Cha Seung Won to cameo in Lee Seung Gi’s refrigerator CF

Do you remember the scene in episode 9 of Best Love when Lee Seung Gi made a cameo appearance as himself? Or more like the little Dokgo Jin version of himself? Dokgo Jin (Cha Seung Won) threatened to steal away Lee Seung Gi’s refrigerator CF if Seung Gi failed to pull some strings to have Gu Ae-jung (Gong Hyo Jin) invited on his show, Steel Heart. Well, folks, that has become a reality!

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And because we’re indecisive…

Thank you to everyone who earlier voted and offered your suggestions for our new domain name for this blog! You were all extremely helpful and gave us much guidance. For instance, your suggestions convinced us that we definitely want to keep the word “electric” in the new name. And furthermore, we took to heart the advice that we keep the name simple and easy to remember/spell.

At the end, both Bella and I agreed that we liked the following two names the best. But since we’re indecisive (okay, mostly me…), we’d like to do one last poll before making our final decision.

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Celebrity Sightings: Softy’s edition, part 2

Why is Kim Soo Hyun’s photo used as the main image for this post, you ask? Because I figured we would want to send as much good energy as possible to Softy so that she could meet him one day, hopefully sooner than later. And while we’re at it, maybe Kim Jae Won, Song Joong Ki, and Yoon Kye Sang, too!

Part 2 will continue Softy’s celebrity sightings stories from Part 1, but whereas the first part focused on celebrities she randomly ran into in the streets and shopping malls, Part 2 will be on celebrities she randomly or purposely ran into in their natural working environments, including fan signing events, filming locations, and umm, a hair salon. I think we all agree that we just need to follow Softy around when in Seoul. (- Blue)

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Celebrity Sightings: Softy’s edition, part 1

We’re excited to bring to you the second issue of our Celebrity Sightings series coming from none other than Softy, who you may better know as the live recapping extraordinare/goddess at Rebel Souls. Currently residing in Seoul, by the time you finish reading this, I think we would be able to all agree that she is the luckiest soul in the world when it comes to accidental K-celebrity sightings. Her celebrity sightings read like a “Who’s Who in the Korean showbiz,” and in fact, so long was her list that it became necessary to split her edition into two parts. It almost seems unfair for one girl to have so much luck, but Softy was kind enough to share her celebrity encounter stories so that we can all experience them vicariously through her. Thank you, Softy! (- Blue)

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 9

I think I should just finally admit it to myself that I’m pretty much in love with this series right now. I don’t know why it’s always so hard to take that first step in admitting love… whether you’re in your teens, 20s, 3os, 40s, 50s, or umm, talking about an inanimate object, such as a tv drama.

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 8

This was another episode that I quite enjoyed. Sometimes I question why I find this drama to be so delightul. But as I squeal as I see Shin and Kyu-won steal glances at each other, all my doubts go thrown out the window.

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Park Shin Hye resumes filming, script revised

This past weekend, Park Shin Hye has resumed filming for You’ve Fallen for Me. Since her car accident on the 19th, she made a brief return to the filming set the very next day, only to be re-hospitalized after suffering from the aftereffects from the accident. Three days later, she has returned once again.

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