B&B’s Lingo

B & B’s glossary of terms for reference:

If you’re new to Electric Ground, you might want to take a quick browse through the fundamentals. This will also be updated from time to time so it would be a good idea to check it periodically.  I have a peculiar way of referencing things and I know Blue does too so to help clarify  (and also to show that we are not completely nuts), we have developed our own K-culture lexicon of terms to decipher our ramblings, musings, reviews, and opinions.

1. Crack-esque- to define the level of addictiveness that is beyond explanation. A cheap high that does in no way shape or form can be explained as to why an individual shuts off reality and immerses him/herself in drama land.

**Drama doesn’t necessarily mean it’s quality or speak of the individual watching it**

2. Monet- ever watch, “Clueless?” If “yes” no explaination needed. If “no,” looks great from afar but upclose “it’s a big ol’ mess!”

3. Oye Ve/ Bloody- Bella uses these expressions alot, to describe frustration/anxiety/disappointment/placeholder for profanity?

4. Gay-dar Radar which goes hand in hand with the Maybe Gaybe- Bella’s 95% infallible internal radar to detect straight guys with questionable sexual ambiguity.

5. Withdrawal- medically defined as “an act of moving away especially from something difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable.” Such symptoms exhibited are the following but not inclusive: obsessively looking up every spoiler, news, pictures, youtube videos, etc.

6. Wean– a method of slowly re-acclimating to the “real world” from an addiction to a “crack-esque” drama. Methods may vary but a positive step towards rehabilitation would be not refreshing your blog/soompi/etc for updates and information every half hour.

7. Spoiler whore- Someone who spends a copius amount of time looking up what is going to happen next and doesn’t know the meaning of “just enjoy the show!”

2 Responses to B&B’s Lingo

  1. blue says:

    LOL. I love how singsong-like “gaydar radar” and “maybe gaybe” sound!

    And I beg to differ! “Spoiler-whoring” is all just a part of “enjoying the show!”

  2. kcomments says:

    Wahhhhh, splendid Bell, ‘K-culture lexicon of terms…’ BuaHAHAHAHAA.

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