Celebrity Sightings: Softy’s edition, part 1

We’re excited to bring to you the second issue of our Celebrity Sightings series coming from none other than Softy, who you may better know as the live recapping extraordinare/goddess at Rebel Souls. Currently residing in Seoul, by the time you finish reading this, I think we would be able to all agree that she is the luckiest soul in the world when it comes to accidental K-celebrity sightings. Her celebrity sightings read like a “Who’s Who in the Korean showbiz,” and in fact, so long was her list that it became necessary to split her edition into two parts. It almost seems unfair for one girl to have so much luck, but Softy was kind enough to share her celebrity encounter stories so that we can all experience them vicariously through her. Thank you, Softy! (- Blue)


Korean celebrities are totally wasted on someone like me. I don’t know their names anyway, but more importantly, indifference keeps me from carrying a camera around or pulling out my cell phone to snap any pics. Plus it’s not my style to scream, push and shove to run over and ogle – I like to think I am more reserved than to behave that way – the word decorum is lost on fan girls. I’m more like “silently recognize but keep walking” type. Of course, although there are a select few I might break that rule for, it hasn’t happened yet.

Even though I may hardly know any of their names, one thing about me is I never forget a face. Growing up, I never saw a drama for the full hour much less a full series. When I wanted to spend time with my grandmother when she was visiting, sitting next to her as she watched her dramas was how I ended up seeing actors and actresses. As she watched them on TV, I stared at my grandmother’s face to memorize hers and once in a while she would make me look at the screen to marvel at how good looking some actor was – “fangirling” must run in the family cause my sister has it too, but it skipped right over my mom and me.

Not to sound overly dramatic, but Jang Dong Gun saved my life when I was around 19. I came down with what I thought was a severe case of the flu and had to stay in bed 24/7 and couldn’t even sit up properly. Worst part was I lived alone and only had friends drop by during the day to take care of me. At nights, I couldn’t sleep cause I was racked with coughing fits. While I was laid up thinking maybe this flu would be the death of me, I remember looking out at the stormy night and praying for a miracle cause I wanted the pain from the coughing to go away. My chest was hurting so much from all the non-stop coughing and I couldn’t think of anything else.

That was when I turned on the videos of Jang Dong Gun a friend had given me to kill time so I wouldn’t be so bored. I remember curling up in bed with his face so close to mine and studying his hands and his facial features. I swear the pain from my coughing eased a little every time I heard his voice or heard him sing. Just by watching and examining every feature about him, I was able to distract myself from the real life physical pain I was feeling for seconds at a time. For someone in a lot of pain, even a minute or two of respite meant the world to me. In those moments of desperation, I reached out to him and he reached back metaphorically – his existence mattered. It mattered more than anything cause it gave me some sense of purpose. Then I made myself a promise, an incentive to will my body to get better. I told myself that if I recovered from this I would go and live in Korea for a while and track down Jang Dong Gun and meet him in person to thank him for indirectly helping me through this. It turned out what I had wasn’t the flu. It was bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia, so I was hospitalized right away. Needless to say, I got better and proceeded to forget all about the promise I made to myself.

Years later I ended up in Korea. From time to time I would hear his name and think about what he did for me, but I am no stalker. I was too apathetic to do any chasing or spying, so fate stepped in and gave me a hand. I was taking a cab to my favorite restaurant and Jang Dong Gun was standing outside of it near the Hyatt. There is an adjoining café so I wasn’t sure if he was coming in or leaving. He was talking to someone in a car, but he stood up straight and that’s when I saw his face. He had on a gray cap and a dark colored top with jeans. He looked perfect.

I made my cab driver pull over in the middle of the street and let me out. I just stood there staring at him and cars could have run me over, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t move. He looked at me and smiled. I’m pretty sure I didn’t smile back cause I remember thinking, “Don’t stare at him. He probably wouldn’t like it.” I thought I should try to move my feet so I started to walk away from him, but I kept looking over. I couldn’t help myself. I think he was surprised I didn’t just go over and talk to him and instead kept looking over at him like a shy person. This was the moment I had been waiting for, but I just couldn’t talk to him. He meant too much to me – I had so much to be grateful for so it was too scary to face him. Plus he was married and had a baby so it was more awkward. (My crush ends when that happens.) So I forced myself to walk away from him and the restaurant I was suppose to go into, and walked all the way up the hill and stood up there for a few minutes till I felt safe that he had left before heading back down. Thank goodness he was gone because I don’t think I could have faced him after behaving so strangely. Most women run towards him, not deliberately walk away from him. Guess in that way, I will be memorable to him. To this day, I want to kick myself for not talking to him.

Pretty much everywhere you go around Seoul, you can spot celebrities here and there even on a daily basis cause most of them live in particular areas or at least play in the same neighborhoods. I go where the great food is and the best ones are where celebrities hang out. There is a yummy bubble tea place I frequent and pretty much every boy band, girl group, and other celebrities all go there for their bubble tea fix. The two grandmas that run the place know me and greet me warmly every time I go and tell me which new star has dropped by as they make my usual order – peach “bubble – boba” tea with fresh Korean peaches with extra bobas. Their walls are covered with autographed photos of everyone who has dropped by and there aren’t any empty spots so now they just add the newer ones on top of the older pics. Even Japanese tourists drop by in hopes of seeing someone famous while they are there or take pics next to their favorite celebrities’ autograph.

If you frequently go to places like Apgujeong-dong or Cheongdam-dong, it’s a normal thing to run into them at department stores, on the streets, or just by accident somewhere. I used to see tons of them at my old gym too (California Fitness). So many of these celebrities I see are either pop singers or models – famous enough to have their own shows and stuff, but no one I care to pay much attention. I don’t know any of their names at all so Blue had to add them in based on my descriptions. Like that woman on the cable TV show, Manny – the one who played the tall sister who used to be a model (Byun Jung Soo). I see that woman all the time on a regular basis at cafes like Artisse. She comes with two or three other people, and likes to talk a lot and be the center of attention.

Some are older and I don’t think anyone knows them or would even care, like real-life husband of the woman from Bad Guy, the lead actress who played the married woman Kim Nam Gil’s character seduced. (Oh Yeon Soo) Her husband who used to be an actor and singer, I think (Son Ji Chang) – I saw him and the guy from Athena – the older one who used to be a singer back then around the same time (Kim Min Jong).  Both of them were walking in front of the Galleria, but no one cared. They seemed to be lost in conversation as they walked down the street and only ajummas or grandmas gave them a second glance.

Another older actor is the guy from Sandglass who played the lawyer. (Park Sang Won) There was a drama shooting nearby and he was walking over alone. I immediately recognized his face since I was forced to stare at it so much growing up and the brainwashed part of my brain recalled my grandmother’s words telling me that when I grew up, I had to marry someone who looked like him with that voice. After having heard that for the millionth time, I gave it my usual 5% attention and droned, “Yes, grandmother.”

So even though I saw him for a split second, I said, “There goes my grandma’s number one crush,” and my native Korean friend jumped into action. She was his fan and thought I would have a better chance speaking with him since I’m a gyopo (Korean American). So before I knew it, she ran over and said I wanted to meet him. That’s how I ended up having a very awkward conversation in English with him – a man whose face had been ingrained in my brain since I could practically walk, but whose name I did not know. He was very friendly and courteous asking about where I grew up and stuff. Only problem is I didn’t even care that I was talking to him. I told him my grandma was a huge fan of his and he laughed. When I called my grandmother to tell her I met her crush, she thanked me for being born so she could hear every detail for hours. At one point I told her it would be cheaper for me to fly back home and tell her in person cause the phone bill was going to be outrageous, but she wouldn’t let me hang up so I had to describe for her again what he was wearing, how he looked, and how his voice sounded. The woman wanted details and wouldn’t let me sleep. I told her it was all her doing cause she forced me to watch the most boring dramas with her so I knew his face better than my own. Thank goodness I didn’t tell her about the next celebrity I saw. This time I would hear an earful from my sister.

This next actor happens to be one of the few I know by name. I met Lee Jung Jae near Rodeo in Apgujeong in front of a movie theater. He was the first major celebrity I saw and the reason why I don’t talk to celebrities anymore. He leaned against his sports car and just waited expectantly for my friend to go over and ask for his autograph. (I hung back cause I was shy.) She told him I was a gyopo, and suddenly he ignored my friend cause she is a native Korean, but he was sweet and attentive to me. My guess is that he wanted to practice his English with me. He asked me my name, where I was from, what my plans were for the summer, how I liked Korea, etc. We spoke till the person he was waiting on came out and then they left. During our conversation, he signed something, but I don’t even know where it went cause I sort of hate getting autographs. I didn’t even ask for that one, but he gave it to me. He is the reason I was turned off by celebrities. Just the way he carried himself and how he spoke – the tilt of his head and that grin – the way he thought he was bestowing on me and I should feel honored just made what little crush I had left just crumble and disappear. Now thanks to him, I don’t like to give celebrities any more attention than they are already getting and expecting. The man has an ego the size of Texas and he doesn’t try to hide it. I guess he earned the right to be so arrogant in a way since he is considered a big star, but arrogance is a major turnoff for me – big star or not.

When I was walking down the street, I saw a father and son walking towards me. The father was looking down at his son who was at the age where he wanted to walk more than he wanted to be carried. There were gorgeous women walking all around them, some calling out to the dad and saying hello since he is famous. He bowed politely at them, but only had eyes for his son.

The way they looked at each other – so full of love and adoration – made me ache for a minute. I think any single woman who comes upon a moment like that stops and makes a little prayer- “please let me meet a husband like that who will end up being a father like that.” That image of those two is still embedded in my heart. The father’s name is Sean Noh and his wife is Jung Hye Young. People know her as Kim Hyun Joong’s character’s mom in Playful Kiss. Even though I had to look up her name just now, I think of her as one of the luckiest women on earth.

Kim Hee Ae (Midas) lives above my friend’s home – my friend lives on the 11th floor in a condo near Hyundai Department store in Apgujeong. She was coming in and said hello to my friend. I was introduced to her, but I didn’t know her name at the time. (I had to look her name up just now.) I only knew her from one drama I can’t remember the name of, where she played the woman who stole her best friend’s husband (My Man’s Woman), and I knew her face from all those SKII commercials.

Her skin was all shiny like she just came home from getting a facial. She was wearing all black, was very stylish, and carrying a great handbag. She was pleasant enough, but not like over the top sweet. The woman has a tiny face and a super thin body. She definitely looks better in commercials and pics.

There are two Galleria department stores in Cheongdam-dong near Rodeo. One is the mainstream one, and the other carries more exclusive designer brands, like Chanel and Tiffany.

The second one is where I saw Go So Young. It was before her relationship with Jang Dong Gun went public, so she wasn’t married then. I saw that mole from a mile away and knew she was famous, but couldn’t remember her name at all. I never saw her dramas but I knew she was an actress. I saw her shopping with a female friend at Chanel, so I walked over as I was curious to see what our height difference was. She is not tall at all. We both had on heels that day, but she is almost my height. I walked away pleased as punch. Don’t ask me why I was happy about that. Didn’t you ever like to compare yourself to someone more beautiful and win at just about anything silly, like better hair or better figure? Of course she tops me for everything else, but at least height-wise, we are even.

Park Hae Jin is the not so famous guy from East of Eden (I never saw it) who was also on Family Outing for a while before it ended. He was walking along Sinsadong’s Garosu-gil (Gingko tree-lined street), and he looks really good in person. He had on sunglasses and a nice outfit, and for a second I thought he was someone really famous, but my friend said he wasn’t that big of a star.

I saw Kim Min Hee, the tall one with big eyes from the movie Actresses at the Galleria food court area. The thing about celebrities is that no matter what they are wearing, they just look like a celebrity right away. Just from the back, they carry themselves differently. Her figure stands out since she also models a lot of brands.

There was a huge crowd gathered in Myeongdong. I thought someone big like Rain may be there, so I edged a little closer to take a peek. Since he is tall, he was pretty easy to spot over the crowd. As soon as I saw his face, I turned around and kept walking. It was Shin Hyun Joon from Cain and Abel. I already saw him a few years back getting into his car at the Marriot Hotel. Except for his height, there is nothing about his looks or acting that impresses me. Quite the opposite, he has the oddest features –scary eyes, long nose, long face, etc. I definitely didn’t need to run into him twice.

When I was watching Best Love, I kept seeing the guy who played Ae-jung’s brother, Jung Joon Ha. On any given Sunday evening, there is a group of comedians (one is Haha, who happens to be best friends with MC Mong) milling around Onnuri Church in Dongbu-Ichon-dong (East Ichon). Even though these guys have busy schedules, I often see them standing on the corner hanging out, talking and saying hello to every grandma or grandpa who passes by them and shake their hands. They are very friendly and chit chat with their elderly fans. I always think of them as the “Sweet Trio” cause they always have something in their hands to munch on and since they are so nice to people who recognize them.


Please look forward to the upcoming Part 2, where Softy will share her stories of encountering Lee Min Ho, Yoo Ah In, and many others!

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33 Responses to Celebrity Sightings: Softy’s edition, part 1

  1. Kristal says:

    This celebrity sighting series is great but seriously, let’s take up a donation and buy Softy an awesome digital camera for such events! I don’t care if you don’t want to snap photos, you MUST for those of us living through you. 🙂

    I bet thundie is going to be totally green when she reads about your Lee Min Ho encounter btw!

    • softy says:

      No need for donations 🙂 I have a “hardly been used” Sony cybershot camera – only problem is it’s never charged and always at home with like 2 inches of dust on it cuz I never take it anywhere. The hilarious part is I have a 16 gig memory card in it so I could take pics for months and never run out of space.
      Thundie already knew I saw LMH ages ago, but this was before her LMH crush began so she got more excited about YAI back then.

  2. doozy says:

    Softy saw Lee Min Ho?! THE Lee Min Ho?! ahhhhhhhhhhh *spazz*

    Thanks for sharing your sightings, Softy! I agree with Kristal. Please take a photo for us. Pretty please?

    • Kristal says:

      I know, right?! THE MAN of all girls’ dreams the past two years…in person!
      I have never gotten the Jang Dong Gun appeal but I guess he is kinda a a big deal too. 😉

  3. blue says:

    I’m totally jealous of you, Softy! That you saw JDG in person, the man who is supposedly of another breed from the rest of us, and lived to tell it.

    Sean and Jung Hye Young are my all-time favorite married couple. I absolutely agree. Every single woman out there should be praying for a husband like Sean for herself and others around her.

    That’s so sweet about Jung Joon Ha and Haha. I think I’m going to become their fan now.

    And finally, like I said in the earlier email, my favorite part was where you shared the story about how you used to study your grandma’s face as she watched dramas. It really well reflects what a sweet person you are, and how special she means to you. I think I’ll get along very well with your grandmother!

  4. kcomments says:

    Oh wow! What is this gal doing here? *beaming* LJJ? After ‘The Housemaid’ *gulp* couldn’t picture him other than that eh…character. Dear Blue, please make this gal write more, we know how great she is with words! Thanks, Softy for sharing. Any luck for Kim Jae Won? I miss him so. *sob sob*

    • softy says:

      thanks kcomments, if I ever see KJW, trust me you will be the first to hear about it 🙂 like I said, I didnt go looking for these stars (except for YAI since I got tickets and planned to go a few days in advance) so it’s just up to fate I am afraid. Out of all the stars, I think KJW will be the easiest to spot out of a crowd cuz he is so fair skinned. I miss him too – hope he makes another drama or movie soon.

  5. angelparaiso says:

    Looking forward to part 2! I really hope that neither Lee Min Ho nor Yoo Ah-In has attitude problems. Oh God, Let them be as perfect as they already are. The thing about LJJ is really dissapointing.

    • softy says:

      Now I feel bad – one person’s account shouldn’t change how you feel about LJJ – I hear tons of bad stuff about other actors, but I still like their work. their portrayal is what I admire and if the real life person is just as great – then that is just a bonus. YAI is wonderful in real life and from what I could see of LMH – he seems sweet too so no worries there. 🙂

      • angelparaiso says:

        I apologize for making you feel bad Softy..=( It’s just that whenever I like a celebrity,I tend to put him in a pedestal . And so whenever I hear stuff that fails my expectation of him, It drags everything down. I always like a combo of a good actor & a good person. It’s nice to know that YAI & LMH are also amazing as persons. Thank you for sharing! =)

  6. fighting! says:

    Jang Dong Gun…eventhough he’s married and a father now, even though he’s not so much under the limelight anymore, he will always be THE ONLY KOREAN that matters to me..

  7. tanntoot says:

    Hello, Blue & Softy!

    Softy, I really ENJOYED reading your celebrity encounters!!

    U know, I think I would have totally walked away from JDG too since he’s my No. 1 K-actor crush & ironically since he’s so esteemed (for want of a better word) in my mind, I’ll be too shy n ‘frozen’ to actually walk up to him n shake hands/have a conversation. Of coz, I’ll also totally kicked my self later as well, LOL

    On Shin Hyun Joon: hahaha, I’m so happy u find him scary looking too! I’ve only ever watched him in Stairway to Heaven n really couldn’t stand watching him coz I find his eyes scary-looking. Sorry for offending his fans.

    Can’t wait for Part 2 of your encounters! Thank you Blue for adding this GOLD topic, hihi.

    Sadly, I only have 2 NEAR celebrity encounters’ to relate while visiting Seoul last year, lol

  8. Loved that entry, Softy! ^^
    I never met any Korean actor myself because they don’t tend to visit Germany and it’s capitals Munich and Berlin (although some came asian celebs show up for the Berlinale Awar once in a while). We only have american celebrities visiting like Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie, Quentin Tarantino etc.
    But like you described the feeling of being “saved” by a celebrity I feel about FT Island and one of my lifegoal is to visit a concert of them while travelling to Southkorea. I hardly visit a concert because I don’t like the screaming crowd and my fangirl behavior is similar to yours. I keep thinking how awkward it would be for ME when strangers are suddenly talking to me or even scream at me first then want to photograph me. *brrrr*
    Plus despite having a good memory for faces I also don’t know their names so it would be more awkward for me to talk to someone who thinks I’d know his name but I don’t. Plus I also think, it’s kind of rude to talk to someone and never ask for his name although you KNOW his name. For me it’s somehow very rude not to introduce yourself on both sides. LOL.

    I’m pretty sure, it’s not hard to meet korean celebs ocasionally in Seoul like meeting japanese idols in Tokyo like meeting american celebs in Los Angeles because they LIVE there and know it’s best places like someone who also lives there. ^_^

    I’d like to meet at one korean celeb for the sake of meeting and getting a personal impression.

    • softy says:

      I saw your chat with Fanderay and went over to your blog and your drawings – I was sort of wondering why FT Island was there and now I guess I sort of know cuz they “saved” you too. That must be an interesting story – was it on the blog? cuz your main one is in German so I couldn’t make out anything. If you ever come to Korea, just park yourself at Hyundai Department store or the Galleria and I bet you anything – young or old- you will see a celebrity or two cuz a lot of them live around there.:)

      • You went over to which blog? coz my sketch-blog has been open just today (after Fanderay also encouraged me) and I wanted to bring order in my messy livejournal. ^_^
        My story about FT Island – I think I’ve talk about on my livejournal, but it must be locked coz it was personal. ^^
        But it’s no big drama story, I can tell you in short. ^^
        I just felt like the music helped me make a big life changing step coz that was when I wrote my first novel and the music kept me going through all the hard work of rewriting and arguing with my publisher, my lector and all people involved till it was published.
        I think if it wasn’t for FT Island I never had the courage to finish the manuscript (about japanese music entertainment) because it’s no mainstream topic in Germany to write about. German prefer slice of life american novels like those from Cecilia Ahern (P.S. I love you) or youth novels like Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Although my novel is directed at young people it was kinda hard to convince the publisher to go with the new intercultural topic like asian society.^^
        So it was a big step in my (small) writing career – but at least one step. ^_^ Plus I got inspired for a new novel which I’m working on right now (about korean entertainment) and I improved a lot in writing and understanding the komplex k-pop world. ^^

        • blue says:

          After reading your comment, I made a stop by your sketch blog too. Wow, you’re so talented! And you’re a writer? Now I REALLY regret not being able to read German so that I could understand your writing!

          Were you able to get your first novel published yet? If so, let us know about the book. Or wait, would that be in German too? And I am REALLY, REALLY interested in reading your new novel and what you have to say. Wahhh!

        • @blue: Yes, original language is German. Sorry. ^^;;
          I work hard(er) that I get an agent who can get it translated into english. *g* But it’s been only published since March this year, it takes time for a novel to get acknowledged – IF at all. ^^ If it gets a translation I’ll make sure to let you know. After all, all my favorite bloggers are also a big part of my inspiration even though they don’t know. I often use alusions and even whole conversations I had or I witness on blogs for my manuscript. *g* (Because it’s about asian entertainment, so me communicating with fans is a source of research ^^)

          Uh, thanks for the praise *blushing* Too kind, really. ^^;;
          It probably take at least 5 years till I’ll get famous like all of our korean idols. LOL. I just remembered because wildchild and me were talking about Meteor Garden on my blog about Rainie Yang and Barbie Xu and she hardly can believe HOW famous and popular they got over the years. But it also took … how long? About 10 years? Anyway you surely understand that it takes time. *g* Although I’m praying for a miracle to happen. ^^ Till then I can only work HARD. And I want my novel to get adapted into a drama that’s why I’m practising screenwriting day and night. XD
          Ups, I’m talking too much – on your blog! I swear I’m usually not a smalltalker or chatter at all. What is your blog doing to me? XD
          Anyway I’m serious when I’m saying that your blog is one of my inspirations. Literally.

  9. QuaTrang says:

    How I love Softy’s take on celebrities she met! Because, me too, I am not a fangirl as such! I don’t know many faces and much less names! But once in a while, when I have a crush on screen with an actor/actress, I often ask myself if they are the same nice/good/devilish person in real life? And most the of fan accounts I come across the web are about ANGELS!!! That’s why I like your take, Softy, because you depicted people as if I saw them with my eyes! The same as you, If I would see them in real life, I won’t ever approach them or ask for anything from them! But it would be nice to say (to myself), “ah, that is the guy/gal from that drama! he/she looks just the same/so different”.

    • Softy says:

      I think not being a “fan girl” makes me remain objective. I can observe the stars and just report what I see – doesn’t make for great journalism but at least I won’t embellish just for the sake of entertainment. So many of these sightings were just accidental so I really didn’t have time to swoon or gush and a lot of them were ppl I don’t even think twice about – like all the female celebrities. 🙂 So many of my friends find it fascinating to meet a female star and check out what she is wearing or note how great her skin looks, but I just sit back cuz I could care less. Like the girl from Full House who played song hye kyo’s best friend who was supposed to be pregnant throughout the drama, but remained skinny the whole time. She sat next to me at my nail salon and I looked over at her and just yawned. Bet she thought that was an odd reaction to being face to face with someone on TV. Maybe it was cuz she isn’t a star, but I doubt it. I think it’s just who I am.

  10. bella012 says:

    You saw my second husband to be, Lee Jung Jae???? It’s really sweet of you mentioning your grandmother, nothing like good ol’ entertainment to tighten the bond between grandchild and grandparent.

    Softy- let’s meet up in Korea!

  11. thundie says:

    Aww, I’ve been waiting for this post! Softy sent it to me and I’ve been checking the blog every day to see if it was up yet!

    I love your writing so much, Softy dear. It always feels so real and honest. This post made me giggle and also gasp (had no idea my first k-love Lee Jung-jae would come across as arrogant; I’m crushed!).

    Looking forward to part 2!

    • Kristal says:

      Don’t tell Javabeans about Lee Jung-jae being arrogant! It might break her heart since I think he is her first love too.

      • blue says:

        It seems LJJ is everyone’s first love. Well, at least he was mine as well. At one point, I think I declared that I was going to pack up and move to Korea to see him as soon as I graduate. Oh, how silly is the crush of a teenage girl with raging hormones…! 😀

  12. ohspark says:

    Thanks for recalling all your celeb accounts! I guess I’m more of a fangirl than you are 😛 However, I would probably not have the guts to squeal in front of someone I like. I’m so curious about how Jang Dong Gun is in real life. It’s a shame that Lee Jung Jae is arrogant…. oh wells~ Park Hae Jin! He’s not that famous, but I like him. I too want a husband like Sean. They are seriously the most adorable, lovable, ideal family (out of celebrity families). ❤

    I'm looking forward to part 2!!! 🙂 If you ever get to see Song Joong Ki, let us know~~~ hehehe

    • Kristal says:

      Some girl saw Song Joong Ki in NYC like a month or so ago and actually got to have lunch with him! There was a pic on dramafever’s blog of them together.

      • ohspark says:

        OH WOW. Whoever that girl is… she’s crazy lucky~ Just meeting him would be a dream come true, but eating lunch WITH HIM not just simply in the same restaurant?!?! … I’m jealous lolol

  13. Iviih says:

    Oh Softy you are sooo lucky!!! I would love to met just one big star!

    But I’m also afraid of meeting them, like you was turn off by some, I too I’m afraid to be…

    You seen so sweet softy! And lol Shocked Softy met her biggest crush and didn’t go talk to him xD how cute xD

    And gasp, you met LMH? Ohhh…

    The only ones big stars I would love to meet and talk would be So Ji Sub and Kim Nam Gil… I want to look them in the eyes… love their eyes depth!

    And Sean Noh and Jung Hye Young, this couple is sooo adorable!!
    They just welcomed their fourth kid… Sean doesn’t give his wife a break XD
    Wonder when the fifth kid will come xD

    • Softy says:

      Ooohhhh I wanna meet Kim nam Gil too. I only saw him in one drama – bad guy- but that was enough- a crush was born. Wonder when he gets out of the military 🙂
      If anyone ever visits, let me know – I’ll give you directions to all these places and take you to the bubble tea place. It’s seriously the best one in Seoul.

  14. antonia says:

    Thanks softy… i guess you saw so much celebrities cause you didn’t care about them. LOL.
    JDG was my first k-crush (all about eve) so i have a soft spot for him…
    i enjoy your review… and i love this section!

  15. Kristal says:

    Let’s all just gather together, take a big bloggers (and blog fans) trip to Korea, and go celebrity spotting! We can have blue translate for those of us who can’t speak Korean! Heh.

    • Iviih says:

      Yeah, Softy needs to go with us, she knows where to go to find them XD

    • QuaTrang says:

      Hahahah… celebrity spotting!!! LOL When I read that my mind immediately think of “train spotting”! Sorry 😀

      But I would love to go there, sit in a cafe and wait for you guys “celebriry sighting accounts”! I think THAT will be much more interesting!

  16. Ann says:

    I’m really enjoying reading about all the celebrity sightings. It seems like you guys are tripping over them right an left. I’m so envious.
    I think if I were you, I might have been tempted to pretend I didn’t know who Lee Jung Jae was and said something like “My friend says your an actor, how interesting”. Perhaps knock down that ego a bit (Okay, I admit I am a bit disappointed he was like that).

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