Trailers galore (August 2011 edition) (UPDATED)

This post will be constantly updated as new trailers get released.

Protect the Boss (Premiering August 3 on SBS)

Ojakgyo Brothers (previously known as Golden Pond)
(Premiering August 6 on KBS)

Can’t Lose (Premiering August 24 on MBC)

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20 Responses to Trailers galore (August 2011 edition) (UPDATED)

  1. kcomments says:

    Thanks, I have to check out JJ (another idol in town *fingers crossed* ). Will he be singing the OST too?

    • blue says:

      I haven’t heard any news on it, but I would think that he would since he’s the lead vocalist for his group. Personally, I was hoping that my favorite member of DBSK (that would be Junsu!) would sing a song. But I heard that he’s singing a song for the OST to Scent of a Woman instead, and making a cameo appearance in it too.

      I’m really looking forward to Protect the Boss. Jisung looks like he’ll be hilarious, and I personally like Choi Kang Hee as an actress. *joining you in crossing my fingers*

      • nonski says:

        actually, i am so anticipating Jaejong! I, too, would love to hear Junsu, so imma watching him out on Scent of a Woman. I love the JYJ!

      • kcomments says:

        So going to check out ep1 (but that means no more LMH each week *sob sob* ), Jisung with his hairdo making me laugh already, but not so CKH tho. Aww.. I hope JJ give this drama a song, and hope he do well. ^^

      • kcomments says:

        Two episodes and I loved your CKH! She’s hilarious, isn’t she? That heels of her buahahaha….
        Currently sit tight with happy smile in PTB’s bandwagon for now ^^

  2. D says:

    o man, both dramas look so adorable….SO CONFLICTED cuz my drama palette is so full

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  4. ditdut says:

    OMG, Angry Birds for a trailer! Too cute! Got a feeling I’ll be annoyed by UEE trying to emote. Hope she’ll prove me wrong.

    • supah says:

      Aww, I like UEE. She’s the only Idol-turned-actor I would ever root for.
      I WAS actually looking forward to Ojakgyo Bros/Golden Pond for her, Baek Il-sub, the PD and writer, in spite of my general indifference (read raging hatred) towards standard weekend dramas — but then hot dayum, those two abysmal trailers, and Joo Won at 00.15 (snerk snerk — yeah, I’m evol).
      Ehh… I’ll check it out anyway.

  5. Kristal says:

    WTH was up with the angry birds in the trailer?? Kinda cute though even if it told us NOTHING about the plot.

    That first Protect the Boss trailer delights me to no end. I am more excited about that one than ever. I just hope it turns doesn’t let me down like another drama has recently. *cough* Myung Wol *cough*

    • blue says:

      Oh, tell me about it (in regards to MW)! I can never seem to make it past the first episode. Actually, I’ve been pretty disappointed by most of the new July dramas. Hopefully, August dramas fare better, but I agree. Protect the Boss looks good!

      • nonski says:

        blue… you are not into sageuks?

        • blue says:

          I’ve checked out the first two episodes of three sageuks playing right now (WBDS, Princess’s Man, and Gyebaek), but none of them really pulled me in. I’m normally not a big sageuk fan, and I only like certain ones. I’m looking forward to watching the upcoming Tree With Deep Roots though. Are you watching any sageuks right now?

        • nonski says:

          I’ve started ep1 of WBDS and it’s ok… Gye Baek and Princess’ Man are on my watch list, just waiting to finish downloading… hehehe… I have to watch them esp WBDS coz i will be QC checking the final subs. But, I like sageuks… PM appeals to me for it’s story and Gye Baek too.

      • nonski says:

        i mean the sageuks that just started lately…

      • Kristal says:

        I’m determined to stick it out with MW (same with You’ve Fallen For Me, though the last 2 eps were much better) just because the chemistry between the leads is cute. I usually don’t stick around just for the OTP (take Lie to Me as an example) but I guess I’m just a masochist with too much time on her hands right now.

  6. ripgal says:

    Omo, both trailers look CUTE and FUN! Choi Kang Hee is a darling, she’ll rawk the sec role like no other.

    And Golden Pond, love all 4 cast! Esp Joo Won ssiii… looking hot there!

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  8. kcomments says:

    Oh boy, that long trailer of PTB looks awesome, haha a phrase from Slam dunk, I believe JS will probably nail this role!

  9. Iviih says:

    The trailer for Can’t Lose is good, I hope Choi Ji-woo’s acting makes me like her again.

    You see, while everyone loved her in winter Sonata, and that made her very famous, in my case, Winter Sonata made me dislike her… yeah yeah I know it was just a character, but I just couldn’t make myself watch any of her other dramas.. . but seeing the trailer for can’t lose, I’m excited and think I’ll really enjoy her character and finally get over this disliking I have against her. (I hope, because I really want to see Yoon Sang Hyun in this drama)

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