You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 10

This episode was the quiet before the storm. How do we know that the storm is coming? Well, there are hints throughout the episode. But even more importantly, they really packed so much saccharine sweetness in one episode. With this kind of blatant fan service, you know the conflicts will be rushing at us very soon. But until then, enjoy the sweet. Or if you’re like me, squirm in your seat, wiggle your toes, and giggle. Welcome, we’re the Peeping Tom, and our target is the young love blossoming right in front of our eyes!

EPISODE 10: “Slowly, Little by Little, To You”

The title for episode 10 is “조금씩 천천히 너에게” (“Slowly, Little by Little, To You”), a 2009 song in collaboration between No Reply and Taru. The song expresses the feeling of that first moment when you realize that you are falling in love.

No Reply is an indie band composed of Kwon Soon Kwan (vocalist, keyboard) and Jung Wook Jae (guitar). Taru is a solo female musician under the Pastel Music label.

“Slowly, Little by Little, To You”
Song by No Reply and Taru
Lyrics translated by Blue1004

One, two, three

I took it out and read it over several times,
the numerous stories about you filling up my diary
I give meaning to every little move you make
How strange that I have become like this
I’ve looked at you for a long time
As you sat next to me
When I hesitated to say hello,
You held out your white hand and smiled brightly
It means so much to me

Though I don’t know you just yet
Though you and I are very different from each other
But just as time has gradually passed
Little by little, I get led to you

I find you fascinating
You who are still unfamiliar remains at the corner of my heart
Why do I find your awkward playfulness so fun
I smile whenever I see you… how strange.

Though I don’t know you just yet
(Though I don’t know you just yet)
Though you and I are very different from each other
(Though you and I are probably different from each other)
But just as time has gradually passed
Slowly, little by little, to you

Sometimes I sigh deeply
(With an expression that the pain would not heal)
If only I could be the one to hold you when you’re weary

Though I don’t know you just yet
Though you and I are very different from each other
(Though you and I are probably different from each other)
But just as time has brushed past me
Slowly, little by little, to you
(Suddenly, one day, I am…)
Ceaselessly led to you


Since Shin’s confession that his wish was for Kyu-won to like him again, everyone has now returned home from the MT trip.

On the morning of the first day back to school, Kyu-won finds Shin waiting outside her house. Lest we doubt what Kyu-won’s answer was to Shin’s confession, their timid smiles at each other and Shin’s cheerful whistling seem evidence enough that they are now officially a couple.


Still standing outside her door, Shin holds out his hand to her as he had done on that fateful night. And just the same, Kyu-won also starts to hold out her own hand to accept his. But before she can do so, he moves his hand and corrects her that he was offering to hold her bag – not her hand! (Oh, so smug, that Shin!)

Due to Kyu-won’s recent accident, they opt to walk to school, instead of taking the bike. As they walk down the street side by side, their hands continue to brush past each other.

Complaining that his hand hurts from continuing to bump into hers, Shin responds by grabbing her hand. He explains that they have no choice but to hold each other’s hands if they don’t want to continue bumping their hand against each other’s.

They smile as they walk down the street holding each other’s hands, looking very much like a young couple in love as they are.


Meanwhile, Kyu-won’s dad, who is back in Seoul to look into the matter of moving back permanently, bumps into Shin’s mom as they both walk out their doors.

Over coffee, they discuss the coincidence of Shin being the “Prince of Conceit” that Kyu-won has talked so much about. Kyu-won’s dad mutters to himself that perhaps he should tell Kyu-won to like some other guy instead. When Shin’s mom looks up, he confesses that the reason why he wants to move back to Seoul is not only to be close to his family, but because of her as well. But before he can continue, she cuts him off and suggests that they drop this topic, much to his disappointment. (And to the cheer from the rest of us!)


And now back to our young lovers. On their way to school, they stop by Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. The Three Mean Girls, who happened to have been passing by, spot the two inside. They spy on the two, wondering why Shin and Kyu-won would be hanging out together. Are they… dating?!

However, Shin catches on that he and Kyu-won are being spied on. He tells Kyu-won to not turn around, but to eat her ice cream silently. When the three girls see Shin and Kyu-won just eating the ice cream together with no particularly friendly or romantic atmosphere between them, they decide that the two neighbors probably just ran into each other and there is nothing between them.

Once they leave, Shin breathes a sigh of relief. He explains that it will be tiring once others find out that they’re dating, and Kyu-won will be public enemy #1 on campus. His matter-of-fact acceptance that they should keep their relationship a secret upsets Kyu-won. Well, according to his logic, perhaps they should just not be seen together ever again!

As Kyu-won walks out of the ice cream parlor and Shin follows to explain himself, Bo-woon sees Kyu-won and runs up to her. Asking after Kyu-won and finding out that she’s doing fine, they head to campus together, leaving Shin behind.

Shin continues to trail behind them, as B0-woons asks Kyu-won about who else, but Shin. “Why were you together with Shin? Did you make some progress since returning from the MT trip?! Are you sure there’s nothing going on? Just tell me.” Kyu-won lies that there’s nothing going on and that they just accidentally ran into each other on their way to school.

Watching Kyu-won and Bo-woon leaving him behind, all Shin can do is exclaim in exasperation, “CHA BO-WOON!”


Joon-hee receives homemade cookies from his female fans. Seeing Hee-joo walk pass by, he runs after her and offers her some. She declines, but when he continues to insist that she try one, she becomes irritated and knocks them out of his hand. For a second, she looks guilty, but she yells even louder that he not bring her anything to eat. There’s not much time left until their show and she has to manage her weight.

Meanwhile, Hee-joo’s mom meets with Tae-joon and announces that she has had a change of mind. With Hee-joo confirmed in the leading role, she no longer sees any reason to fire Suk-hyun from the musical. She orders Tae-joon to cancel their earlier plan, for having her daughter star in a musical directed by a Broadway director can only be good publicity for Hee-joo.


Pissed that his plan is not going as planned, Tae-joon next goes to Yoon-soo to try to stir some trouble. He asks her whether she has heard the rumor about Suk-hyun with some unknown actress back in Broadway. Yoon-soo smiles as she retorts back that neither she nor Suk-hyun is a child. It’s not as if she had not dated anyone in those past six years either.

As Tae-joon turns to leave, Yoon-soo advises him not to talk about Suk-hyun in front of her again. If he does, she’s afraid he’ll look pathetic. Umm, as he doesn’t look pathetic enough already. Either way, Tae-joon’s plan has failed once again.


At the musical rehearsal, Shin is completely ignored by Kyu-won. In order to get her attention, he suddenly breaks out into a guitar solo. He manages to get everyone’s attention, BUT Kyu-won’s.

With not much time left until the show, Suk-hyun announces to his musical team that they must really take seriously their practice. Everyone stands in position, but Hee-joo pushes Kyu-won away from her spot. Suk-hyun warns Kyu-won that the understudy must prepare thoroughly in case anything happens to the lead, and has Kyu-won practice right alongside Hee-joo.

After rehearsal, Suk-hyun calls Kyu-won and Hee-joo over for a talk. As he watches Kyu-won eat the whipped cream in her iced cafe mocha, whereas Hee-joo declines to even add syrup in her plain iced Americano, he tells Kyu-won to watch and learn from Hee-joo on how to better take care of her body. (Personally, I was disappointed with Suk-hyun in this scene, as I was hoping he would tell Hee-joo to learn to treat herself once in a while, instead of actually encouraging her unhealthy diet. But then again, he probably was unaware that Hee-joo has been going as far as starving herself lately.)

But it is Hee-joo’s comment to just let Kyu-won be as she has no chance of going up on stage anyway that awakes Kyu-won’s competitive nature. Kyu-won promises to start taking care of herself from here on now, for if she does ever have to go on stage, she doesn’t want the show ruined because of her.

Suk-hyun tells the two girls that this is exactly what he wanted to talk about. They should be praying and taking care of each other to make sure nothing happens to each other, for the good of the show. The girls reluctantly agree to do as they are told.


Shin gets interrupted by Soo-myung as he is waiting for Kyu-won in the hallway. When Kyu-won arrives, Soo-myung inquires about how their music is coming along. And then he finally takes off to give the young lovers the time alone. But before they get a chance to talk about their little argument from earlier, they are interrupted once again by Bo-woon.

Shin watches in frustration as he watches Kyu-won leave with Bo-woon to meet up with the Windflowers girls. Once again, he clenches his teeth as he mutters that name, “CHA BO-WOON!”


Kyu-won learns from the Windflowers girls that the news has already spread across campus that Shin and Kyu-won were seen eating ice cream together. They warn her to be careful. If any other rumors spread, there may be many girls after Kyu-won to pull her hair out. Once alone, Kyu-won realizes that the situation may indeed be much more dire than as warned by Shin once the news gets out that they are indeed dating. “My hair,” Kyu-won repeats.

The girls go shopping next. When Bo-woon catches Kyu-won looking at couple tees and wonders why, Kyu-won lies to her friends that she is considering wearing it with her grandfather. At the mention of Kyu-won’s grandfather, one friend confides that she is slightly scared of him. But Kyu-won shares that he is strict only in appearance; he’s actually very funny and sweet.

Bo-woon suggests that they all go visit Kyu-won’s grandfather. The other girls can’t go, but undeterred, Bo-woon insists on going even if by herself. She wants to see and take a photo of Grandpa wearing the couple tee.  (Why do I feel like Shin would have to soon mutter once again, “CHA BO-WOON”?)

Indeed, after failing to have a talk with Kyu-won at school, Shin decides to wait for her at her home, even volunteering to go through the torture of hearing Grandpa’s story once again. Excited that he has a listener, Grandpa welcomes Shin into his home.

Shin suffers in pain sitting in a kneeled position as he listens to Grandpa’s stories. Grandpa is at year 21 of his life and recounts the story of how he got married. Grandpa reminisces, “Then or now, I never lacked anything in looks. When I was young, I looked just exactly like you.” He continues with his tall tale of the riot caused by women when the news of his impending marriage had spread across the country.

Shin is delighted when Kyu-won returns home. But his happiness is short-lived as he sees Bo-woon follow right behind her. Bo-woon wonders what Shin is doing here, but Kyu-won quickly makes up an excuse that Shin is learning about gukak from her grandfather.

Bo-woon is excited to see Grandpa try on the new couple tee and insists that Kyu-won take it out to show it to him. Shin looks on with wonder.

Grandpa agrees to try on his new tee, and has the young ones leave the room while he changes into it. Poor Shin limps out once again.

Out of earshot from others, Shin complains to Kyu-won why “CHA BO-WOON” (sorry, I don’t know why I keep caps locking her name, but it just feels appropriate for her this episode) keeps following them around. Meanwhile, Bo-woon is curious herself why she keeps seeing Shin and Kyu-won together. (Bo-woon, put two and two together. I know you have it in you!)

When Grandpa comes out wearing his new tee, Bo-woon laments that Kyu-won should hurry and find herself a boyfriend to wear couple tees together. Shin frowns, but then a light bulb goes off in his head.

Shin: Cha Bo-woon? Have you heard the gukak life story of pansori master, Lee Dong Jin.
Bo-woon: Huh? I just heard he was amazing.
Shin: How could YOU, a gukak major, not have heard it? Even I come to listen to it. While we’re on this topic, why don’t you stay to hear it?
Bo-woon: Can I really do that, Grandpa?
Grandpa: It’s fine with me, but (addressing Shin) shouldn’t we finish what we were talking about earlier?
Shin: As I live right next door, I can hear it at anytime, sir.

Bo-woon would love to hear it and can’t believe her luck at this rare opportunity. She gladly follows Grandpa back into his room, unaware of what she is walking into.


Leaving Bo-woon behind, Shin and Kyu-won walk out of the house. Kyu-won feels sorry for Bo-woon, but Shin explains that she kept interrupting them when he had something important to say.

Kyu-won: What is it you wanted to say?
Shin: I’m sorry.
Kyu-won: About what?
Shin: Must I say that in words? (Sigh) Ever since meeting you, I talk too much.
Kyu-won: I think you were right. Let’s not cause any rumors. I don’t want to get my hair pulled.
Shin: Your hair pulled?
Kyu-won: There is something like that.
Shin: By the way, that couple tee worn by Grandpa – did you buy it to wear it with me?
Kyu-won: Huh? (faking a laugh) No!
Shin: (smiling) What a relief! It wasn’t my style.


Kyu-won asks how far along has he come in the ending song for the musical. Sitting on a park bench together, Shin plays the guitar portion of the song for her from his tablet, in what is blatant product placement. Kyu-won also takes out her phone and starts playing the gayageum part on it.

After the song ends, Shin asks Kyu-won what she thinks of it. When she stays mum and just looks at him, he appears dejected as he asks, “Is it not good?” But Kyu-won then breaks into a smile.

Kyu-won: It’s good.
Shin: Really?
Kyu-won: Yeah. I was going to scold you if it was bad, but it’s really good. The gayageum part – I like it!
Shin: I’m not sure of it myself, but others say I’m a fast learner. When I’m taught one thing, I get ten out of it. Or so they say.
Kyu-won: Pssh. It’s because you had a good tutor!
Shin: Let me know if there’s something I need to fix. I plan to use all the instruments for the climax part.
Kyu-won: Okay. Do a good job and make it fun, enough to make me move my shoulders to the music!
Shin: (smiling) If i want to see that, I have to make sure to do a good job!

Shin admits to Kyu-won that he was upset to see Hee-joo push Kyu-won during practice.

Shin: Doesn’t it make you feel bad being the understudy?
Kyu-won: No.
Shin: Even though you may never get a chance to go up on stage after all that practicing?
Kyu-won: It’s okay. I didn’t start it with the intent to be the lead anyway. Although I started it because of you, it now just feels new and exciting to learn to sing and dance. (They smile as they look at each other.) Thank you.

Shin suggests that they continue listening to music. As the music plays, their eyes meet. He tells her to listen to the music, and not just stare at his face.

Kyu-won: When did I look?
Shin: You didn’t look?
Kyu-won: I didn’t.

They smile, giggle, and steal glances at each other as they listen to music.


The night has fallen, and Bo-woon is still listening to Grandpa’s stories. Her legs hurt so much from sitting in the same position for so long that she literally looks like she’ll cry at any moment. Kyu-won finally returns home and comes to Bo-woon’s rescue. As Bo-woon limps out, she asks Kyu-won if Shin has something against her for him to push her in there. “What exactly did I do wrong to Shin?” After Bo-woon leaves, Kyu-won whispers, “Sorry, Bo-woon!”

The next morning, Shin is waiting in front of her house once again. He has even prepared a frog cushion on his bike for Kyu-won to sit.

Sitting behind Shin on his bike, Kyu-won awkwardly holds on to his bag. When he tells her to hold on tight, she grabs onto the strap of his bag even tighter.


“I said hold on tight!”

After some hesitation, Kyu-won puts her arms around Shin’s waist. And a few seconds later, she gains the courage to lean her head against his back. (Next time, don’t wear a backpack, Shin!!) They both smile during the bike ride.

Once inside the school building, Shin holds her hand. Kyu-won panics and tries to pull away. “I don’t want my hair pulled out.”

But Shin holds on and won’t let her go. They walk down the hallway together, hand in hand. People quickly take note, and a crowd has gathered to watch them. All the girls at school have erupted in anger, cursing that name – LEE. KYU. WON.

The news of Shin and Kyu-won dating have spread all over campus. Bo-woon now understands why Shin dragged her into the den of the lion (I mean, Kyu-won’s grandpa) the day before.


Even Suk-hyun has noticed the change in the air on campus. He asks Yoon-soo if something happened today.

Yoon-soo: Kyu-won and Shin are dating. The school has turned upside down.
Suk-hyun: What? Ah, Kyu-won, that punk! This is not the time to be dating.
Yoon-soo: Why? You don’t like the two dating?
Suk-hyun: It’s not that, but there is not much time left before the show. Hee-joo is working so hard even at this moment.
Yoon-soo: Well, Kyu-won is the understudy, anyway.
Suk-hyun: Even so, we can never relax until the show is done. Whatever happens, the show comes first. They better not miss practice to go on dates!

I like how Yoon-soo has been handling herself lately. Instead of showing senseless jealousy, she has been behaving maturely despite Suk-hyun’s display of jealousy/overprotectiveness/concern for Kyu-won. I hope Yoon-soo doesn’t lose that in the future episodes.


Hee-joo practices with Ki-young, but she still fails to convey the emotions of her character through her singing. She complains that she doesn’t understand the female lead character. How can it make sense to leave just in order to be acknowledged for her talent by her boyfriend?

Ki-young explains that the goal Hee-joo has in mind for the lead character is success, whereas the motive of the female lead character in the musical is love. Hee-joo says she knows, and that’s why she thinks of love as she sings. Ki-young explains that the problem is just that. The audience can see what Hee-joo is thinking.

Ki-young suggests that they go eat, but Hee-joo insists she’d rather continue practicing. He worries that she’ll faint if she keeps this up, but Hee-joo tells him to worry about himself. He better not run off again – her mom won’t just take that.


Speaking of Hee-joo’s mom, she is meeting with the sponsors for the school’s 100th year anniversary show. They wonder if it would be possible for them to watch the show in advance, taking advantage of their sponsor privileges. But when she tries to get in contact with her daughter, Hee-joo cannot be reached.

In fact, Hee-joo has been escorted to a picnic set up on the rooftop by Joon-hee. Knowing that Hee-joo has not been eating and just surviving on vitamins and nutrient supplements, Joon-hee has prepared a picnic of low-calorie food for her. After confirming that she really won’t gain weight from eating his food, she eats them deliciously. Joon-hee promises to bring her lunch like this every day until the show ends.

When Hee-joo receives a spam call, Joon-hee takes her phone and turns it off. He advises her to just think about food while eating.


Unable to reach her daughter, Hee-joo’s mom gives Tae-joon a thirty minute notice for their visit. When Suk-hyun receives the call from Tae-joon, he is rightfully outraged, explaining that even a poor production at the brink of bankruptcy won’t pull something like this. But Yoon-soo, who had been meeting with him for lunch, convinces Suk-hyun to go back and prepare for the visit.

Alone with the other traitor professor, Tae-joon is enjoying this new turn of event, challenging Suk-hyun to show him what he got… and embarrass himself in front of the sponsors.


Meanwhile, at his band practice studio, Shin is teaching Kyu-won how to play the guitar. He notices that she has her hair pinned back, and wonders why. Kyu-won explains that his rabid fangirls may come after her and pull all her hair out.

Shin: You have me. I will stay by your side, so you don’t have to do that funny hairstyle.


Kyu-won smiles, but looks up with her eyes wide in surprise as Shin leans in close to her face, looking like ready to go for the kill a kiss. But they get interrupted again, by who else but CHA BO-WOON!


Kyu-won didn’t hear the phone earlier because it was set to vibrate, but the musical team needs her right away. Bo-woon explains that Hee-joo’s mom is bringing over guests to take a sneak peek at the show. But since they can’t reach Hee-joo, Kyu-won has to stand in for the female lead.

Clueless of the chaos caused by her own mom, Hee-joo takes a nap on Joon-hee’s lap.


Suk-hyun and Soo-myung are busy preparing for the last-minute impromptu performance. Back in the dressing room, Ki-young is a nervous wreck.

Kyu-won: How can you be shaking already? (grabbing his hands) I’m going out there puting my trust in you, Oppa. Let’s just think of this as practice, yeah?

Ki-young nods and smiles. Just then, Shin knocks and walks in. Ki-young leaves the room to give the two their privacy, but not before first thanking Kyu-won.


Once Ki-young leaves, however, Kyu-won reveals that she is a nervous wreck as well. She was just pretending to be strong for Ki-young’s sake.

Shin: I get nervous every time I go up on stage at Catharsis.
Kyu-won: You too?
Shin: (nods) Do you know what I do whenever that happens?
Kyu-won: (shakes her head) I don’t know.

Shin covers her cheeks with both hands.

Shin: I look at the audience like this and repeat a chant.
Kyu-won: What do you say?
Shin: “You’ve fallen for me.”

Shin pinches her cheek and cheers her up. “Lee Kyu-won, fighting!”

Despite putting the performance together at the last minute, the kids deliver. And in particular, Ki-young and Kyu-won sound really great together.


Shin and Suk-hyun are pleased as Punch, beaming with pride at Kyu-won’s performance. The sponsors are impressed as well, giving them a standing ovation. One sponsor guy remarks that if the understudy is this good, how much better would Hee-joo be?

Hee-joo’s mom is upset, but Tae-joon is pleased that his plan worked. Now that she saw with her own eyes that Kyu-won is a better performer than Hee-joo, she won’t stand to watch Kyu-won remain as the understudy. And in order to kick out Kyu-won, they would need to first kick out Suk-hyun.


By the time Hee-joo wakes up from her nap and gets the many messages left for her on her voicemail, it’s too late. Hee-joo runs in with Joon-hee, and runs into her mom on her way out.

Both Hee-joo and Joon-hee look on in shock as Hee-joo’s mom slaps Hee-joo across her face.

Hee-joo’s mom: Did you have your phone turned off to hang out with a loser like him? Lee Kyu-won did a good job. If you don’t want to do this, quit right now, instead of embarrassing your parents in front of others.

Hee-joo’s mom heads over to Tae-joon’s office. And as expected, she tells him to proceed as originally planned to spread the rumor about Suk-hyun and have him fired.


Unaware of the troubles ahead, Suk-hyun praises Kyu-won and Ki-young for their excellent performance. Ki-young explains that he was able to perform so well thanks to Kyu-won, and Suk-hyun turns back to Kyu-won.

Not knowing any better way to praise Kyu-won for a job well-done, Suk-hyun goes back to his old habit of ruffling her hair, only for Shin to grab his wrist to stop him this time.

Shin: Lee Kyu-won… is not a child.

Suk-hyun looks on as Shin drags Kyu-won away. Seeing them go, Ki-young notes that Shin must really like Kyu-won a lot.

Suk-hyun: That punk! He takes her away just because I was praising her a little? Is Lee Kyu-won his belonging or something?


As Kyu-won and Shin walk on together, the Windflowers girls chase after them with a “big problem.” Kyu-won instinctively grabs her hair back, wondering if there are people coming to pull out her hair.

But the problem is even more serious, they explain. The Three Silly Girls are holding a public poll on whether they can accept Shin and Kyu-won dating. The overwhelming majority of people are placing their stickers on the side opposing this relationship.

Seeing Shin smile, Kyu-won asks him why he’s smiling.

Shin: It’s funny.
Kyu-won: That’s funny to you?
Shin: Don’t concern yourself with what others say.
Kyu-won: You may be able to not concern yourself, but I can’t. It pisses me off.
Shin: Things like this will happen frequently. Are you going to react so sensitively each time it happens?
Kyu-won: Then I should smile like you? Can’t I even get angry about it? And shouldn’t you not smile either seeing that?
Shin: Why are you getting mad at me?
Kyu-won: Forget it. For an average girl like me meet to date a popular guy like you, I should just expect things like this and get over them. But I still feel awful.

Kyu-won turns to leave, and Shin tries to stop her.

Kyu-won: I’m not mad at you. I just want to be left alone.

She walks off.


The Windflowers girls confront Shin. “It’s natural that Kyu-won would be mad!” “Your fault is that you’re too popular!” “How can you not understand women at all?!”

Then then decide to approach the Three Silly Girls to give them a piece of their mind. But Shin stops them. This is his job.

Shin walks up to the table set up by the Three Silly Girls. “I’ll say it just once. Take this down.” The girls obediently agree to do so right away.


In low spirit, Kyu-won walks past Suk-hyun, not even noticing him. Suk-hyun calls after her to ask what’s wrong.

Kyu-won: Do I really fall that behind compared to Lee Shin?
Suk-hyun: Who said that?
Kyu-won: Everyone!
Suk-hyun: Bring anyone who said that to me. I will scold all of them. Kyu-won, you have the ability to move people’s heart. And there are only a handful of people who can see that.
Kyu-won: Really?
Suk-hyun: Of course. I can see it with my eyes. So cheer up, okay? If Shin upsets you, let me know. I’ll scold him.
Kyu-won: Yes, I will. And thanks for telling me about the musical. I was really happy singing on stage earlier.

Suk-hyun smiles as he sees her leave, but catching himself, he shakes himself to stop.


Shin stops by Kyu-won’s home on his way to his house, and learns that Kyu-won has not returned yet.

Shin contemplates over what to text Kyu-won to apologize for earlier. His sister walks in to his room, the news of Shin dating Kyu-won already having reached her school. She’s upset that his brother is too good for Kyu-won, but he warns her not to say that anymore. Well, she gives him her own warning. She can accept them dating, but he better not kiss her. If such a rumor spreads, all his fans will leave him and she won’t be able to sell his autographs.

Meanwhile, Kyu-won is still waiting for a text or a phone call from Shin, but there’s none.


Well, at least there’s one person happy to learn that Shin and Kyu-won are dating. Thanks to all the depressed fans of Shin drinking their misery away, Madame Gu’s business is doing well. But he is quickly reminded that he may lose a lot of business in the evening. Now that Shin has a girlfriend, there won’t be as many girls coming to see him perform at the club.

Suk-hyun doesn’t see what’s so great about Shin. To him, Kyu-won seems too good for him!

Just then, Shin walks into the club for his evening gig. While Yoon-soo has excused herself to go to the restroom, Suk-hyun tells Shin not to make Kyu-won cry.

Shin: I don’t know why you’re worrying about this matter. (You should worry about) not making Professor Jung cry.
Suk-hyun: You never back down once, do you? Fine, so you may go now.


The long-awaited text from Shin finally arrives! He tells her to come to Catharsis tonight. Kyu-won vows to play hard to get, but when another text arrives, she can’t help herself from reading it again. This time, he tells her not to bring Bo-woon along. Kyu-won goes right into picking out her outfit to wear tonight.

Meanwhile, Hee-joo sulks in her room by herself. Her mom walks in and apologizes for slapping her earlier.

Hee-joo’s mom: We’ll be kicking out Lee Kyu-won and Director Kim Suk-hyun, so you just pretend you don’t know anything.
Hee-joo: Mom, thank you. I had been bothered by those two as it was. I’m glad.


Shin is performing with his band at Catharsis, and he smile as he sees Kyu-won walk in. As she walks closer, everyone is gossiping about Kyu-won, noting that she’s the girlfriend, why is she here, and remarking how annoying!


Shin switches mood and next sings the song he made with his dad, “Because I Miss You.” As he sings, she remembers his words to her that his wish is for her to like him again. Kyu-won smiles.

Once the song ends, he nods over to her to come closer to the stage. The female audience members freak out. “What the heck is that?” “No!” “I really can’t stand it!”

Disregarding what everyone is saying around them, Shin inches closer to where she is standing. They pause to look into each other’s eyes.

And then he leans in for a kiss.


So Shin is a young man in love with raging hormones, huh?

Let’s take a closer look at their “skinship” progress now, shall we? On the first day back from their MT trip and the start of their relationship, he initiated holding hands, although judging by all that hand bumping going on, Kyu-won may have first instigated Shin to initiate that hand-holding.

On the second day, he had Kyu-won hold on to his waist during their bike ride. He initiated another hand-holding in front of everyone to see. And he attempted to go for their first kiss (in his band studio), if only CHA BO-WOON had not interrupted them.

And just on their third day, they finally succeed. This may seem like a normal progress in real life, but in the K-drama world, it felt like they were moving along in lightning speed.

Umm, I approve.

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21 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 10

  1. Khairun says:

    Omg, YAY thank you!!!

  2. riza says:

    thanks for d recap love it

  3. joonni says:

    I also approve. Hee.

    Really, it is CHA BO-WOON in effect but in reality, it was always muttered through his teeth. LOL.

  4. Although having seen that awesome breathtaking kiss in City Hunter and Lie to me’s unbeatable Ice-Cream-Kiss & Cola-Kiss, I didn’t giggle this much when skipping through the episode! XD
    I waited to read your recap first before watching the episdoe because there are no subs anyway and I still couldn’t stop giggling while reading!!!
    Yeah I was surprised about this much skinship and can’t stand but wanting more! XD I was almost disappointed buy the light kiss at the end, but the coming out of the two makes it up. *hehehe*

    I so love it when Suk-hyun is acting with Kyu-won, but I hope Shin’s jealousy isn’t going to be a serious problem. I doubt that Kyu-won can stand another “man” controlling her like her granpa. But I do believe that he’s actually a sweet and funny old guy otherwise she wouldn’t have put up with him for 20 years. *g*
    I so wish that her dad can return home and they could be family again. I was so surprised when her dad could even meet her in from of grandpa and later could even enter the house.
    But why is Shin’s mum so distant from Kyu-won’s dad? Can’t she forgive herself for being swayed by Shin’s dad or is it just too late for them to get back together? I feel so sorry for Kyu-won’s dad.

    I hate Hee-joo for letting her mum controlling her life that much. *grrr* She’s going to learn the hard way how much Suk-hyun and Kyu-won could have help her to sing with her heart but that dragon mum of hers is in the way. I wonder what part Jung-hee will play in this game.

    THANK YOU, Blue, for this awesome and fast recap!!! Love you!

  5. rhianti says:

    Thanks blue for your lovely recaps:)
    you know HS make giggle and smile like an idiot. . .hehe. .remind me a lot what a sweet young love;) ..even my two daughters sooo curious why their mother keep smiling and gigling infront of a laptop..huahaha..ahh remind me a lot when i was young( hey..don’t be surprised. .i’m almost fourty 🙂

  6. galen says:

    Thanks for the recap. Loving your explanations and insights on this drama. I can’t believe I actually watched this raw and smiled and giggled along despite not catching most of it, it’s really very sweet and reminds me so much of my first love as well. Must be why it’s so popular, eh?

  7. caffeinate_me says:

    Another awesome recap. I love it!

    And as much as I love Bo-woon, girl should really take a hint. I laughed out loud when Shin subjected her to the Grandpa story-telling torture! And Hee-joo, I was starting to like her but I really don’t like that she’s going to join forces with her mom and Tae-joon. I feel like I’m about to hate her for it. I gotta admit, I LOVE the blatant fanservice they’re throwing our way, and I normally hate it when dramas do that. But here, I don’t know. It gives me the warm and the fuzzies and I can watch it all day. And seriously, is this an affliction that affects ALL college boys? Yes, Shin, she needs to hear you say it out loud. Although, keep looking at her like that and I might forgive your silence. And no, as worried as you are, it doesn’t entitle you to be possessive. But if you keep supporting her and protecting her like that, I will relent. Oh, and the first kiss in front of everyone in a crowded cafe? Well played, Lee Shin. You are now my guitar hero.

  8. Laica says:

    I approve too! I was grinning like a fool this whole episode.

    And you’re right about the calm before the storm. I’m a preview-phobe, but I can see the signs too. We haven’t had any major conflict so far, so I’m curious to see how the writers handle it. I hope we don’t go over-the-top melo.

    And it seems like Suk-hyun actually has non-brotherly feelings for Kyu-won after all… oh dear.

    • Laica says:

      Oh and how much do I love that even when he’s being jealous and possessive, Shin grabs her hand and drags her away, not her wrist.

      • joonni says:

        I didn’t notice that but now that you said it….So awesome!

        Seriously, all the hand-holding makes me more giddy than a kiss.

  9. angel esguerra says:

    thanks for the recap!
    love it 🙂

  10. rr says:

    laughing out loud while reading the part of CHA BO-WOON! i can feel lee shin’s frustration everytime CHA BO-WOON! i really love how they stare at each other,smile so affectionately and lovingly to each other,their hand-holding and now the kiss…absolutely brilliant chemistry with these two;)

  11. nonski says:

    thanks for the recaps blue!

    love this episode… lols i almost posted my sentiments for episode 11.

    i’m happy camper here for the progress of shin and kyu-won. gah! just look at how shin is taking every little chance he can to get closer with kyu-won. heh! and the skinship is progressing well, good job, shin-ah!

    and boo-won is so great in her interruptions with S and KW’s moments… hahaha i laugh coz of her.

    btw, those needing soft-subs subtitle can get it on

    regular uploading of subs will resume on August 8 as the staff are on hiatus till august 8.

  12. NN says:

    tks for the recap, there’s not much storyline here but I’m still really enjoying it =)

  13. eva says: this drama ended with very happy end.. With big smile on everyone faces.. Please..

  14. checkinout says:

    This episode had so much sugar, I think I have to take some insulin to control my glucose levels. *grin* Thank you for the additional context on the song used for the title, love love love the lyrics. I think I’m becoming quite a fan of your blog! Now to brace myself for the angst that is Episode 11… my only consolation is the hope that there will be a HOTTER KISS at the end of the angst-ridden tunnel….

  15. rr says:

    the lyrics of “Slowly, Little by Little, To You” is so fitting for their love story 🙂

  16. Melpomene says:

    Thank you for your recaps! I loved this episode! Shin really stepped up and acted like a good boyfriend. And I love how he keeps trying to solve their misunderstandings and deal with everything fairly maturely. Gah! How did he become so cool!

    (Also, is it just me, or is his acting a tad better? There were some moment of almost subtle emotion flickering across his face!)

    Poor Hee-joo. She has been trained to be a witch. But I hope she looses something precious and suffers. Just to make ME feel better.

  17. rich gomez says:

    OMG!! This is such a cute episode! And Cha Bo Woon is sooo funny!! XD

    Thanks for the recap! ^^

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