2010 MBC Drama Awards – Nominees and Blue’s predictions

The official nominees for the 2010 MBC Drama Awards have been announced. Looking at this list just confirms what we knew already – MBC had a very bad drama year in 2010.

Here are all the official nominees:

Top Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Seon Kyun (Pasta), Lee Tae Gon (Golden Fish), Jung Jun Ho (Queen of Reversals), Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi)
Top Excellence Award, Actress: Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta), Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Reversals), Shin Eun Kyung (Flames of Desire), Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi)

[Note: In addition to being nominated for the Top Excellence Awards, one of them (hmm, considering this is MBC we’re talking about, perhaps two *smirk*) will take home the Daesang/Grand Prize.]

Excellence Award, Actor: Kim Hyun Joong (Playful Kiss), Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals), Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste), Lee Chun Hee (Gloria)
Excellence Award, Actress: Park Eun Hye (Pink Lipstick), Bae Doona (Gloria), So Yujin (Golden Fish), Lee So Yeon (Dong Yi)

Newcomer Award, Actor: Alex (Pasta), Lee Sang Yoon (Home Sweet Home), Lee Tae Sung (Let’s Not Divorce/Enjoy Life, Playful Kiss), Im Seul Ong (Personal Taste)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Maya (Dandelion Family), Park Ha Seon (Dong Yi), Jung So Min (Playful Kiss), Jo Yoon Hee (Golden Fish)


Blue’s Predictions:

Before the nominees were announced, I’d been working on predicting the outcome of all the awards. Here were my initial guesses:

Daesang: Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi) —-> Oh, please, let me be wrong on this!
Drama of the Year: Dong Yi

Top Excellence Award, Actor: Ji Jin Hee (Dong Yi), Lee Seon Kyun (Pasta)
Top Excellence Award, Actress: Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta), Kim Nam Joo (Queen of Reversals)

Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Chun Hee (Gloria), Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals)
Excellence Award, Actress: Lee So Yeon (Dong Yi), Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste)

Newcomer Award, Actor: Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste), Lee Tae Sung (Let’s Not Divorce/Enjoy LifePlayful Kiss)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Jo Yoo Hee (Golden Fish), Jung So Min (Playful Kiss), Park Ha Seon (Dong Yi)

Child Actor Award: Kim Yoo Jung (Dong Yi, Flames of Desire), Lee Hyung Seok (Dong Yi)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lee Soon Jae (Flames of Desire) or Lee Byung Hoon PD (Dong Yi)
Family Award: Dandelion Family
Writer of the Year: Seo Sook Hyang (Pasta)

Besides the above categories, MBC also gave out Golden Acting Awards in four different categories (miniseries, serial drama, supporting roles, and veteran actors), PDs’ Award, Best Couple Award, and Popularity Award last year. They’ll probably do so again this year. I expect Park Sang Won (Golden Fish) to win one of the Golden Acting Awards.


Comparing my predictions with the nomination list, I’d say I did pretty well. I’m still sticking with my initial guesses for most of the categories. But damn, Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho are nominated for the Excellence Award (not the Newcomer Award) and Son Ye Jin is not? This messes things up a little. But here are my changes to reflect the actual nominations:

Excellence Award, Actor: Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste), Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals) –> Sorry Chun Hee, but I’m thinking with the extension that Queen of Reversals got, MBC is pushing to promote Queen of Reversals any way it can. As for Kim Hyun Joong, the fact that MBC decided to place him in the Excellence Award category and not the Newcomer Award category indicates that they don’t intend to give him anything. Sorry, Hyung Joong’s fans! (But we all know that he’ll win the Popularity Award.)
Excellence Award, Actress: Lee So Yeon (Dong Yi), So Yujin (Golden Fish) –> Lee So Yeon has this for sure. She was the only saving grace in Dong Yi. I felt conflicted between So Yujin and Park Eun Hye, but considering networks rarely give out awards to morning dramas, I’m leaning more towards So Yujin in Golden Fish than Park Eun Hye in Pink Lipstick. But don’t feel bad for either one of them. Both So Yujin and Park Eun Hye’s performances sucked, and neither one of them deserves anything. Oh wait, that’s an idea! MBC, maybe you can just give out one award to the one person who deserves it- Lee So Yeon?

Newcomer Award, Actor: Lee Sang Yoon (Home Sweet Home), Lee Tae Sung (Let’s Not Divorce/Enjoy LifePlayful Kiss) –> Lee Tae Sung had two MBC dramas this year, and was a lead in one of them. Looking at the nominee list, he deserves it the most. I’m not sure how Lee Sang Yoon is doing in Home Sweet Home, but he plays a lead in an upcoming MBC drama (The Duo). This is perfect opportunity for MBC to pimp him any way they can before the new drama starts.
Newcomer Award, Actress: Jo Yoo Hee (Golden Fish), Jung So Min (Playful Kiss), Park Ha Seon (Dong Yi) –> Jo Yoon Hee will bag this award for sure, but considering she made her acting debut in 2002, I’m not sure how it’d be a honor for her to get a Newcomer Award eight years after her debut. Wouldn’t it be a little… embarrassing? *shrugs* I do feel a little uncomfortable giving out awards to three out of four nominees, but then I remember this is MBC. If I have to drop one, though, it’ll probably be Jung So Min. (Don’t worry, Jung So Min’s fans. I’m sure she’ll win one of the New Star Awards from SBS for her role in Bad Guy.)


Now let all the betting begin!

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10 Responses to 2010 MBC Drama Awards – Nominees and Blue’s predictions

  1. apdy says:

    Indeed MBC had a very bad year in ratings! Didn’t they used to rules the ratings? I’ll be watching the SBS one cuz they have more ‘star power’ … Garden & Gumiho couples must win Best Couple.

    .. But in general K-Award shows are a bit awkward & uncomfortable to watch at times. The atmosphere seems tense and jokes crack are not funny. Plus, the performers, teeny pop acts at the Blue Dragon …….. Bleh.

  2. bella012 says:

    Well the credibility of MBC awards just went down the drain if they are nominating your former boy toy in the “excellence” category. What a waste of time!

  3. shirley says:

    i shall never forgive MBC for that two dasaeng incident . yup looking at this list , i can wonder how much effort they had to come up enough to fill the nomination considering how bad a drama year they had .

  4. blue says:

    @apdy, MBC award show is especially uncomfortable to watch. It always looks like no one wants to be there, and in fact, the only people who show up are the ones who know they’ll win it. In the past, KBS award show used to be a fun festival and many veteran actors just showed up even if they weren’t nominated for anything. All the newcomer award nominees used to perform together (cheesy, but cute), and the bright atmosphere made it worthwhile watching. Even that’s not the case anymore.

    @bella, the credibility of MBC awards went down years ago. The last time any of these award shows carried any sort of prestige was back in the 90s, and probably never in the case of SBS.

    @shirley, I think I’ll be happy as long as Han Hyo Joo doesn’t win the Daesang. She did improve towards the latter episodes of Dong Yi, but for the kind of “acting” that she displayed for 3/4 of the show, she made Song Seung Hun’s acting and win look legit. I’m not hating on the girl. I applaud her gutsy move for taking on a sageuk role like that. But she just was not ready for it.

  5. hi blue! been following your blog..and about this post…WORD!!!

    My god! The horror! if HHJ wins the Daesang…Don’t get me wrong, I finished all 60 ep of Dong Yi, and I don’t why I bithered, maybe because I’m a completist, but anyway, her performance, though improved, has left me bug-eyed, just like every ending sequences of the drama. I’m hoping that Shin Eun Kyung wins the Daesang, and Flames of Ambition wins Drama of the Year, but Dong Yi is MBC’s only hit this year (and Pasta also), so…oh, the reason why I continued watching DY was prob bec of Lee So Yeon, she was the only one left acting on that show (aside from Park Ha Sun), and I become a fan of her since then…hope she wins an award..

    and KHJ as a nominee?! can’t.compute.at.all and Sohn Ye jin was nubbed? Come on! Even if her perf in PT isn’t stellar, it’s still Sohn Ye Jin…I’m hoping for Lee Tae Sung, Jung So Min, Park Shi Hoo to win…and Kim Yoo Jung also (loved her!)

    I’m actually excited for SBS bec I enjoyed more of their shows and have some BIG stars to boot, Oh wait! KBS has also, but I either hated their dramas (Baker King) or was disappointed (Cin Unni)

    • blue says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Hope you delurk more often!

      By the way, love your screen name! 🙂

      • hahaha…actually i’ve been using holey moley for some months now, esp at dramabeans…but wordpress has holeymoley unavailable so i added my fav color…didn’t know this will be nice wink wink at you…hahaha…well, it’s still suited…like “holey moley blue! i love your blog!”…hahaha

  6. doozy says:

    What the hey is going on with the MBC nominations? Was 2010 that bad for the station? Oh my…

  7. endodo says:

    That’s a pretty sad list. I think 2010 was an especially bad year for MBC in terms of ratings if we disregard Dong Yi. Not that ratings mean anything, but I’m just sayin’.

    I think your guesses are as good as mine, but I don’t really care about MBC’s end of the year awards. (I’m still a tad bitter about Song Seung Heon winning a Daesang next to Kim Myung Min but oh wells. The past is in the past. Not. :P) I had to delurk just to say that. Teehee.

  8. summerscent says:

    I’m also predicting KHJ will win the popularity award very easily and if MBC wants to keep him happy and his fans,too, might as well let him win the best couple award with his leading lady .

    I also think lee tae Sung should win an award ,but why newcomer ? He is not a newcomer. Some of these awards are weird and political , you know what I mean .

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