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Sneak Peak: Featured Artist- Monni

In preparation (perhaps whetting your appetite and utter procrastination on my part) for things to come, I wanted to share this (and give more love) to one of my favorite Korean indie groups of the moment, Monni (몽니).

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Korean language and culture series: Aunty, are you there?

While burning some subtitles and Korean dramas for a non-Korean speaking friend, Bella noticed that the subtlety was completely lost with a rather simple reference of the relationship between two characters. Especially since her ever keen friend picked up on … Continue reading

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For your listening pleasure…

This is very much overdue on my part, but now that I am officially back and semi-recovered from what I would call a harbinger of a vacation, thank you so very much for continuing to visit the blog. It’s still … Continue reading

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Travelogues: Korean drama style, part 1

With the inception of Electric Ground, Blue and I both strived for a blog that was well balanced – a mixture of the fun, informative, and pure silliness. However, it was also a goal of ours to incorporate you, dear readers, on … Continue reading

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Kiss, Kiss, Kiss!

(Seriously, what the bloody hell is that?) Korean dramas sure have come a long way in terms of the kissing scenes. I’m sure you folks have heard about the 100 or so takes, the sore lips, etc etc? Partly because … Continue reading

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Romance Town: Progress Report

(Isn’t he adorable?) Hola, hola people! I hope everyone is doing well and had a great mini holiday (a.k.a. Memorial day weekend for us folks in the US). After a self-imposed mini mental breakdown, I am semi-back in form. Below … Continue reading

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Death by trendy dramas, Part 2

Hola hola people- I’m finally back in action! Piggy backing on Blue’s post, a reason (or several) for watching (not watching) from the “rom com” whirlpool, here are my musings on the recent crop of dramas that are currently airing. It’s … Continue reading

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