And because we’re indecisive…

Thank you to everyone who earlier voted and offered your suggestions for our new domain name for this blog! You were all extremely helpful and gave us much guidance. For instance, your suggestions convinced us that we definitely want to keep the word “electric” in the new name. And furthermore, we took to heart the advice that we keep the name simple and easy to remember/spell.

At the end, both Bella and I agreed that we liked the following two names the best. But since we’re indecisive (okay, mostly me…), we’d like to do one last poll before making our final decision.

1. belectricground – This name was suggested by ockoala of the fabulous A Koala’s Playground blog. We liked how the “b” can stand for either of our names, but can also be read as “be electric.” I’m not even sure what “be electric” may mean, but doesn’t it sound like such a great way to start the day? Love it!

2. electricddang – This name was suggested by Bella herself. “Ddang” means “land” or “ground” in Korean. So in essence, “electric ddang” means “electric ground” again. So clever, no?!

Ahh, we love both names so much, and we can’t decide which we like better! There’s some concern that both names may still not quite fit the criterion of having a catchy, easy to spell/remember name. Okay, it’s still a big concern.

Man, it’s so difficult to decide on a name for a blog. How do parents ever decide what to name their babies?!! Anyway, please, please vote. And please, please comment. The votes were helpful, but your comments/thoughts even more so.

Thank you for your help! And like Joo Yoo-rin (of My Girl) would say, you’ll be blessed!

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22 Responses to And because we’re indecisive…

  1. helterskelter says:

    i like electricddang as it hints on what you’re writing about. belectricground is a bit of a mouthful to me, but that’s just my opinion 🙂
    (as a parent, it took us ages to decide on a name for our child. it basically came down to what we thought was perfect at that time. her name has a meaning in my native tongue too so maybe that’s why i am partial to electricddang)

  2. Kristal says:

    I voted for electricddang but what is the ddang for?

  3. V says:

    I like belectricground. 🙂 I think because I can’t help but think ‘electric dung’ when I see ‘electric ddang’. >.< But maybe that's cool too? 😀

  4. ockoala says:

    Omo, my suggestion is one of the finalist? XD I feel so honored, my dears Bella and Blue.

    But now I have a conundrum. Since electricddang is suggested by Bella herself I always prefer that because it feels more intimate, like something special you ladies cooked up together.

    Yet I prefer domain names for sites be immediately clear what it’s content is about. A non-Korean speaker won’t know what ddang means. I guarantee you’ll be fielding questions about “what does electricddang mean” from here until the day you stop blogging. Even if you put it in the About section.

    Not that electric ground explains the blog content, but at least to an English speaker (who are the readers of your blog), they won’t need to ask for the meaning of the words of the title.

    If you guys want the word Koala in a domain name let me know. My ridiculous over-helpful honey registered a bunch of domain names for me, all to encourage (pressure) me to get off wordpress and start self-hosting. Yes, he’s weird like that.

    Here’s what I envision:

    Welcome to Electric Ground with Bella and Blue


    Welcome to Blue and Bella’s Electric Ground

    Squee, I’m so excited for you guys~~~

  5. Beng-beng says:

    electricddang seems much simpler and more easier to remember than belectricground. the latter seems harder to explain when people will ask you about the meaning of your blog name, specially when you’re readers continues to grow in numbers =).

  6. D says:

    belectric–be elctric–wow, I really hadn’t figured that before….sounds really cool

  7. lei says:

    i scrolled down to the poll before i read the whole post, and my reaction was “what the heck is electricddang”?! then i read the meaning… makes perfect sense!

  8. nonski says:

    electricdang… easy on the tongue and simple.

  9. So3 says:

    Hmm… I think both options are fine (sorry, I’m being unhelpful here…)
    To me, when I want to go to a site but forget its url I would just google it. In that sense, Electric Ddang perhaps will be more unique and I can imagine it automatically becomes the top search result while for Electric Ground I’ll have to type out more details in order to get my desired results.
    But seriously, am sure loyal readers of this blog will have bookmarked this website already 😉

  10. missjb says:

    It’s hard to choose. Both of them are good. But If have to choose, It will be

  11. gailt says:

    When I left my vote, both options had exactly the same number of votes each. I guess my vote didn’t help. Either way I think your fans will still come to your site. I just bookmark.

  12. caffeinate_me says:

    I liked belectricground because it was concise and had a nice ring to it. But I mistakenly said it out loud and it sounded like I was burping (I know, I’m weird). Electricddang sounds good, too, like “electric…dayum!” (again, apologies, I’m weird). Doesn’t help, sorry, but whatever name you guys come up with, I’m still gonna be one of the many who’ll visit, no matter what :D.

    By the way, when you change your domain name, you’re going to have a redirect button, right? Stupid question, I know, but I’m one of those people that just stumbled on to your site and have it bookmarked because I was too lazy to remember the URL. Lol.

  13. vicka says:

    I love both options… I’m indecisive myself. But I gave my vote to electricddang… It’s really good!!! Because you keep your name, but giving a little more… in one name you reflect eclecticism : using both languages, you are showing us two different cultures, which somehow is the soul of this page. I love it. And you keep electric that is a term that I really like.
    belectricground is good, you keep your name, adding the b (blue/bella) and giving it a new connotation “be electric”. But somehow, electricddang keeps ringing on my mind. It’s a perfect mix of what you are, of what you represent to us, and you are teaching us -the non korean speakers of this world- a new word…. ddang… beautiful sound.

  14. thundie says:

    Omo, it’s tied at 44 votes each!

    I like “electricddang”; it just feels right. Have always loved the word “ddang” when I hear it spoken. So earthy and grounded, so real. Moreover, I adore your k-language and culture series because you’re teaching us the basics and helping us better appreciate our kdramas. So having a Korean word in your name just feels like the right thing to do. It’s also unique! 😀

    • simplesim says:

      I totally agree with thundie. I fell in love with the korean language after becoming a kdrama addict. “electricddang” is a mix of both worlds and “dd” is also a mirror of “bb”…lol

    • doozy says:

      I voted for “belectricground” because it has your original blog name and is easy to remember. But after reading thundie’s explanation, I’m now leaning more towards “electricddang” because it a clever wordplay and it so aptly represent the content of your blog.

    • gella says:

      yeah!I also think electricddang is fits your blog better. Since you two write about korean stuffs, might as well put a korean word in it. 🙂

  15. InLove says:

    I like belelectricground. electricddang can work too, but you need to know what the word ddang means and guaranteed, unless you guys have the meaning permanently at the top of the home page, most of your English speaking readers and new readers will not understand it. belectricground seems more self-explanatory.

  16. Iviih says:

    I like “electricddang” is easy to say ^^

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