You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 11

I suspect that Shin will remember for a long time walking along this tree-lined path (“that place”) on the day he took Kyu-won away (“that time”).

EPISODE 11: “At That Place, At That Time”

The title for episode 11 is “그자리에 그시간에” (“At That Place, At That Time”). It’s a 2006 song by the popular ballad singer, Sung Shi Kyung. The lyrics is one of regret, as a man laments on whether he could have done anything different “at that place, at that time” to have avoided breaking up with his lover, or whether their parting was simply their unavoidable fate.

“At That Place, At That Time”
Song by Sung Shi Kyung
Lyrics translated by Blue1004

As we live, there are so many happenings
That lose their meaning in the name of coincidence
Those small, hard-to-believe miracles
At that place, at that time,
We were placed as if by fate
If we had just brushed past by, looked elsewhere
Or if we were seeing someone else
Would we not have fallen in love with each other?

As we love, there are so many words
That push us to the end that is farewell
Only once it has passed, do we realize
At that place, at that time,
We were placed as if by fate
If I had held you, not made you cry,
what would have become of us?

At that place, at that time,
Were we placed there cause it was our time to part?
If I had held those words back,
talked about something else,
Do you think we would have avoided goodbye?
Like a lost ring that can be found again
I will have searched a long time
But we can’t turn it back around

If I had held you, not made you cry,
what would have become of us?
Would we really not have broken up?



As Shin kisses her, Kyu-won looks shell-shocked, whereas all the girls in the audience scream and panic out of jealousy. The Windflowers girls walk in and witness their kiss as well.

Once their lips part from each other, Shin looks at her and tells her, “Now you’re in big trouble.” He smiles.

Shin returns to sit at the center of the stage, and starts singing his song “You’ve Fallen for Me.” He never turns his eyes away from her as he sings.

Like a coincidence, that was our start
At first, I never knew this would be love even in my dreams,
Who would have thought that it would be
Your heart keeps going thump thump
You can’t help but smile when you look at me
And without even realizing it,
You have started to love me
You have fallen for me, fallen for me,
Melted in my sweet love
You have fallen for me, fallen for me,
Mesmerized by my charming gaze
See your eyes, just look at me
See your eyes, I love you
Forever and ever even after this moment passes
Without knowing it, you have fallen for me


That night, Shin and Kyu-won hold hands as they walk home. At her door, he asks if she’s not worried about getting her hair pulled.

Kyu-won: I think I will have to go around wearing a swimming cap.
Shin: Nothing bad will happen. Just trust me.

As Kyu-won still looks worried, he asks, “You can’t trust me?”

Kyu-won: (smiling) I trust you.
Shin: Go on in. It’s late.
Kyu-won: I want to see you leave first.
Shin: You go on in first. It’s too dangerous.
Kyu-won: What can be dangerous, when I just have to open the door and walk in?
Shin: You can trip and fall. Anyway, hurry in.

Kyu-won turns to walk in, but Shin calls out her name. Taking a step forward, he kisses her on her forehead and wishes her a good night. She frantically says “you too” before running in.


Once back in her room, Kyu-won can’t hide her delight as she giggles lying in bed. Shin also returns home in a great mood, whistling as he walks in the door.

Shin’s mom offers him two tickets for an art exhibit, and he quickly takes them, saying he’ll ask around to see if anyone would be interested in going with him. (By the way, don’t you all agree that his mom knows or at least suspects that Shin is dating Kyu-won? I think she offered him two tickets so that he can take Kyu-won, and perhaps this was the reason why she was so quick in rejecting Kyu-won’s dad in Episode 10.)

Shin calls Kyu-won and asks her out on a date tomorrow morning, as he got some free tickets from his mom. Kyu-won nonchalantly agrees to go: “Well, it’s not like I really want to go, but it would be a waste to throw them away.” They agree to meet in front of the house tomorrow morning.

But once off the phone, she giggles to herself. She then realizes that she has nothing decent to wear on her date. She texts Shin to meet him there instead, lying that she has to first run an errand for her grandfather.


Jung-hyun marches in to her brother’s room, already having heard the news of her brother’s kiss earlier this evening. (Wow, they really weren’t kidding when they say Shin’s popularity is like that of an idol singer!) But before she can continue, Shin agrees to give her the allowance himself that she used to get from selling his autographs. He hands her 20,000 won (approx. $20) and tells her not to tell their mom. She takes the money and tells him this amount is enough… for now.

Jung-hyun realizes that this might be good business. The next morning, Jung-hyun greets Kyu-won as she walks out the door. She threatens to tell Kyu-won’s grandfather about Kyu-won dating and kissing Shin. “Because of you, I can’t sell my brother’s autographs to my friends anymore. What am I going to do about my allowance now?”

Kyu-won catches on to what Jung-hyun is getting at, and takes out a 5,000 won bill (approx. $5). Not finding this sufficient, Jung-hyun again threatens to see her grandfather. Kyu-won stops her, and this time hands her a 10,000 won instead. Satisfied, Jung-hyun takes the money and walks off. Kyu-won waves goodbye, and through her clenched teeth, mutters that she’s putting up with this because of Shin.


Yoon-soo finds Suk-hyun writing a postcard to a close actress he knew from the States.

Yoon-soo: The same actress you had a scandal with back in Broadway?
Suk-hyun: Have you been doing a background check on me?
Yoon-soo: I heard it from Tae-joon sunbae. Was it serious between you two?
Suk-hyun: Is that important now?
Yoon-soo: It’s not important to me at all. You know that’s not why I’m asking. Don’t you know that Tae-joon sunbae has been trying to find some dirt on you? I’m just worried that some talk will come out of it.
Suk-hyun: Don’t worry. I’m not scared of anything like that.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon schemes up a plan to lie that Hee-joo was never notified by Suk-hyun about the impromptu performance in front of the sponsors because he wanted to push for Kyu-won as the lead instead. The other traitor professor wonders if they really have to go that far, but Tae-joon reminds him about his tenure evaluation next year. That shuts him up and gets him going along with Tae-joon’s plan once again.


After shopping for a new outfit to wear on her date, Kyu-won shows up at the art exhibit wearing her new clothes and finds Shin already there waiting for her. But when she turns to go in, Shin notices the price tag still hanging on her clothes.

Realizing that she went shopping beforehand, he asks her what was the errand that she had to run for her grandfather. She lies about going to pick up some music sheets for him. He then smiles as he inquires about her outfit. He’s never seen her wear it before and wonders if it’s new. Again, she lies: “What do you mean. I always wear it.”

Shin: Then, you must have always worn that price tag too.

She panics as she reaches back to grab the price tag. Embarrassed, she quickly walks off and into the exhibit, while Shin chases after to tell her to remove the price tag first.


The art exhibit is one for illusion arts. They enjoy their date, taking photos of each other posing with and within the artworks.

After their art date, they go out to grab something to eat. When the food comes out, Shin lays out the utensils for her first. Smiling, Kyu-won remarks that her dad always does the same thing as well when they go out to eat.

Shin: Is it ok to ask this?
Kyu-won: What is it?
Shin: Why do you live apart from your dad?
Kyu-won: You must have caught on already, but my dad and Grandpa are not in good terms. If we all live together, they fight too much so it becomes too tiring for me.
Shin: (hesitating) Jung-hyun and I have different fathers.
Kyu-won: I know.
Shin: After finding out I was dating you, Jung-hyun is in a lot of shock. She was whining so much about not being able to make spending money that I had to give her $20.
Kyu-won: What? I gave her $10 this morning as well. Wow, she’s a smart one! We were both tricked.
Shin: Aish, Lee Jung-hyun!
Kyu-won: What is this, Lee Shin? You just look tough on the outside, but it turns out you’re really just a “heodang.”

(“Heodang” is a regional satoori/dialect from Kangwon-do, a province in South Korea. It refers to useless or fruitless acts done in vain. For example, digging a well where there is no water. It became a common household term after Lee Seung Gi earned the nickname “Heodang” on the KBS variety show, 1 Night 2 Days, because he always appears smart and seems to know what he’s doing but the end result always lacks that 1%.)


Meanwhile, while Shin and Kyu-won are enjoying the bliss of young love, Tae-joon’s plan has been put into action. Suk-hyun is left speechless at the accusation that he purposely did not contact Hee-joo. He insists on speaking to Hee-joo herself, but she has not shown up to school today and Hee-joo’s mom refuses to allow Suk-hyun to talk on the phone with her daughter.

Soo-myung and Ki-young feel wronged, Soo-myung showing Suk-hyun his call record of how many times he tried calling Hee-joo. He insists on going over to Hee-joo’s house and talking to her himself, but Suk-hyun stops him, saying that Hee-joo probably lied because she was afraid of her own mother.

Ki-young remembers seeing Hee-joo going somewhere with Joon-hee that day, and they decide to ask him to be their witness. But before they can get to Joon-hee, Hee-joo gets to him first.

She lies to him over the phone that because her mom was so upset about her being with Joon-hee and wouldn’t even let her go to school, she had told her that she was not with him that day. Hee-joo asks that he does the same when anyone asks. He agrees to do as told.

Once off the phone, Hee-joo calls Joon-hee a fool.


Shin and Kyu-won return to campus from their date, still holding hands. As they go their separate ways, it’s cute how Shin insists on watching her go first. Kyu-won points out that there’s nothing dangerous here, and is surprised to find Shin so easily comply. “Okay, then I’ll go on my way first.” Or so he pretends, but he turns back around and tells her to go first. She smiles and waves goodbye, and Shin stands there until she is no longer in sight.

Shin learns from Soo-myung about the misunderstanding with Hee-joo, while Joon-hee looks guilty that his lie is putting Kyu-won and Suk-hyun in an awkward position.

The rumor that Suk-hyun tried to push out Hee-joo to help Kyu-won play the leading role has spread to other students as well. As Kyu-won walk on campus, the Three Mean Girls confront and accuse her of being the sly one who seduced not only Shin, but Suk-hyun as well.

Kyu-won doesn’t understand what’s going on, but the Windflowers girls run up to her and help explain the situation. They try to convince Kyu-won from going to the musical rehearsal. If Kyu-won stands in for the leading role because Hee-joo is not there, it will only add fuel to the fire. But Kyu-won retorts back that she shouldn’t have to run and hide when the rumor is not true. She insists on going; if she doesn’t go, it will look bad for the director as well.

Meanwhile, Yoon-soo meets with Suk-hyun.

Yoon-soo: See. What did I say? I told you to be careful. Go to Tae-joon now and…
Suk-hyun: (interrupting her) I’m going to rehearsal.
Yoon-soo: Suk-hyun!
Suk-hyun: I don’t care what others say. Don’t you know? That I made it to where I am after encountering jealousy and envy of others. But it’s cowardly and childish to make a talk out of young Lee Kyu-won. I won’t let them.


At musical rehearsal, everyone assumes Kyu-won won’t show but is surprised when she does and accuses her of being thick-skinned. Ki-young is the only one to greet her warmly, while Sa-rang loudly remarks for all to hear that the two leads are getting along just fine by themselves. Shin looks on with displeasure as his girlfriend gets such mistreatment.

As Hee-joo is absent, Suk-hyun calls Kyu-won to stand in for the lead. Sa-rang loudly remarks again that at this rate, Kyu-won will play the lead on the actual show as well. Suk-hyun replies, “And why not? What is the understudy for then, otherwise?”


After the rehearsal, the Three Mean Girls purposely bump against Kyu-won as they leave. Kyu-won makes a fist at them, and Suk-hyun, walking out of the rehearsal just then, tells Kyu-won to not hold back and just hit them once.

Kyu-won: I’m not in the mood to joke around.
Suk-hyun: You’ve heard, right? I’m sorry.
Kyu-won: It’s not true, anyway. Hee-joo will get over it soon.
Suk-hyun: Normally before a show…

But before Suk-hyun can finish his sentence, Shin walks out of the rehearsal, grabs Kyu-won’s hand, and whisks her away from Suk-hyun.

Only after taking her to the field on campus does he let go of Kyu-won’s hand. Shin asks her if she can just not do this musical.

Kyu-won: Why?
Shin: Hee-joo will go up on stage anyway. Why go through all this just to be the understudy? Just quit.
Kyu-won: I don’t want to!
Shin: Listen to me. Why receive insults over crap like this?
Kyu-won: Crap like this? I told you last time – that it’s fun and I like it.
Shin: Then do it next time. You really don’t know why I am saying this?
Kyu-won: I know. But if I drop out now, what does it make out of Director? And it would be absurd to drop out now.
Shin: Why should you worry about Director? I will tell him that I told you to quit.
Kyu-won: You always think from your point of view. Am I your puppet who just do as you tell me? Whether I keep doing the show or not, it’s for me to decide.

She walks off, leaving Shin to call after her. But just then, he gets a call from Suk-hyun asking him to see him.

Shin walks into Suk-hyun’s office. Suk-hyun asks what was so urgent earlier. If anyone else saw, they would have thought Kyu-won was being kidnapped.

Suk-hyun has called Shin over to hear the musical ending song that Shin has worked on. But after listening to the song, Suk-hyun suggests that they add some piano music before the guitar starts.

Shin: Do you know anything about the guitar?
Suk-hyun: (laughing) I know something about the piano. And I’m the original songwriter.
Shin: I’m the song arranger. And besides, the music director said it was good.
Suk-hyun: And I’m the director in charge of the musical. So go fix it.

Shin gets up to leave, but he turns to face Suk-hyun again and asks whether Kyu-won can just drop out of the musical.

Suk-hyun: Lee Kyu-won wants to drop out?
Shin: No. I don’t want her to stay.
Suk-hyun: Don’t overreact. You two are a couple just starting out. Don’t try to control Kyu-won as you wish. If you understood, you may leave.


Next, Tae-joon comes to stop by Suk-hyun’s office, saying he doesn’t want there to be any misunderstanding between the two. Suk-hyun smirks.

Tae-joon asks for something to drink at the very least. But when Suk-hyun steps out to get something to drink, Tae-joon finds Suk-hyun’s cell phone lying on his desk and uses it to text Kyu-won pretending to be Suk-hyun. He asks her to meet him at Munhwa Hotel tonight, and not to let anyone know of their meeting since people will talk if they find out.

After sending the text, he quickly deletes it.


Meanwhile, Kyu-won’s dad visits Kyu-won at home. He has stopped by while he was in Seoul for some business matters. He suggests that they go out to eat dinner together, but she offers to cook him something instead. He probably always eats out when he’s home anyway.

Kyu-won receives the text while eating, and tells her dad that the director must wish to see her to discuss about the musical.  She shares with her dad about how great it felt to go up on stage as the lead the other day. His dad suggests that she continue doing the musical, and he will support her even if Grandpa opposes. In fact, he is planning to move back up to Seoul, so she will always have his support.


With Kyu-won dragged in, next is Suk-hyun’s turn. Hee-joo’s mom texts Suk-hyun to meet her at Munhwa Hotel tonight to discuss the matter regarding Hee-joo. Again, she tells him not to tell anyone as she doesn’t want weird rumors to keep spreading around. Suk-hyun wonders, “What is it now?”

Yoon-soo walks in then, as they had a date planned for tonight. Suk-hyun cancels their date, explaining that he had an important matter come up. He lies to her that it is to meet some reporter.


Just as Kyu-won is walking out of the house with her dad, they run into Shin. His dad takes off first, so that the two can talk.

They are still awkward since their disagreement earlier. Shin asks Kyu-won if she was heading out, and Kyu-won says she was going to meet a friend.

Shin: Bo-woon?
Kyu-won: Bo-woon is not the only friend I have. It’s someone else.
Shin: Go ahead and continue doing the musical if you want. I just didn’t want to hear others saying ridiculous things about you.
Kyu-won: I know. But it doesn’t matter.
Shin: I’m worried.
Kyu-won: When is your birthday?
Shin: Huh? November 17.
Kyu-won: When I was rolling over and babbling, you were just born. You are younger than me, so stop worrying and acting like a grownup. I can do well on my own too.
Shin: Then don’t do things to worry me.

They smile at each other. He asks her to eat dinner together, but she tells him she really is meeting someone and has to go.

Shin: Should I take you there?
Kyu-won: I told you I was your noona by 3 months, didn’t I? I can go by myself. I’ll call you later.

She walks away, and as he looks at her go, he laughs as he says, “That little thing… noona, whatever!”

Suk-hyun is at the hotel cafe waiting for Hee-joo’s mom, when he sees Kyu-won walk in. He calls her over, asking what she is doing here. To his surprise, she replies that he was the one who texted her to meet her there. Suk-hyun realizes that something is not right.

Lest Kyu-won worry, he lies to her that he must have sent her the text by mistake when he meant to text his friend. Kyu-won says that she did think it was weird that he’d ask her to meet her at a place like this, but tries to tell him to stay for something to drink at least. Suk-hyun hurries her out.

But it’s too late. On Hee-joo’s mom’s order, Kyu-won and Suk-hyun are photographed as they are sitting together and then again as they walk out of the hotel. Due to Suk-hyun’s nervousness, they look even more suspicious.

Hee-joo’s mom is notified that things are going as planned. Hee-joo asks her mom what she plans to do next. The mom explains that she plans to make Kyu-won take a break from school for one semester. In 6 months time, Hee-joo would have settled and found her place. And as for Suk-hyun, ideally he would stay, but if he insists on defending Kyu-won till the end, there’s no choice but to switch directors.


Suk-hyun is giving Kyu-won a ride back home, and Shin calls Kyu-won right then. She lies that she’s with her friend and will be returning home soon.

During the car ride, Suk-hyun looks tense as ever. He asks Kyu-won if anyone else knows that she came out to meet him today, and she says no one knows but her dad. And even the dad doesn’t know they were meeting at a hotel. Kyu-won didn’t tell Shin either because he doesn’t have good feelings towards Suk-hyun at the moment.

In fact, ever getting off the phone with Kyu-won, Shin has been waiting for her outside her house. Seeing her pull up in Suk-hyun’s car, Shin quickly hides himself.

Suk-hyun: I’m sorry.
Kyu-won: For what?
Suk-hyun: Even if anything happens because of me, don’t worry. You have me. Got it?
Kyu-won: Including what happened today, it’s something bad, right?
Suk-hyun: No. I really just sent the wrong text. Don’t worry, and go on in. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Kyu-won goes in, and Shin watches as Suk-hyun walks away.


Kyu-won comes home, and her grandfather asks if her dad had stopped by earlier. He says he knows her dad has been encouraging her to do the musical, but although he allowed her to do so this time, there won’t be a next time.

Once in her room, Kyu-won texts Shin to let him know she came home safely. When he doesn’t reply, she sends him another text – “Are you sleeping?” He replies, “Yeah.” After wishing him a good night, she wonders to herself why he sleeps so early; he’s not a child.

What she does not know is that Shin is still standing outside her house.


The next morning, Jung-hyun waits outside Kyu-won’s house with the intention of get some more money out of Kyu-won. But this time, Kyu-won is prepared.

Kyu-won: Do you know what is my grandfather’s wish?
Jung-hyun: How would I know?
Kyu-won: As soon as I graduate from college, he wants me to get married and have great-grandchildren for him.
Jung-hyun: How can you get married so young?
Kyu-won: I know. That’s why he’s always searching for a grandson-in-law, and he tells me to get married right away if I’m dating anyone. Oh! He likes your brother a lot because he reminds my grandfather of himself when he was younger. If you want to tell on me, go right ahead. He’s inside. You want me to open the door for you?
Jung-hyun: Are you crazy?! I was just saying.

Jung-hyun walks away. Kyu-won wins!

Noticing that Shin is not waiting outside her door as usual, Kyu-won wonders if he left for school already.


The photo of Kyu-won with Suk-hyun in front of the hotel has already started to circulate all over the internet. Shin hears it himself from the Three Mean Girls. They say they feel sorry for him to be cheated on so soon after he started dating Kyu-won. “Oh, your eyes will flip when you see the photo!”

Soo-myung and Ki-young have seen the photo as well, and they suspect it’s a trap set up by the one person who has the most to gain by this scandal – Hee-joo.


Joon-hee sees Hee-joo as she finally returns to school. She confirms with him that he did as she told, and did not tell anyone that they were together on that day of the sponsors’ visit.

She tells him she can’t stay long with him. If her mom catches her with him again, she won’t be allowed to come to school. He wonders how long they would have to keep it up, and she says at least until the show ends. Once he leaves, she says she’s sorry to him.


After hearing about the photo, Shin looks everywhere for Suk-hyun and finally finds him as he drives up to the parking lot.

Shin: There is no time, so I’ll make it brief. I saw you drop off Kyu-won at her home last night. You two met up, right?
Suk-hyun: Don’t misunderstand. What happened was…
Shin: I told you there was no time. Did you two really meet at a hotel? It’s all over school now.
Suk-hyun: So it turned out like this after all. Kyu-won and I were both tricked.
Shin: That is why I asked you to take her out of the musical. What are you going to do now?
Suk-hyun: I will take care of it. I came to do that.
Shin: How are you going to take care of it? You can just leave once the show ends, but Kyu-won has to continue attending school.
Suk-hyun: I told you I will resolve it.
Shin: Give me your car keys. Kyu-won hasn’t come to school yet. No, I won’t let her come today. I will keep her away, so in the meantime, please resolve everything.

Shin grabs the keys and gets ready to drive off. But before he gets in the car, Suk-hyun tells Shin, “Take good care of Lee Kyu-won.” Shin turns around and asks, “Are you only worried about Kyu-won? Shouldn’t you think about how Professor Jung might feel?”

Driving Suk-hyun’s car, Shin calls Kyu-won and finds out that she is in front of the school. He locates her and tells her to hop in the car. Kyu-won wonders what he’s doing with Suk-hyun’s car, and Shin lies that Suk-hyun asked him to take Kyu-won out for some fresh air while he tries to cheer up Hee-joo himself.

While they drive off, Bo-woon calls Kyu-won. Shin guesses it’s Bo-woon for she’s the only one who would call at a time like this. He doesn’t let Kyu-won answer the phone, insisting that he will confiscate it for the day.


Suk-hyun returns to his office and finds Yoon-soo waiting for him. He apologizes to her, and explains that he and Kyu-won have been tricked. Yoon-soo figures what happened, explaining that Kyu-won should have never performed in front of the sponsors that day. Hee-joo’s mom feels threatened by Kyu-won’s talent.

He says he’ll quit, but Yoon-soo explains that it won’t end just by him quitting. She asks Suk-hyun to pull Kyu-won out of the musical team. He protests, “Why should I? I don’t want to.” But she points out to him the other kids doing the musical. What will happen to them once Suk-hyun quits?

Suk-hyun eventually does as advised by Yoon-soo. He goes to Tae-joon and tells him he will be pulling Kyu-won out of the musical. But Tae-joon, whose main goal is to kick Suk-hyun out, says that the problem won’t get resolved so easily. They will be holding a meeting among the professors, and he will have to attend.

Unaware of everything that is going on back at school, Kyu-won is enjoying her break from school. At a rest stop, she and Shin enjoy a meal together and play arcade games.

They finally reach their destination. And as they take a walk down a tree-lined pathway, they have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Shin: But you don’t look like your dad.
Kyu-won: Yeah, I look like my mom. You take after your dad, right?
Shin: (nodding) I saw him for the first time, and I knew it was him as soon as I saw him. My dad was a guitarist too. I have his album at home. I’ll show it to you next time.
Kyu-won: Okay. I’ll look forward to it. Next time you come to my house, I’ll show you photos of me and my mom.
Shin: Call me when Grandpa is not home.
Kyu-won: Huh? Then it’ll be just the two of us there.
Shin: Don’t think dirty thoughts. I just want to stop listening to your grandfather’s gukak life story, that’s all.
Kyu-won: Okay.
Shin: No, never mind. Call me over when your grandfather is home.
Kyu-won: You said you wanted to stop listening to his gukak life story.
Shin: I’m afraid I might turn devilish against my will.

Kyu-won shyly looks away, and he grabs her hand and they continue walking.

At the meeting of the professors, the university president confirms with Suk-hyun that there is nothing between him and Kyu-won. If so, they can just proceed with Kyu-won dropping the musical.

And OMG, I just want to wring Tae-joon’s neck for what is to come next!

Tae-joon starts by saying that once a rumor starts, it won’t subside until the parties involved in the rumor disappear. Since Suk-hyun has to direct the musical and stay at school, he suggests that Kyu-won temporarily leave school. The university president agrees that the rumor should subside by then.

And of course, Tae-joon knows fully well that Suk-hyun won’t just stand to watch an innocent person leave school because of him. Suk-hyun runs over to Tae-joon and grabs him by his collar. “It was you who texted Kyu-won with my phone.” Tae-joon denies it.

The president asks Suk-hyun to quit it, and Suk-hyun agrees, “Yes, I’ll quit. But leave Lee Kyu-won alone.” He storms out.


Yoon-soo chases after him to a balcony. And then she asks, “Suk-hyun, will you marry me?” She reasons that if they get married, neither Suk-hyun nor Kyu-won would have to drop out of the musical. This is the best option available for them.

But Suk-hyun probably does not want to use Yoon-soo for such a purpose. He answers he’s sorry and walks away.

Hee-joo is practicing singing, but she struggles as her voice doesn’t sound as she commands it.

Joon-hee storms in to the room where Hee-joo is practicing, and asks for her permission to tell the truth that she was with him on the day of the sponsor’s visit and that she did not answer the phone because her phone was turned off. He feels guilty that the issue with Kyu-won and Suk-hyun grew to this extent because he kept silent. (You think?!!!)


Shin and Kyu-won are still taking their walk. Kyu-won takes a rest on the bench while Shin leaves to go to the restroom. Worrying that her grandfather may have called, she looks through Shin’s bag to look for her cell phone and finds many missed calls and texts from Bo-woon. Kyu-won calls Bo-woon to find out what’s going on, and learns that Suk-hyun has quit the musical.

Shin arrives just then, and Kyu-won frantically tells him that they need to hurry back. Suk-hyun has quit. But Shin calmly tells her to sit back down. She won’t listen, only repeating that Director has quit.

Shin admits that he saw her coming home with Suk-hyun last night.

Kyu-won: I will explain that.
Shin: There’s no need to explain. I brought you here to take you away from school. Director knows as well, so don’t go. Even if you go, you won’t be of any help.
Kyu-won: Then Director took all the blame by himself? If so, that’s even greater reason for me to go back. I’m going to go and say it’s not true.

She starts to walk away, but Shin holds her arm and stops her.

“Don’t go. If you go now, it’s over between us.”


But as Kyu-won still turns to go, Shin grabs her and pulls her into an embrace. Holding onto her tight, he pleads, “Lee Kyu-won, don’t go.”


I guess I could talk about all the different characters who have annoyed the heck out of me this episode. Joon-hee for his blind obedience to Hee-joo. Hee-joo for… well, being herself. And as for Tae-joon, I understand that he’s a petty, jealous, manchild. It’s one thing to direct that jealousy at Suk-hyun to harm him. But he’s a damn professor at a university! To use a student at the school as a means to make Suk-hyun pay for his jealousy… Well, that’s low, really low. But let’s quit here before my blood pressure rises.

And as for Shin, he really turned out to be the ideal boyfriend that any girl can ask for, did he not? Despite knowing that Kyu-won has lied to him, I love how once he found out she was in trouble, his first instinct was not to focus on her lie or that he feels cheated. Instead, it was to “rescue” her from the mess she’s in.

I guess the million dollar question is on whether Kyu-won will have stayed at the end. And I think the answer is a resounding no. It’s just not in Kyu-won’s personality to sit back as Suk-hyun (or anyone for that matter) suffers alone for something they did not do. It was foolish of Shin to have given her that ultimatum, and if the title of this episode is any indication, Shin will regret for a long time thereafter for not having “held those words back” at the tree-lined path that day.

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39 Responses to You’ve Fallen for Me: Episode 11

  1. caffeinate_me says:

    Judging by the lyrics of the song for this episode, it feels ominous and foreboding. I don’t know if I like it. And gah, yeah, I was so pissed at what was happening to Kyu-won and Suk-hyeon. I wish that (1) Joon-hee would grow some balls, (2) Hee-joo would grow a conscience, and (3) Tae-joon would die in a ditch somewhere. *shakes fist* And, okay, how much do I do I love Shin right now? You’re right, he is the model boyfriend but I love that he isn’t perfect. He got pissed at Kyu-won for lying, he “orders” for her to quit the musical, and he gives her an ultimatum. But that’s what make him so real because I don’t think I could love Shin as much if he was just the perfect kdrama boyfriend all the time. Confession: this was the first episode where I thought Jung Yong Hwa was hot. I never noticed that before. Or ever.

    • blue says:

      I thought Jung Yong Hywa looked hot in this episode too. Actually, I’ve thought of him as hot before, but it comes and goes. But it came again recently. LOL. He has very soft, tender eyes. Strangely enough, his real-life personality seems much more playful and outgoing.

      You’re exactly right that Shin has his flaws, but I do love that his flaws also are a reflection of how he tries to care for Kyu-won, which makes it that much more swoon-worthy.

      • caffeinate_me says:

        Hee. Is it just me or is his acting getting better, too? Like Ms. Bella points out in your sidebar, he had that constipated look all the time at the beginning. But now, oh those soft, tender eyes. And looking at the NGs, he does seem like the outgoing type, which is making me think: whoa, dude, when did Jung Yong Hwa learn how to act?.

  2. rr says:

    oh my..:cries:..knowing the title and the lyrics of the song now give me an idea what will happen in the next episode”( i really love how protective shin is of kyu-won but that last scene,when he gave her the ultimatum,is simply hertbreaking coz i know that kyu-won will not stay coz as you said,”it’s just not in Kyu-won’s personality to sit back as Suk-hyun (or anyone for that matter) suffers alone for something they did not do”

  3. rr says:

    and hee-jo’s mom and tee jo are devil can two person can ruin a student’s life and future because of a musical lead. 😦 kyu-won will be the bigger victim here than suk-hyun..she’s a woman,still a student, the granddaughter of a known gukak master,and have a public relationship with the most popular guy in school..oh my,just thinking about it really breaks my heart 😦

    • rr says:

      i mean tae-joon

    • blue says:

      So true about KW being the bigger victim, which is what Shin is afraid of as well. He pointed out that SH can just leave, but KW will have to go through this at school until she graduates if the rumor doesn’t get dispelled. Which just makes me hate TJ and HJ’s mom even more. I mean, HJ’s mom is a mom herself. How can she think of doing that to a girl her daughter’s age? And TJ is a damn professor! Errrrg, seriously makes my blood boil.

  4. checkinout says:

    Your translation of the song’s lyrics has just filled me with dread… I’d been hoping that Shin would take his words back by the start of next episode, but it looks like the separation may be for a little bit longer… my poor heart… May be saying this because I’m totally Yong Hwa biased, but the last scene really broke my heart – Shin looked so vulnerable…

    Thank you again, your recaps add so much to my understanding of the episode, even with subs.

    • blue says:

      Aww, I’m sorry I alarmed you. I do think they would separate briefly (or perhaps it will be resolved just as an argument), but it doesn’t mean that the separation would be that long, right? At least I tell myself!

      • Beng-beng says:

        But Blue and checkinout, if you read the last paragrahp or phrase of the song, you will see that Shin did the opposite, he acted on the “if” in the song. He held KW and doesn’t want to let go. In the song, the composer did not do those things, hence, the “what ifs” and the break-up. Shin, held her on that place and that time, meaning he never let a day or even an hour go day for the misunderstanding. So, i’m sure Shin will ask for an apology and just continue supporting KW. That is what i’m holding on, or i’ll get crazy if i think otherwise.

        If I had held you, not made you cry,
        what would have become of us?
        Would we really not have broken up?

        Gosh, Shin is a perfect boyfriend i think. I just like that he’s a typical man, but has no pride when it comes to KW. He just wants to protect her and make her happy. So he always ends up apologizing to her. I’m he will again in episode 12 =)

  5. V says:

    Someone suggested that HJ’s bulimia may be the cause of her voice problems, I assume from constantly exposing the delicate tissues of her throat to stomach acid from throwing up all the time.

    It’s sort of annoying to see HJ take one step forward with the MT, and then two steps backward with this episode. On the one hand, in theory I understand where she’s coming from. The girl is as insecure as all get out. On the other hand, I also want to slap some sense into her. 😛 I feel like I should be grateful that she’s not a stock villain character, but that doesn’t prevent me from feeling immensely irritated with her all the same.

    Your translation of the title song fills me with dread, Blue. I was thinking this would be a short break-up, but a long one … ? I think that would be realistic in the real world, but I somehow can’t see it taking place in this drama. I mean, lengthy separations are like quid pro quo in Korean dramas, but the leads always get back together after the separation. However, here, the sense I’m getting from the song is that the break-up never “reversed” and all that’s left are regrets.

    • blue says:

      Ooh, I didn’t think of that, but it would make total sense for her voice problems to be the side effect of her bulimia. Very keen observation!

      As for the song, don’t take the lyrics of the song as how the drama will actually play out, though! I think the title of each episode is just to set the overall tone of the episode, but not for the series itself. I do think there will be a breakup, but it doesn’t mean that the breakup would be permanent as it was in the song. *cross fingers*

  6. Fanderay says:

    omg blue, I had no idea the title to the episode had such an ominous meaning! I definitely feel like those lyrics are telling us the outcome of the final scene.

    I just posted about this on Softy’s blog, but I think Shin’s motivation to threaten their relationship was based purely on his desire to protect her. I don’t think he really thought it through, or considered the actual repercussions of his words. I don’t get the impression that he actually wants to break up with her over the whole situation, but I can’t see her not going, and he’ll look pretty stupid if he goes back on his words now. He’s also probably pretty heartbroken that she barely even hesitated before deciding to leave, and on top of her lying, that may make him feel like she doesn’t care enough about him. He’s been the perfect hero the last couple episodes, so I’m totally on his side at this point. I can hardly believe how selfless and sweet he’s been. He was extra perfect when he reminded SH that he shouldn’t just be worrying about KW (he’s even coaching others on how to date!).

    As far as JH goes…I think he’s mostly just befuddled and conflicted. If he was a bit brighter I would probably be more angry with him, but instead I’m just frustrated. He seems to somewhat suspect that there’s a link between the scandal and their picnic, but he wants to trust HJ and just believe that the only thing at stake is HJ getting in trouble with her mom. I’m probably more annoyed with K for being so slow to realize that meeting a teacher at a hotel is a bad thing, and lying to her bf about it.

    Anyways, hopefully the wait for episode 11 doesn’t kill me. I’m wondering if there will finally be family issues for the OTP, or if they’ve dropped that thread. I hope they go somewhere with it. Also, I’m loving SMW and PtB!

    • blue says:

      As for the family issues, you know, I used to think of it just as humor on how the Grandpa always said Shin looked like him when he was younger.

      But it’s been mentioned again several times in both this episode and episode 10, where people observed Kyu-won doesn’t look like her dad and such. I’m starting to get afraid for this storyline. I don’t think this drama is that type of drama to take it “there,” but still… I don’t think I’ll feel safe until the drama ends.

      Btw, I know PtB is “Protect the Boss,” which I love as well. But what’s SMW?

      • Fanderay says:

        Ooh, I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together with grandpa talking about how they look alike. There was just sooo much time in the first few episodes spent on the older generation that I think it was definitely intended to go somewhere, but the show seemed to change directions for the sake of ratings and I’m not sure how much the story has been altered.

        When they were walking through the trees they did talk about sharing photos of their deceased parents though, and that could be setup for something from their family pasts to pop up.

        SMW is Spy Myung Wol. MWtS? I don’t know the offical acronym since it’s had a few different names, but it’s been pretty hilarious. The directing is outright bad at times, but I love how ridiculous that show is.

      • SMW= Spy Myung Wol 🙂

  7. Kay says:

    Hi there ^^
    This is my first time replying here but I have read your recaps for a few weeks.
    Just want to say thank you and I really love your insight through the whole ep
    Looking forward for more
    Back to the ep, this might be be my most fav ep, cut the spot is moving so I dont hate it… ( yeah I dont like the feeling when GW got blamed like that)
    I love the lead chemistry. They seem like Yong and PSH sometimes…
    Dont you agree with me that PSH has great chemistry with all the guys ( in YB, HS, and her other dramas too)? I guess this is a reason I cant ship her with 1 particular person. I am shipping this close-friends ship pretty hard right now hehe.
    Oh, and is it me or YH acting got so much better as soon his love line with PSH began? Did I think to much? lolz
    Last but not least, I hope KY will play a bigger part in the latter eps ( since I know for sure that Shin and GW are going to break up)

    Thanks again

    • krisv says:

      i absolutely agree with you that shinhye has great chemistry with all the guys paired with her, be it oppa or some instances in the date scenes, i could see the real shinhye and YH playing around..i was sad at the end of the episode because i am already anticipating a break up in the next episode . I feel sad for LS because his plea and threat for KW not to go will be futile…

      i hope that the scandal/rumors will be resolved and done with in the next episode since i dont want it to drag so long..i hate such scenes..i am happy and satisfied with the sweetness and cuteness of the OTP and other characters like the director, KY, BW and grandpa..
      thank you for you wonderful recaps and insights…

    • blue says:

      Glad you de-lurked! Hope you comment often!

      PSH does have great chemistry with all the guys. Well, in general, I think she’s a talented actress for her age, and perhaps the chemistry is also a reflection of her acting chops.

      And YH is definitely improving. He still does not do angst too well, but I can tell he feels comfortable doing sweet and playful, which may be why I’ve been loving Shin so much the recent episodes.

      • Kay says:

        I definitely agree.
        He doesnt do well at Angst yet. I didnt feel connect to him on the lasr scene even though I understand his reason… for doing so
        I think it’s the eyes. He doesnt know how to espress it yet. All I see is a bit teary eyes but not much emotion in it….
        No wonder I thought it’s acting improves so much, it’s because we hasnt had any angst since ep 7 lolz. Thanks for pointing out
        I has been loving Shin so much lately too that I definitely ship them in real life hehe
        I’ll come more often. Thanks again:)

  8. Tieu says:

    Hey, would it be wrong if I don’t care if Kyu-won walks out on Shin. For some reason, I think Ki-young is just the perfect candidate if Shin wants an out. He can sing well and needs her support (stage wise). I don’t think I would mind if it ends with Shin becoming her step brother, if their parents get together again.

    • blue says:

      Hmm, I do like KY and he would have made a great third wheel of the love triangle, but I would never consider switching OTP. That said, it’s too bad how underutilized KY has been so far. Perhaps his role will get bigger now that Shin and KW’s relationship may be shaky. I can definitely accept that! Yikes, but I don’t want them to be step-siblings though!

  9. Really, that ultimatum shocked me. I NEVER thought he would say that when I was skipping through the episode!

    first, big THANKS for the fast recap! XD I love it.
    Back to the story, it’s finally getting interesting! I really love those, too, together but it’s HARD to see all the sign of erotic and how much he wants to follow his hormones (hey, prime of his life!), but it’s been hold back like in High School, no kindergarden. T.T This could be really been handled more skillful by the director(s)…

    But Shin surprised me first that he was coming to her rescue first and that there’s actually no misundertstanding between them. I’m sure he’ll regret his ultimatum (which may have his origin only in jeleaousy) but later he’ll sing Because of me – AGAIN and they get back together. XD I BET the ending will be easy like this. The drama doesn’t have it in it to be complicated. *g* And there’re only 5 episodes left.

    thanks a lot for the lyric. When I read it I had already bad suggestion what will hapen. OF COURSE they will break up and hopefully get back together. Uff. Still, the angst of mine is still there…

    My favorite part was Suk-hyun’s line: “You are young couple. Don’t try to control her.” It sounds like he’s giving Shin an advise not to repeat his own mistake. *g*
    I did liked Hee-joo a bit, but no she lost EVERY sympathy for me and I just want her to go DOWN. I wish that once she became the lead and is performing that ALL STUDENTS aren’t coming as protest. If there’s no audience there’s no show, right? That would serve her right. *grrrrr* Really, she has awaken my bad blood for her…

    Great thanks for the recap, Blue, your Blog is the best! *_____*

    • blue says:

      About Hee-joo, I know… I was starting to like her, and then she goes and does… this!

      I had to laugh at your part about “erotic” Shin! But you know, perhaps it’s because I’m just used to how tamed k-dramas are, but in my imagination, he’s really having mad fantasy about KW behind closed doors and is just controlling himself. (Yikes, does that make ME the pervert?) But we also have to give them a break. They’ve probably been dating for less than a week so far.

  10. Jenny says:

    Hi Blue. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog ever since YFFM started but I’ve never commented. I thought it’s high time I do so, having enjoyed all your hardwork and insights but never leaving you my appreciation. Your recaps have really helped me in understanding the mood and feel of the episodes, especially because you always explained the title to us and gave us a link and translation of the song associated with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts.

    Now, on the episode. Gosh, can Shin be anymore perfect? Ok, he’s not model perfect and like someone here mentioned, he does have his flaws. But he’s so sweet to want to protect Kyuwon first and foremost and even though he’s also hurting because she lied to him, he puts it all aside and took care of her feelings first when the scandal broke. It’s HER feelings before HIS. I’m completely bowled over and won over. Granted, the ultimatum was not a good move but it shows us how human he is – he’s trying desperately to protect his girl and when she ignored the ultimatum, he grabbled her in a hug and pleaded for her to stay, showing her (and the slowly-melting-into-a-puddle-of-goo-me) how vulnerabe he is. I just want to bubble-wrap him to make sure he does not get hurt.

    The title of this episode, “At that place, at that time” – I know you’ve attributed it to Shin’s feelings but do you think it could be applied to Kyuwon too? It might be that she leaves, and they broke up. She goes and does the righteous thing to stand by the director, only to find out it’s of no use – her being just a pawn in a bigger (and ridiculous), evil plan – and she too, feels regret that she hurt Shin “at that time, at that place”? Well….it’s wishful thinking on my part but I’m hoping it might turn out that way 🙂

    Not going to comment on the plot or Taejoon, Hee Joo’s mom or Hee Joo and Joon Hee. Or even the director. They’re making my blood boil and I might need a very,very, very long post to get through that.

    I’m looking forward to your Ep12 and Ep13 recaps next week, Blue 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      Shucks….I meant grabbed, not *grabbled*

    • blue says:

      Hi Jenny, welcome to Electric Ground!
      I do love Shin in this episode and last. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I like him. I definitely have a crush on a fictional character right now. So unhealthy!

      As for the song, I mostly attributed it to Shin because he was the one who first made the ultimatum, but I’m sure both will be hurting if they really do break up and will be regretting that that was the choice that they made. I do agree with KW’s decision to go back though, not only because SH is in trouble, but because this is very much her issue as well. Running away, as Shin wants her to do, won’t solve anything by itself. But man, why, why, why did Shin have to make that ultimatum!!! Errrrg…

      Haha, and I digress. Anyway, thanks for de-lurking. Hope you comment often!

  11. nonski says:

    hi blue, thanks for the recaps, been looking forward to it (you know how i love to read recaps of the shows i love).

    okay… i really love it that it’s a very good progress for shin and kyu-won, gah! with a kiss in front of his audience to announce that she is his girl. i love how he show possessiveness and care for kyu-won. love it the he is not just standing and watching in the sideways but is taking concrete actions to protect his girl

    i have the same sentiments as you do coz there are a lot of things in this episode that upsets me. Okay, Joon-hee was cute in the previous episodes but one can only handle so much. And here I thought Hee-joo was someone who do not want to be recognized because of her family background but seems like she is getting there. I hate what they are doing Seok-hyun. Admittedly I love this guy and I don’t one people messing up on him, I am weird alright. anyways, this episode is good and the angst for the next one is laid down,

  12. nonski says:

    lols… i thought i had written all i want to say… missed out something.

    and the most upsetting/irritating people in this side of kdramaland are hee-joo’s mom and tae-joon. their actions are so much for being able to give hee-joo the lead role. tho i know it is more than that. Tae joon had been very envious of Seok-hyun, he wants to bring him down and everything he represents. Kyu-won’s and Ki-young’s success in this performance will definitely reflect on the director.

    thanks for the lyrics of the song, “at that place, at that time”. the separation described here seems that of a distant memory. i hope the song is just a sort of representative of what they would feel during the separation. i hope that it would not be a long separation.

  13. leila8mae says:

    what a song!! the best referral by far.. shoot, this made me even more sad thinking what could happen next.. blue as always, your the queen of awesomeness this season!! what a recap 🙂

    *goes back and read again*

    • leila8mae says:

      BTW blue about your question regarding Shin’s mum knowing.. all i can say is “mother knows best!!” I recall last week that Shin’s killer smile gives him away.. and mum couldn’t help but notice it the moment he walks home..

      i love that trivia about Lee Seung Gi.. he surely is a witty guy 🙂

      anyway, I wish Shin will just see Kyu Won’s point of view and not just his own, even if he meant it for her good.. guys should learn how to trust their girls too and make decision for herself.. I love Shin being protective and all but I hope he’d be true to his word that he’d simply be by Kyu Won’s side supporting her and not make things even worse by breaking up with her..

      I haven’t watched this with subs and glad for translations on important scenes!! komowo 🙂

  14. nonskidramacrazy says:

    guys subs are available at tho currently we are on hiatus and will be back on august 8, just visit the site as i won’t be able to give out the direct link as of the moment.

  15. Sami says:

    hey blue… would usually read the live recaps by softy but i like to go back and read your take on the episode as well. it makes me look at things in a different way.

    right now i am majorly pissed not at HJ and her evil mom, nor at T… these are their characters and its kinda expected of them. it’s SH’s actions that bothers me. he dragged KW in this from the start. knowingly pitting her against the HJ, the daughter of the chairman. she didn’t want to do it at first but he pushed and pushed. when trouble started brewing, he did not lift one finger to protect her. still he pushed. was this all so he can keep her by his side?

    then on that fateful day, as soon as he knew someone sent a text to KW to get her to the hotel, knowing he is also there on a fool’s errand, he should have immediately known what the implication is for KW being there with him. its impact to the reputation of this innocent young woman. this is not his first time with such a scandal, so he could acted on it at that moment. he should have known they were being watched and could be photographed. why leave with her? shouldn’t he have put as much distance between KW and himself to prevent them being shot together at that place. instead, he leaves with her, holding her arm on the way out and drives her home.

    finally, i don’t approve of the guys not telling her what was going on. SH should have told her right there that there is trouble brewing. that he did not send her the text. while KW acts all sweet and stuff, she is in fact an adult with a mind of her own. not telling her is merely delaying her not knowing and letting her get hit by the consequences when she is unprepared. even LS is guilty of this. while i think it awfully sweet that shin is so protective of KW, if i were her, i would be pissed that they did not tell her as soon as they knew… specially about the pics being online. like all the world knew except the KW.

  16. yffmwatcher says:

    So I’ve been thinking, I actually want KW to go just so OTP to have so time alone. Maybe after KW gets all her problems settled, she’ll actually realize how much she misses Shin and that’ll get her to do something as the girlfriend for once instead of S doing everything for her. I really hope something happens to HJ’s voice just so KW can perform. That means KW and KY can spend a little bit more time together and get S a little jealous. Heheh ^^

  17. Beng-beng says:

    Hi Blue, thanks for posting the song of Sung Shi Kyung, he’s my favorite singer ever since i saw him in Arirang TV’s Pop ‘n Seoul, but i kept forgetting his name. Now when i go to Korea again, i’ll definitely look for his records.
    I wonder why almost all are a bit disturbed with the song as the title of Episode 11. The director/scriptwriter of YFFM definitely showed that it will not happen to Shin and KW in the last scene, Right there and then (at that place, at that time), Shin hold-on to KW and really doesn’t want to let her go, while in the song/lyrics, the guy did let go and let his pride took place, hence, the so many “what ifs”. In the last 3 episodes, Shin has been showing maturity by apologizing (and always the first to) to KW. The best BF material ever, i think =).

    The NGs are fun too! who would have thought the JYH can guffaw like that. He and PSH are quite comfortable with each other. I like 🙂

  18. Cherie says:

    Hi Blue. Thanks for the recaps:D I’ve started watching YFFM since episode 8, after reading your recaps. I do agree that JYH looked hot in this episode. I realized that his acting skills improved a lot compared to You’re Beautiful, which makes me more interested in him. I like the NGs with JYH and PSH, especially the kissing part :*) Gaaaah, looking forward to see what’s going to happen in the next ep. Waiting patiently for the preview with eng subs:)

  19. I was covering my eyes during that kiss scene at the beginning. SO EMBARRASSING! It was cute though even if it was just one of those press-the-lips drama kisses. And can I just say, I want to go to the gallery they went to on a date too! How fun did that place look?!

    • blue says:

      Ooh, I didn’t know you were watching this series too, Kristal! I liked the beginning kiss scene too. I thought it was appropriate for the occasion. But it was hilarious when PSH had the same exact expression when she was kissed again on her forehead in the very next scene!

      • Kristal says:

        Yep, I am watching it too. I still am on the fence about it though. The OTP is what keeps me going like it seems to be doing for a lot of viewers. I was kinda rooting for goofy drummer boy and ice princess chick too but now she has just gone completely over to the darkside and I don’t see any way of her redeeming herself.

        I feel kinda bad watching it and finding Jung Yong Hwa attractive considering he is such a young’in! Has anyone else noticed the little snaggletooth near the back he has when he smiles?!

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