2011 Round-up

Bella’s Vow :

To list all dramas (sort of like a constant “in your face” reminder) that I have completed, not completed, and to post a thorough review before this year is out. Or at least a review of why I quit.

1. Secret Garden- how I love thee, let me count the ways. A special dissertation will be coming soon…
2. My Princess- bleh, after 3 episodes: pending initial impressions write up
3. Midas- I’m utterly bored by it and it’s so bloody predictable, I think I may cry. Pending write up…
4. Best Love aka Greatest Love
5. Romance Town
6. Lie to Me
7. Baby Faced Beauty
8. Miss Ripley
9. City Hunter

3 Responses to 2011 Round-up

  1. kcomments says:

    My Princess, couldn’t go thru the whole episode 6, blehhhhh. The only good thing is priceless SSH. *drools* ^^

  2. doragon says:

    still no addicting drama this year.

  3. mommygems says:

    “Lie to me” is boring! 😦 I love the actors but the story is a mixed of full house and city hall and other rom-com and it became bad because suddenly it’s too predictable. I only like the cola kissing scene yay! 🙂

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