watching raw, i was able to post a draft for my recap already.. i think I’m crazy in love with this series..

    and Lee Shin’s smile, i feel like I’m in heaven just seeing him uber happy.. even their LQ makes me smile like a loony..

    • blue says:

      I think I should just admit it to myself that I’m pretty much crazy in love with this series too! I don’t know why it’s always hard to take that first step to admit love… whether you’re in your teens, 20s, or umm, talking about a tv drama. 🙂

      Can’t wait to read your recap too!

  10. Oh my god, I was WAITING for someone of my recap idols to recap and here you are! thank you so much for this wonderful recap, I’m starting readship your blog more than dramabeans 😀
    haven’t watched the ep9 fully but already like the little small things between the characters what I’ve seen 🙂
    Need to say, that I really like your writings style. It’s very well written and comprehensive, I enjoyed it like a novel 🙂
    I just have finished watching Ep5 and the recap yesterday myself and reading your recaps gives me inspiration ^^
    thanks a lot and see you next time!
    Stalker tendacy of Shin – that’s what I think, too!!! XD Couldn’t stop grinning when seeing him in Ep8 & 9 following Kyu-won everywhere! Even if he’s popular and handsome – I don#t know if I’d like to be stalked *GGG* Well, but it’s Jung Yong Hwa. *ggg*
    And my favorite song Forget from CNB is included as OST *___* WIN WIN WIN for me 😀 I’m head over heels for this drama. I think it already took my second place after You’re Beautiful 😀

    Greetings from the other side of the world!

  11. P.S. Thank you for the song and also the explanation. That’s what I like about your entries the most, coz I’m a excessive music (re)searcher, too. ^^ Without the information about the titles there’s always something missing. I wonder how you find the songs who lend each episode their title. Do you just recognize them?

    • blue says:

      Thanks for the comment!

      As for the songs, I don’t always recognize them by the title alone and have to look them up to find out which song they’re referring to. And of the 9 songs used so far, I had never heard of two of them until this drama. I’ve recognized all 9 artists so far, though.

      Like you, I’m an avid music fan, so I look forward to finding out which song they’re going to use as much as the new episodes themselves. I’m glad I’m not the only one appreciating the music in this drama!

      • Beng-beng says:

        i love the OST too. i wish i buy it here in the Phils. I heard that OST 1 is already released. I wonder how i can get 1.

      • I’d had less trouble recognizing the songs if I’d understand the lyrics. XD So I only can find the western songs.
        Talking about music, I’ve been wondering for a while – because the main music instruments guitar and gukak are STRING instruments I know understand the pattern.
        Although Kyu-won and Shin seem to be so differen modern vs. tradition they’re playing on strings. No wonder the title HeartSTRINGS fits a lot better than Festival. In the end they’ll be playing with their hearts, in their hearts or their hearts together with their strings. LOL. Confusing.

        And talking about guitar because I’m a huge Jason Mraz fan and recognize his songs often in k-dramas I almost dare to say that his songs could be as soundtrack because he’s often only plays guitar as instrument.
        And when I noticed that they used in Ep2 they I’m yours of J-mraz I couldn’t stop grinning. And guess what, when skipping through Ep9 my next favorite song Lucky comes along. XD Because we all know that CNBlue also loves covering J-Mraz’ songs. *ggg* Thinking about Song for a friend, I’m yours and Prettiest Friend, those songs would be so much fit to Shin. *g*

        If my window video maker would work I’d so like to make a fanvid *___*

        Well you done done me and you bet I felt it
        I tried to be chill but you’re so hot that I melted
        I fell right through the cracks
        And now I’m trying to get back
        Before the cool done run out
        I’ll be giving it my bestest
        Nothing’s going to stop me but divine intervention
        I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some
        But I won’t hesitate no more, no more
        It cannot wait, I’m yours ….


        hehehehe *____*

        • blue says:

          I love Jason Mraz’s songs, “Lucky” and “I’m Yours” being my favorites! That was such an appropriate song for Shin to sing because I really do think KW is quickly becoming his best friend indeed. Also, I’ve noticed that JYH doesn’t have the best pronunciation when singing in English, but I thought he did a great job with Lucky. Well, at least I actually understood everything he was saying.

  12. anu says:

    I just love this episode so much….sooooo much giddy….lol…cn’t wait for the nxt week!! wish wednesdays would come sooner;)

    Thankzz 4 d recaps!!!:)

  13. REBEL SOULS says:

    I totally agree with blue, when JYH sings in english, I start to cringe but this time around it wasn’t too bad cuz it was super short – any more then I would have started making faces. That scene sort of felt impromptu like he was given the song to sing last min. Wonder if he ever sang it before somewhere. The lyrics felt perfect for this drama alone and what is going on between S and K.

    • blue says:

      I think JYH must be a fan of Jason Mraz. It must be the guitar connection. I don’t know if he sang “Lucky” before, but I do remember hearing him sing “Geek in the Pink” in the past. I’m just glad that his english was good enough not to ruin that scene. 🙂

  14. rr says:

    😦 how come when i click on your recap for episode 9 it says NOT FOUND

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