You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 13

Two words. Milli. Vanilli.

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 12

I planted senseless fear in people last week, but rest assured. This drama continues to surprise me in continuing to deviate from my expectations. This young couple is much stronger than I ever gave them credit for, and now that they have found each other, they won’t let conflicts, like simple misunderstanding or jealousy, get in their way. Instead, they actually talk things through and work it out. Perhaps some of those older drama couples have a thing or two to learn from these two young people.

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Trailers galore (August 2011 edition) (UPDATED)

This post will be constantly updated as new trailers get released.

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Healing Camp: Episode 3 (Guest: Ji Sung)

This man! I’m totally in love with Ji Sung’s performance in Protect the Boss, and his recent guest appearance on the new SBS talk show, Healing Camp, made me enamored with Ji Sung, the man behind the camera.

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Korean language and culture series: Korean names, part 4

And so here we are with the fourth and the final installment of the Korean names subseries. The original title for Part 4 was “Sam Soon and other names Koreans find funny.” However, I decided to broaden the scope of the topic to include a discussion on any quirky, tacky, old-fashioned, or unconventional Korean names found in real and reel life.

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 11

I suspect that Shin will remember for a long time walking along this tree-lined path (“that place”) on the day he took Kyu-won away (“that time”).

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 10

This episode was the quiet before the storm. How do we know that the storm is coming? Well, there are hints throughout the episode. But even more importantly, they really packed so much saccharine sweetness in one episode. With this kind of blatant fan service, you know the conflicts will be rushing at us very soon. But until then, enjoy the sweet. Or if you’re like me, squirm in your seat, wiggle your toes, and giggle. Welcome, we’re the Peeping Tom, and our target is the young love blossoming right in front of our eyes!

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